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  1. xXRo_500Xx

    [LEAK] Leaky Boats

    I was on poi post only for some fun comments because i dont think my skill is enough for such competitive clan
  2. xXRo_500Xx

    [LEAK] Leaky Boats

    IGN: xXRo_500Xx Not the best player out there but "so so" is good enough i guess? I can play more in the near future but not so sure Side fact: I like to burn BBs alive
  3. xXRo_500Xx

    Why are discounts applied to selling ships?

    To prevent ppl from buying botes with cheap price then sell it for profit there's a way to go around this problem but i dont think devs want the economy system to be more complicated
  4. xXRo_500Xx

    So people tried to tell me that improvement is possible

    Easy solution: >Stop buying high tier prems / high tier ships that you can't even propperly play >Playing tech tree ships more to improve your experience and skill or try other nation. Tier 5-7 or even 4 preferable *Problem solved*
  5. IMO invisifire for DD is not that significant impact to take it into account since they depend on damgage over time to deal heavy damage. Not to mention DDs are very fragile (some are even hard to maneuver) so giving them invisifiring zone can be a small but useful advantage (and sometime can be the game changer). On the other hand, invisifire on CA is somewhat unacceptable because they can deal lots of damage per hits with high fire chance (unlike DD with small fire chance) Sum up my opinion in this case: >Invisifire on DD: Acceptable >Invisifire on CA: Nah
  6. xXRo_500Xx


    Oh come on don't just blame the lag for your bad playing skill lol I play on the avarrage of 20-25 fps rarely 30 and 150 - 200 pings but can still handle them well
  7. xXRo_500Xx

    What is the best way to attack Scharnhorst and Dunkerque

    For me i have played fuso for a while and i don't see why the dunkek is a threat to the fuso since fuso has greater armor, fire power and some what secondaries. The scharnorst / gneisenau are absolutely dangerous since they have deadly torp that can send you to the bottom with a pefect salvo but not as dangerous as tier 8 BBs that can overmatch your entire ship So i mostly deal with them like this: Dunkek: Stay angle and aim for the guns or superstructure. Dunker has only 2 turret so disabling them is a big advantage for you Scharnhorst / gneisenau or pretty much german BBs: Stay at range (>6km / >10km) and aim for guns / superstructure if bow on or the belt if they are showing that juicy broadside Good luck dealing with them next time
  8. xXRo_500Xx

    What you do with your free doubloon?

    Got myself 5291 doubloons from contest / GA and a sweet 3000 db supercontainer and still stocking up for the belfast (8300 db) in the future update
  9. Got her and she quickly became my top favorite ship Thanks for the giveaway <3
  10. xXRo_500Xx

    Clan [content removed] Recruiting

    I wonder how long this clan will last with that name lol
  11. xXRo_500Xx

    Hatsuharu team killing

    You guys should watch out for this [redacted] guy. 3 mins into the game while i was rushing to A point to contest the cap (no enemy spotted), this guy suddenly turned right THEN deploy a full salvo of torps right in front of my minekaze > The result? sunk and he didn't even say sorry! What a joke ... [Content removed] Naming and shaming. Post edited, user warned, thread locked. In the future, please direct such reports to Support, at https://asia.wargaming.net/Support. The forum is not to be used to name and shame users. ~Syanda
  12. i will try to complete the science of victory this week so i can take the advantage of 7 days premium for both hunt for graf spee and santa convoys f2p ftw
  13. xXRo_500Xx

    New years achievements gold reward bug

    50 zulu flags for me lol welp more credits
  14. xXRo_500Xx

    New years achievements gold reward bug

    Guess i will have to wait more