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  1. Megabutt

    Supercontainer nerfed... again?

    Agreed on the free bonus part. I'm just a tad annoyed if/when they drop your rewards without telling you. It's supposed to be a joyous moment when you open one, not a realization that the rewards have been dropped again.
  2. Hi all. Have they recently nerfed the contents of the Supercontainer again? It seems after the recent TX giveaways the contents are very lackluster. I remember getting 14 days of premium and 100 camos with some opens (individually) and now am looking at 7 days and 50 camos instead. I also watched Flamu's opening recently and while I dont go too much on him (but respect his ability) he was very disappointed with the contents too. "Make SC great again" I used to get so excited when I finally got one and now I prepare to be disappointed and still leave feeling a bit cheated. Yes, they're free, but theyre supposed to be the be the king of rewards.
  3. Megabutt

    Triple Bonus from Wargaming

    Nope. Paid around 25 aud for it. I did however have 435 gold in my port before purchase. It came through completing in game tasks.
  4. Megabutt

    Triple Bonus from Wargaming

    I do have a question regarding the bonus. First of all I do think it was a bit of a kick to the face to the existing customers excluding them from all bonuses. However as I had not purchased previously I decided to buy a 4800 doubloon pack. Should the bonus have been 9600? Or am I interpreting this wrong as I only received an additional 8500 or thereabouts.
  5. Hi, I'm just inquiring into whether or not the new measures to penalize afk/passive players are currently implemented? If they are, I just had an AFK CV who a: Never moved from the start location, and b: never launched a single aircraft. Yet when you look at the attached post screen results apparently the player was ranked 6th in a 12 player team. Now don't get me wrong, a lot of us in that team were terrible, but we were obviously better than an AFK CV.
  6. Megabutt

    Game breaking update launchers

    I've had four days to look up the problem, and I have, but when the only official solution provided by WG is to completely uninstall and reinstall the game, I think your theory of rant thread falls short. Every possible solution to the problem has been provided by fellow players on these forums, and all of them have been unsuccessful, some have found the fixes to work, but not many. Note that there are quite a few players who have been unable to download the 0.5.8 update, not just me. So seeing as I have actually spent quite a bit of time trying to fix this problem, I would say towards your reply, I would say, meh, useless reply filled with rants as well. Thank you for your display in idiocy, maybe this problem will happen to you in the future, maybe then you'll get off whatever high horse you seem to thinking you're riding.
  7. Megabutt

    Game breaking update launchers

    My update to 0.5.8 requires me to uninstall and re-download the entire game again. On Australian internet? Ha ha ha, nope.
  8. Well WG, when one of your "reasons for uninstalling World of Warships" options is because of the update service not being able to update the game, maybe you should pull your finger out and actually address the problem. Your game simply isn't worth re-downloading to fix a problem that you've created, and clearly have no intention of fixing. Who's to say that the very next update won't have the same issue? If I have to gamble on things like this, I'll put my money in a pyramid scheme because I see the results and future prospects as more stable. So long, it was a month of WG proving why they are equally as rubbish as a gaming company as Gaijin in my eyes. Something about the location of origin and their business strategies, maybe?
  9. Same problem here, been trying to log on frequently over a 24 hour period with nothing but "Unable to connect to update service." being displayed. This does make me suddenly look at other games and realise their qualities over WG's, you know, like being able to actually play the game.