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  1. Batfish

    user interface disappear

    Same problem here. Some how I went on to a spectacular win. No idea how, couldn't see what was happening on minimap. just line of sight.
  2. Batfish

    FPS and ping

    ​Not on Mac its not.
  3. Batfish

    FPS and ping

    ​I have had apple mac pro for the last 5 years. Finally given up on apple due to degrading quality of software. Back to PC now and just bought a GTX 1070 with 6600K yesterday. :-). Happy.
  4. Batfish

    FPS and ping

    I can answer my own question. It's doesn't display on OSX. Just tried and PC and there it is.
  5. Batfish

    FPS and ping

    Hi Guys, Sorry maybe an obvious question, but how do I display FPS and ping in WoW. Do I have to use FRAPS, or is there a built in shortcut key? thanks Batfish.