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  1. RageModeOn

    So Sick of the Selfish CV Players on my Team

    I think it's a good idea when CV provides "fire power" ... Thier 2ndaries aren't strong , but it can still deal good damage. I used to go Yolo rush B early game ( ARP Myoko DD phrase ) and solo 1v1 to kill Minekaze with only 2ndary fire power. Thanks god i broke his Torpedoes launcher twice . Maybe RNGesus blessed me? In the end , going CQC with CV would entertain you alot and sometimes brings up an excellent result
  2. RageModeOn

    Lag and FPS drop combination

    Oh thanks , i have never think about it before ... since others game lag doesn't lead to a FPS-drop
  3. RageModeOn

    Lag and FPS drop combination

    Yeah , i have just found out that my internet sometimes " gone offline " and have no internet connection for a few seconds...But what about FPS drop every single times the above issue happened ? I really dont understand the combination between FPS and ping.... both of them don't have much same mechanic except they directly affect our gameplay
  4. RageModeOn

    Lag and FPS drop combination

    This issue just has just happended for about 3 or 4 days. My ping usually about 3x~10x ( mostly 3x , 4x ) , and it isn't a big deal for me ( this isnt FPS or Moba game so high ping isnt a threat) . But recently , sometimes the ping just jumps to the sky - from ~3x to 10x,20x for few seconds then back no normal , and it cause FPS drop - sounds funny but it's true , i have asked some players in-game and they have confirmed. And maybe worse : still low ping but i was kicked out to the login screen due to " connection lost" or " can not conect to DNS server". So what i concern here is : is this a bug ? Or it's just my internet sucks and my computer is crappy. My internet isn't bad anyway , download speep about 5~7MB/s and upload is 5MB/s ( at best condition ) and neither my computer....
  5. RageModeOn

    ARP challenge frustrating

    Not at all , i only started playing this game ( or this very kind of game - WoW is so different to FPS , Moba -> two types which i'm good at ) for about two months? ( since the ARP Kongo mission recently ) . And it takes me a week ( included some days when i'm too busy to play ) to complete the challenge , easy at all .... + In a battle with Aoba , i personally sank Hiryu since she got no planes left
  6. RageModeOn

    ARP challenge frustrating

    Find a CV player to creat a Questing Division . If not , you better let the luck carry you through the mission
  7. RageModeOn

    If you have $40

    I think Tirpizt "long-range" build isn't good as " CQB" build ... so i suggest playing as an Oversize DD - Still good becuz at Close Range : + No 1 can dodge your high velocity bullets + Secondaries are powerfull + Show your opponent which is an "Oversize DD" With your 64 knots 6km range ( 64 knots or 62 idk well )
  8. RageModeOn

    If you have $40

    I think they're good tho . German AP is very good ( maybe the best AP in game? ) , so even her's guns are lower caliber ( 380 to 403~410) , you can still penetrate almost everything ( maybe if they angled , you still can pen them due to RNGesus ) Secondariers are good . IMO , riding Tirpitz means you play as an Oversize Heavy Cruiser combine with Destroyers routine ( CQB plays ) so all potential damage of the ship can be used ( Main , 2ndary , Torpedoes ).
  9. RageModeOn

    If you have $40

    But say what? When i asked mah friend which should i buy - Atago or Lolanta .. They said " Why not both"?
  10. RageModeOn

    If you have $40

    I dont really like Dunkerque much ... i mean even the guns locations are both on the bow , still have 8 Rifles - 2x4 , Front armour is un-penable for ships which at tier 6 and bellow ( including BBs ). Based on the fact that rolling on an tier 6 ship usually result an under-tiered game , Dunkerque is worser than Warspite due to it "play mechanic" You now can not face to face ( literally ) with others T7-8 BBs ... so Warspite is a better choice IMO
  11. RageModeOn

    If you have $40

    IMO , save some more for Tirpizt if you like BB and you like playing Aggressively Tirpizt has eburi thing u need : Guns are good ( both main & secondaries ) , Solid armor , Very acceptable AA , and she even has Torpedoes .... Anyway i prefer Warspite due to her's sniper rifles.
  12. Pre-Dreadnaught is a good type of ship for the gameplay .. While low tier i can see Cruisers / DDs eburiwe
  13. RageModeOn

    Please help me.

    When i donwload the client , it took 10GB space of my hard-drive just for the " installer" , then when fully installed ( which I can play freely ) , it took 32GB more , so total , ~42GB of data for both installer and "Client + Game Data".. Have you try to download it again? If not you better try
  14. Yeah , old pre-ship ( or just unbuy/researchable ) must give new player a chance to accquire it . Like me 2 months-old on this game