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  1. swang4849

    [Poll] "Azur Lane" collaboration

    I only need Kayano Ai's captain voice. So Atago, GZ, Kaga, whatever.
  2. swang4849


  3. swang4849

    Asians, what ships do you really want to see?

    I hope there could be more Chinese ships like Ning-Hai or Ping Hai (modified Yubari), Chung King (ex-HMS Aurora), Tan Yang (ex-IJN Yukikaze), Fen Yang (IJN Akizuki-class). Since there are a lot of players from China Mainland and Taiwan, and China is one of the main countries in WWII. It's reasonable to have a individual tech-tree. Other pan-Asian ships are also good as long as they are true ships. Finally more AU and NZ ships will be in commonwealth line, don't worry.
  4. swang4849

    Pan-Asian Tech Tree

    Pan Asia is unique but there is no logic among the ships (different countries, different manufacturers and different ways to play). I don't think it can be called a "tech tree" now. Indonesia also had a soviet 30bis destroyer which could be tier 8. but I think WG won't release that before their own 30bis.
  5. swang4849

    Pan-Asian Tech Tree

    It could be t8 like USS Kidd.
  6. swang4849

    Pan-Asian Tech Tree

    Suppose you are a Korean player and you want to use Chungmu which is Tier IX. However in order to get this ship, you have to play eight other ships you are not really interested in. Similar to Indonesian maybe. I don't know if it's good for them.
  7. American CV's AP Shell, Asia DD's DW torpedo and one more secret armament (WG said in a QA)
  8. swang4849

    Pan-Asian Tech Tree

    I hope WG could replace Thai, Indonesian and Korean ships with ROC ships and make a whole ROC/PRC line. Tier III could be Lin Fu (ex- HMS Mendip), Tier VII Tan Yang with American armament and Tier IX ROC's Fletcher. Thai, Indonesian and Korean ships could be premium ships. How about that? I think this is better for all the players.
  9. Yes, CA is very powerful on Asia server. That's why BBs don't want to go ahead. WG should not nerf BB anymore.