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  1. Bittersteel

    Is the IJN Yamato worth it?

    totally worth it I sail my brawling Yamato over my brawling Kurf
  2. Bittersteel

    Philippines WoWs Community

    LF-Clan IGN: Bittersteel Current Active Tiers: Tier X - Grosser Kurfurst Tier IX - Missouri Tier VIII- Shokaku-Tirpitz-Atago Tier VII - Gneisenau(No Captain) Tier VI-Fuso(No Captain) - Arizona(No Captain) - Aoba Tier V - Murmansk - Minekaze - Mutsuki I'am Mainly a BB-CV Captain I can play decently in an Atago but confident plays are with Bismarck-Tirpitz-Kurfurst-Hiryu(Depends if against an OP Saipan Player)-Strike Shokaku is usually what I go for
  3. Bittersteel

    Fat Friedrich

    it is yeah plus all the accuracy mounted mods you put on Missouri I can even shoot dd's with confidence with radar on, I can shoot fat freddy at 10-15kms with impunity knowing he cant hit at that range even If I go semi broadside at full speed, but supporting & capping with island cover id go over to freddy & wait for the opportune time to get in closer
  4. Bittersteel

    Fat Friedrich

    I have both FDG & Missouri, I get to enjoy more in Missouri thru stealth play & gun accuracy & not having to worry about return fire most of the times sneaking up on cruisers is really worth watching while you insta-delete em at mid range & poke on other BB's at mid-long range again without having to worry about return fire much but with that being said my FDG has a 5% higher winrate than Missouri & I feel I contribute much more in an FDG bow-tanking or drawing fire contesting caps while going Hydro than playing sniper & fire support with Missouri
  5. Bittersteel

    Which Tier 10 would you pick

    just bought FDG I'm quite wondering now whether focusing on Main guns or secondaries is worthwhile considering the ship is allergic to CV's
  6. Bittersteel

    Which Tier 10 would you pick

    thanks for the advice guys I think I'll go GK if its really running gneisnau secondaries mostly AP I might outfit with pure main gun builds as there few cv's in my experience in bismarck
  7. Bittersteel

    Which Tier 10 would you pick

    First of All I'm still at Tier 9 FDG which I havent bought just unlocked xp & stopped also at Amagi which I havent bought also only unlocked xp I have enough free exp to go GK or Yamato. I got questions 1) GK's TDS is so bad that a fair amount of people calls it the worst Tier 10 bb? 2) GK's outfit as secondary build is it competitive? 3) I've played Bismarck alot & I excel in this ship mainly thru mid range & brawling encounters & it suits my playstyle of angled tanking so other team mates can shoot without worrying about shell retribution is GK alot more tankier than Yamato??
  8. Bittersteel

    Ticket Queue

    TK for fun I haven't met any player like that if they do hit me they better make sure I sink otherwise its the opposite lol I only use 2 ships nowadays mostly Bismarck & Tirpitz
  9. Bittersteel

    Ticket Queue

    nearly a week now its been 6 days
  10. Bittersteel

    premium shop not listing items?

    Good Day! I have the same issue 5th day today with a ticket I raised ID #236997 which indicates an error on the premium store using MOL as payment channel, I bought a day of premium & I recieved an error in return, I have the confirmation email from MOL
  11. Bittersteel

    Ticket Queue

    Good Heavens still no response on my ticket
  12. Bittersteel

    Ticket Queue

    personally I consider Blizzard Support as the best experience I've had wont waste your time in responses
  13. Bittersteel

    I want to refund the Lenningrad

    Melon! do u have any dd basic guide vids? im currently at minekaze & enjoying spammin fishes!
  14. Bittersteel

    Ticket Queue

    I think its probably on their premium website store as 3rd party payment channels are working quite fine tested MOL with another type of purchase & it works, a bit worried though I nearly bought Texas earlier then I remembered I had a ticket still pending
  15. Bittersteel

    Ticket Queue

    Syanda just replied he told me WG really has issues with the tickets on pending might take a week it will be the 4th day tomorrow