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  1. chukwaa

    Public Test of Update 0.9.8: Round 2

    Every time I log into PT it's the same the game Looks Great i start to play from the start BUT there are No players from Tier 2 till Tier 6/7 So how Do i play the Low tiers in Random Zero Matches? to complete Tasks There is No Way To SEE were All the Players Are So Do i Have To play BOTs Till I Can Find "PLAYERS" just a small mod to Show were the "PEOPLE" are would be Nice And A way to control the Bots I can Message (Talk) To People but BOTS just do Their OWN Thing with zero control ?!!
  2. chukwaa


    is nobody playing low Tiers how am i supposed to get XP when all i ever play are BOTS even on random is this game all about grinding now when will it be fixed grind is one thing but this is just crap and when a BOT run in your way you lose more XP somebody has (Edited) this game and no one is playing anymore still we can always grind on world of tanks instead no chance lets all play warthunder see how that GRINDS THEM i want play this game not grind the "GAME" eager or willing to do something new or challenging. not grind a form of play or sport, especially a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck. not to GRIND cut the XP bring back WAR GAMING more WW1 battles with WW1 ships and WW2 battles with WW2 Ships Profanity, Post Edited, User Warned ~lengxv6
  3. chukwaa

    Public Test of Update 0.8.6: Round 2

    were are all the players on Public Test i cant get a game this game has turned into one grind after an another cut all the grinding for little gain you cannot do any rank till you reach Tier 5 or is it 6 ? what are you supposed to do till then just grind and grind it is taking the joy out of the game its become a shit sandwich good at first then shitty grind in the middle from tier 1 till 3 progress is good then the grind till tier 8,9,10 plus it takes 5 minutes every time and all ways the same maps over and over we need move maps its a big world were are all the battles in china there are two wars and every thing in between to choose we want more historic game play ww1 with out carriers and ww2 with tiers 1to3 ww1 tiers 4 to 7 ww 2 tiers 8 to 10 korea and so on stop the re grind fix the middle tiers to bring back the joy and pleasure to the game play
  4. chukwaa

    So I finished the Haruna challenge ...

    Now can you change language i dont speak japonese