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  1. Shanghai_Slim

    Stuck In Queue (after battle has already begun)

    Seldom see this problem, but so far today, in four matches, this happened four times. 😞
  2. Shanghai_Slim

    How can I access other servers from China?

    I live in Shanghai, I play on the SEA server without VPN. No problem.
  3. Shanghai_Slim

    As a WoWs gamer with Terminal Lung Cancer...

    Very best wishes to you! Hope to encounter you on the virtual seas, in many matches to come! :)
  4. Shanghai_Slim

    free camera in port please

    This works pretty well for viewing the ship, although there are limitations on the movement and viewing angles. There are two ways to get some more angles: On the right of the screen, you can click on things like "Torpedoes" or "AA", which will move the camera for a close-up view of the nearest example. Click on the icon again and it takes you to the next one. For example. you want to get a closer look at a catapult plane, and you notice that there is a secondary gun right next to it, this technique might get you a better view. Also, when you choose the signals/flags screens, the camera moves to a different location, you can rotate around the ship for some different viewing angles and distances. Again, right mouse button will make the UI vanish (good for screenshots).
  5. Shanghai_Slim

    I found an easter egg

    Some other examples: battleship Kaiser has a Kaiser beer logo, battleship Queen Elizabeth has a photo of the Queen wearing a sailor's hat, cruiser Algerie has a photo of pilot/author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
  6. Shanghai_Slim

    Code: 5000LIKES - Get free 5x Sierra Mikes

    Thanks for the heads-up!
  7. Shanghai_Slim

    Padding, Clubbing, Scrubbing and Grinding

    Kindred spirit sighted, ahoy! I love the technology and industrial style of the late 1800s - early 1900s, and I love ships. The only reason I tried WoWs was because I discovered it had ships of that era (rare in pc games). I have little interest in ships of WW2 or later eras. So I mainly play Tiers 2 - 4, because those are the tiers with the ships I find beautiful and fascinating. I wish there were a few tiers lower still, with earlier pre-dreadnought designs. As a fellow early ships fan, I could not agree more! It's a shame the vessels that are, to my eyes, the most attractive and interesting, are the ones slotted for new players to rush through first on their way to the upper tiers. I often wonder how many other players there are like us - experienced, but prefer the lower tiers because of the ships or the gameplay. Although there are lots of new skippers in low tier matches, I'm sure there are also plenty of experienced players. How many are just passing through as they start a new line, versus playing low tiers because they like to? Yes, it would be so interesting if progress was not aligned with chronological change in ship technology. Now, earlier ships are generally seen as "entry level". How different it would be if players advanced mainly by increasing their experience/skills/ship capabilities for ships of any era, and match-making was set up accordingly. Something like matches for "low experience early ships", "intermediate experience early ships", "high experience early ships", etc. Sadly, I guess that would require a much larger player base than we have now.
  8. Shanghai_Slim


    Each commenter trying to outdo the previous, it makes my heart sink to see all this one-upmanship.
  9. Shanghai_Slim

    What line do we want to see next?

    I don't care what nationality, as long as it's pre-dreadnought!
  10. Shanghai_Slim

    Improved graphics makes gameplay difficult

    Right, but next time someone is firing at you, and it's your ship that is burning or surrounded by splashes, you will get the benefit. If the graphics look and act the same way for everyone, the net effect is even - it averages out to no advantage for anyone. If you make them optional, allowing some players to turn them off, then you create a situation where some people are able to gain an advantage, which is why making them optional would be a bad idea.
  11. Shanghai_Slim

    Improved graphics makes gameplay difficult

    I also love the improved graphics effects, they really increase the visual excitement and drama! There should be no impact on competitive play because the improved graphics affect everyone equally. If it's now harder to aim at burning enemy ships, it's the same for the enemy aiming at your team's ships. On the other hand, making the new graphics optional actually could give someone a competitive advantage (like turning off vegetation to see better over islands).
  12. There have been some nice improvements to the game's graphics recently, but the new battle-related effects introduced with the 0.6.10 patch are especially impressive! The muzzle blasts, blazing fires, roiling clouds of smoke, massive explosions with hurling debris, dynamic lighting effects (reflections of local light sources) ... all very nicely done! These effects add a lot to the visual drama, immersion and fun. Very well done, WarGaming!
  13. Shanghai_Slim

    New commands printout

    Nice graphic, very useful! Thanks for sharing it! I wish they had taken the "radial" idea a bit further. If you have the entire screen to use, why not add some other useful commands. No need to have such large areas for a single command. I guess they limited themselves to commands that could be assigned to F-keys. Why not have additional commands accessible only through the radial menu? In a team-oriented game faced with major language barriers, having a broader range of commands available would be so useful. For instance, how about one "pie slice" for "Cap!" The outer edge of the slice could be sub-divided into four smaller quadrants, labeled A,B,C and D. Then you could easily say "Cap!", or be more specific and say "Cap B!" Or a pie slice for "Move!" with the outer edge split into smaller spaces for directions, so you could easily say "Move east!" or "Move ahead!".
  14. Shanghai_Slim

    Bigclient eror

    If your problem started after the update, check this thread for a possible solution involving the camouflages.xml file: https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/topic/26739-unable-to-launch-in-update-069/
  15. Shanghai_Slim

    Unable to Launch in Update 0.6.9

    PC running Windows 10, will update my original post.