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  1. Trooper25

    Commonwealth ships

    IIRC both HMAS Perth and Vampire were both surprise entries into the game, so fingers crossed for the future and no one other than WG knows what they will add or when they will add it.
  2. Trooper25

    Save USS Texas with Project VALOR

    Soon to be available on EU.... SEA the forgotten server
  3. Trooper25

    Save USS Texas with Project VALOR

    Yeah i know, but if there up for sale on NA, then surely they can go on sale here also, we could then purchase and use them and support a great cause..
  4. Come on SEA get on board....... https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/dont-mess-with-uss/#lsmis
  5. Trooper25

    Snowflakes triggered by chat.

    I find this thread rather...... cheesy
  6. Trooper25

    Thank you WG Asia team.

    well said.
  7. Trooper25

    ARP First victory bonus XP

    **Solved** it's fixed itself after a game, all bonus's are now there.... funny quirk i quess
  8. Trooper25

    ARP First victory bonus XP

    Activated them in carousel today, no 200% bonus, and I haven't used them in over a week...
  9. Trooper25

    Why don't had submarine in world of warship

    There are plenty of threads relating to this subject, you just need to search for them... Long story short is WG has stated Subs will not happen for WoWS..
  10. None of my ARP ships receive the first victory bonus XP! ... Is this normal under 5.16? Regards
  11. Trooper25

    Love Secret Santa

    Thanks WG... Imperator Nikolai 10 pt capt Gremyashchy 10 pt capt 35 Restless Fire camo's 120 New Years 2017 camo's 100 Games Con camo's 6 Ocean Soul camo's 180 days prem time 150 Papa Papa flags 200 Zulu Flags 3300 Doublooms All up not bad for $60 AUD That'll do pig, that'll do!
  12. Yeah i agree with the above opinion/theory... I do not play the other online warship game, however i did stumble across a you tube feed of it and they had subs and their meta seemed to work ok.. 2 depths, 1 at periscope depth for torps and the other deep to hide from destroyers and of course being on the surface, they are faster on the surface, some had deck guns, and when submerged there were time limits to how long they could stay down, the a shorter time if they went deep to hide.. A bit like smoke for a DD.. Lets not forget new weapons for DD's as well.. They could introduce this if they choose and it would add a whole other dimension.....
  13. Trooper25

    Slow Ships

    IIRC = If I Remember Correctly..
  14. And there is nothing worse than being called a "useless noob" or "noob team" just cause a team looses.. We all have to learn somehow and without noobs the game dies... Oh and we all make mistakes even experienced players..
  15. Fair enough... stand corrected.