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  1. Eonsu

    The Duke is ON SALE NOW!

    I was lucky to have lots of fun in it. and after I put a speed flag on it, nothing could catch me outrunning destroyers is fun. But it is squishy, when I did get hit, it hurt. Though after playing a lot of Atlanta, I'm used to it.
  2. Eonsu

    The Duke is ON SALE NOW!

    Sadly just bought the basic ship pack, so no pic form me. The ship I wish I did get the first release with the flag, was the Perth, but I missed out on that one. Gotta say, I like the paint job of the Duca.
  3. Eonsu

    The Duke is ON SALE NOW!

    Curse you Bunny!!! I now have less money than I did five minutes ago XD Ive been looking forward to this ship, cant wait to get home and try it out.
  4. Eonsu

    Finally, after the longest grind

    Congrats on getting it, I hope you have a lot of fun with it. I have half in ship XP and half in free XP. just waiting for a good deal on dubloons and 35xp to 1 and i will have my new shiny For those that might want to know, I used an Atlanta for half, and a combination of the Alabama and a few other ships for the other half.
  5. Eonsu

    Mini Mi

    I played a game at lunch at work (shh dont tell anyone) Had three people on my team all basically saying "Wtf a T2 Battleship?!?" it was a fun game and props to people i have played with.
  6. Eonsu

    Mini Mi

    my stats so far
  7. Eonsu

    Mini Mi

    Yeh, the Mini Mi is a tad slow. but when you do get to where your going, disco time Those secondaries... I did play a few games in random, two kills in one and sunk early in the second. But I had fun, and mostly due to all the players I was chatting with.
  8. Eonsu

    Mini Mi

    Well, after grinding out the required base xp for the Mikasa I finally got her. I was in a division with a friend, and he decided to go t3... This lead us to being in a game with 2 T4, 4 T3 and me at t2, I thought I was going to be chum bait. Well, what can I say, the US have the mighty Mo but I have the MINI MI! Three kills later and I was having one of the greatest games I have played. I was playing with a good friend, and this ship is just too much fun. Please share your fun Mikasa stories.
  9. Eonsu

    Comparison of NA and SEA's events

    Im surprised at the differences between the servers, i am a new player and new to the forums so I dont have the background knowledge of those that have been here longer than me. But why is there a difference in events for the servers? surely it makes sense to have the same events on all servers.
  10. Eonsu

    ASIA Players

    Sady the only reason im still playing at the moment is i want the Missouri. no reason other than i can. but still, I wish they had more events like the NA servers, try and bring back more players to the Sea server
  11. Eonsu

    any aussies playing?

    Reporting in from the west side. Another player from Perth hope to see you out there.
  12. Eonsu

    Lunear New year (SHIP)

    I wish I could get this ship, sadly as I only have japanese ships i cant do it But on the plus side, its a great looking ship and good luck to those who can get it