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  1. LadyJess

    PSA on Naval Training Center

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO !!! NTC is a bad idea. Kill it , bury it, Forget it. If the intent is to shut down the game , Just pull the plugs from the servers and lay off the staff. No way in HELL am i grinding ship lines again.
  2. Yes, allow fighters to intercept incoming bombers, that is what they are made to do.
  3. LadyJess

    Why? why do they up tier tier 8 to tier 10.

    Hate this 2 tier up or down past tier 5.
  4. Would love to have fighters back to doing what they are made to do. Yes , get rid of those rockets and just let fighters be fighters.
  5. LadyJess

    Aircraft Carriers!

    WG idiots, you've totally broke the CV. Kaga planes get shredded before they can target anything. Recommend you BUFF the planes by 3x health and increase damage done by 10x.
  6. LadyJess

    Aircraft Carriers!

    Have sold all of mine but, kept the premium ones.
  7. LadyJess

    how many players actually like new cv play

    Hate this new CV rework. The old tactical CV play was so much better. You can't even control the ship unless you land your planes.
  8. LadyJess

    [UPD 12/2] Update Hotfix

    CVs very broken now as is some ships that once had decent AA. WG if it is not broken leave it the F alone.
  9. LadyJess

    Leave Clan

    How to leave a WOWS Clan (Before you start this process , please make sure you are in a clan) Log into the World of Warships Client. Click on the Clan Tab at the top right. Click on the clan name and choose: "Leave Clan" There there will be a menu that confirms you want to leave the Clan. Click Continue.
  10. LadyJess

    CV rework day 1 observations

    New Cv rework is beyond horrible. Unable to control ship unless you land your planes. Unable to spot like before as you only control one set of planes. Overall concept is beyond bad. Need to reload the prior update and scrap this 0.8.0 garbage.
  11. WG, there is no balance when a tier 6 CV with manual attack is in battle with a tier 5 auto attack only CV. Does your staff actually have any brains not to see this as not being balanced at all? Auto attack only CV should only face the same. Never a manual attack CV.
  12. LadyJess

    Help. Please

    For the speed of your intended target, take a look at the smoke coming out. It will give an indication of just how fast the target is moving. If you are zoomed in watch the bow of the ship to see if they will begin a turn and change direction. Practice in co-op just to get a feel of being able to hit these ships. Also once you fire your guns always change your ships direction, never sail in a straight line and alter your speed every now and then.
  13. LadyJess

    Just Introducing Myself

    Makes no difference to me. Read it don't read it . I like the looks of this font. I change for NO ONE.
  14. LadyJess

    Just Introducing Myself

    I only use this font on all the forums. Here on the NA and on the EU.
  15. LadyJess

    Just Introducing Myself

    Greetings and welcome. The players here are so very nice and very polite compared to the EU and NA server. You will have a great time here.