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  1. I only know one thing for sure. I'm gonna get the Kaga. ;)
  2. Almost 98k DMG and no "High Caliber"?
  3. Strodecas

    Update 0.6.3 New CV Controls Feedback

    Due to the CV rework. Many aspiring CV players will have a difficulty, if not lose hope, in playing tiers 4 and 5. Especially by the point wherein they would reach tier 6, their teams would basically rant about having CV players that are plain dumb in using manual strikes. Suppose that WG would appease players in tiers 4 and 5 due to the removal of manual strikes, this would still produce rage upon arriving at tier 6. Can you even blame the players that would be investing time in tier 4 and 5 CVs at 0.6.3 if they wouldn't learn manual drops or mess up tier 6 battles?
  4. Strodecas

    How to Zuiho? Newb here!

    Awesome! Thanks for the tips! Yeah, I've heard about Tier 4 and 5 CV's will somehow be nerfed due to its restrictions on using manual drops. How can aspiring CV players learn manual drop if the won't be able to practice it? They'll only get seal clubbed by long time high tier CV players. Newcomers will simply don't have a chance at tier 6 and beyond. I seriously don't get how WG got into that conclusion..
  5. Strodecas

    How to Zuiho? Newb here!

    So far I'm enjoying the Hosho and I currently have the Zuiho now. Might I ask for any tips and tricks for this mighty CV? It's strengths and weakness? Thanks in advance!
  6. I guess the only that you get for being a good team player nowadays is a simple 'thank you' as well as a compliment in the post-game battle, haha. But then again, never get tired of doing the things you need to do in order for your team to win. There's no shame in that. At least by the end of each battle, you know for yourself that you did all the best you can to win.
  7. Strodecas

    Enable a no CV option already for queing

    I suggest you try at least for a few battles being in a CV. You'll then learn how difficult it is to make an impact in the battles, may it be strike group or air group. You do know of course that winning in a team doesn't heavily depend on the CV alone, but every ship in the team. I also bet you had some battles wherein the enemy CV are inexperienced and you won. So don't really vent out your frustration on CV's, they'll be there permanently if not, for a long time. Always put your mind over matter.
  8. I'm a new comer and I got a super container of 5 million credits, haha! Though I would also want flags compared to tons of credits which you can earn with good games, prem ships, and prem time.
  9. Strodecas

    for those who just want to win and get exp

    Not to mention that there are a number of players who can't read the minimap and doesn't have the cognitive abilities to assess the speed in which their ships can go to an objective. Many games fell to this scenario wherein enemies are capping and yet your teammates ignores the mini map or isn't really aware of the enemy capping. Once they realize this, it's already a forsaken task to try and defend.
  10. Strodecas

    Make warship last longer..harder...

    It really depends on the players actually, but WG should find a way how they would filter every battle with players based on their abilities. Though the dilemma of the number of players in queue would come into play.
  11. Strodecas

    M Y O G I

    I'm a newcomer to the game and the Myogi is a BB that needs to rely somehow on the team, but not temporarily. Regardless of the map, I let my team's CA's and DD's to scatter all around the map, once they did that, I position myself near islands in which I can use them as cover. Don't go around the map shooting, I suggest sit in the middle of the map (if the situation permits) then be a floating naval fortress. After eliminating threats such as your enemy counterparts, go ahead and brawl with the damaged ships. You then shall become primarily for support, which would defeat the purpose of being a Battleship. Your team would rant that why don't you engage enemy directly, which is somehow correct, but if you land your shots to the enemy ships consistently then it'll would be worth it.
  12. Strodecas

    Team Battles

    Thanks man! What ships are the meta for the "Ranked Battles" might I ask? I seriously need to get those ships.
  13. Strodecas

    Team Battles

    Thanks much for the reply. If Team Battles aren't present anymore, does WoWs have a different game mode just the same as team battle and does have competitive gameplay?
  14. Strodecas

    My Current personal Target in WoWs

    Howdy! As a newcomer, my goals it to be able to participate in TBs as well as join a good clan. Getting all of the ships will be my 2nd goal. ^^
  15. Strodecas

    Warships 4 Newbies

    Hello! I'm a newcomer with few battles. I should say that this introduction helped me, and hopefully you will continue to produce more videos.