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  2. ANY SOLUTION IS ACCEPTED! And PLEASE don't be HARD on ME. Client Status: UPDATED (it's in auto-update so... DUH!) Connection: Passable (Been like that since I started playing WoT and WoWs since June 2016) Graphics Setting: LOW (Hate it, love it. It'll stick.) Summary: 1st Match (Went on without a hitch.) 2nd Match (Kicked to login during the loading screen. Tried to get back as I don't wanna get flag for AFK) 3rd Match (Same as 2nd match, tried and tried to get back to the match but no avail) 4th - 6th Match or so (Went without a hitch, just 6k or so till Aoba.) 7th Match (Couldn't take the kick-outs anymore, so I wrote this. Got in but the match is over and Furutaka is now at 29,059 XP seriously I'll get into Aoba with this situation and I don't like it.) P.S. Yeah, before you answer about getting additional RAM, better PC and/or connection. It happens without even saying any ERROR (Can't find this/that, can't load this/that) or "Internet Connection got disconnected." or anything... just plain kicked to the log-in screen... I even changed my PW and unchecked the "Save PW". I tried asking in-game for help... that place is filled with cobwebs. And I'm still staring on the Port. Edit#1: Got into another game... was fine no kick-outs, no lags or anything.