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  1. I_Cecream22

    A World Without CV

    thanks for playing this game, i'm happy that you loves this game.. WG need to apologize to all kind of people llike you.. good luck man
  2. I_Cecream22

    A World Without CV

    yeah, and now every player who don't want any CV in their game are camped in Ranked and scenario battle but those mode is lkimited and have some restricted requirements in type ship and tier
  3. I_Cecream22

    A World Without CV

    Ok now we have this thing called "CV Rework" coming on our game. And we already saw a lots of complaints about how this thing work, because the "REWORK" not only change how the CV played but also change the other warship type playstyle too. I was a main DD player before this thing called "REWORK" come and it lots of fun to play stealth on capping and engaging on enemies, But now what's concealment again? even my 5.4 km detection range Asashio can't doing her job as stealthiest DD in the game. Capping? what is capping? i can't even get near the waypoint to cap, 1 minute game started and we already spotted. The most strategy play in this game are depends on concealment thing, hiding is not safe anymore, even smokescreen can't defend you againts attack instead of cutting the detected state from enemies. Now we knew that some people already accept this thing called "REWORK" and enjoy the play of CV. In other side there is a lot of people who suffer their life from this thing called "REWORK" just to play their non-CV ship. Then how if we get a new Battle mode called "A WORLD WITHOUT CV" or something where in the game only consist of DD, CL, and BB required to play. and they still keep the Random Mode for everyone who wanna play a battle with CV included. For now some people just stayed at Ranked battle for a while to enjoying their pay without a CV in the game, but it's not gonna be long till this ranked battle end. I already missed that time when I played DD on stealth mode and surprised the BB on their face also shooting all incoming aircrafts of a CV and tell them "RIP Planes" I loves the game, but i hate the system... sorry