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    IJN Amatsukaze

    Intro IJN Amatsukaze (天津風, "Heavenly Wind") is the 9th Kagero-class destroyer, laid down in 1939 and comissioned in 1940. She had play many roles in many big Pacific theater, including, Battle of Java Sea, Battle of Eastern Solomon, Battle of Santa Cruz, and even the Naval Engagement of Guadalcanal and sunk the USS Barton. One time she escorting a convoy in China Sea, she got struck by a torpedo from USS Redfin and completely destroyed her bow but still managed to get towed to port at Singapore. That one of a miracle only happened once when later she finally beached herself after getting attacked by USSAF B-25, abandoned and later scuttled. General Specifications Name : Amatsukaze 天津風, "Heavenly Wind" Class and Type : 9th Kagero-class Destroyer Laid Down : 14 February 1939 Commissioned : 26 October 1940 Struck and fate : 10 August 1945, scuttled 10 April 1945 Displacement : 2.490 long tons (2.530 tons) Lenght, Beam, Draft : 118,5 m; 10,8 m; 3,8 m. Power and Speed : two kampon geared steam turbines and the new three kampon water-tube boilers (Prototype for Shimakaze's boiler) that had power of 52.000 hp, manage to sails at 35 knots Armament Main Battery : 3 x 2 127/50 caliber DP Guns AA : up to 28 Type 96 25 mm AA guns; and 4 13.2 mm Machine-guns Torpedoes : 4 x 2 610 mm torpedo mounts with eight Type 93 long-lance torpedo in the tube, and 8 ready rack on the ship. ASW : 36 depth charges with Type 3 Depth Charge Projector My Thoughts & Suggestions As you have know, there're many other Kagero-class in our game that has many unique feature providing unique and variety gameplay, so then why dont we add more ! Why her ? She has interesting story to be told, and there's not many Kagero-class that has interesting stories as her, well maybe IJN Yukikaze has some story but she can be our later subject, but for now Amatsukaze has some unique historical feature and can be our based to provide her gameplay. The prototype boilers we can make it as special treat for her mobility and the Type 93 torpedoes (20 km one) that people rarely use, not forget to mention that she has ready rack torpedoes on board (well, every other IJN DDs had that tho). So based on that, here's my suggestions for the new ship addition in our beloved game..... IJN Amatsukaze Tier VIII Japanese Destroyer The 9th Kagero-class destroyer with new prototype kampon boilers and magnificent long lance oxygen torpedoes. Hit Points - 15100, Plating - 19 mm Main battery - 3x2 127 mm. Firing range - 9,41 km. Maximum HE shell damage – 2150. Chance to cause fire – 9%. HE initial velocity - 915 m/s. Maximum AP shell damage - 2200. AP initial velocity - 915 m/s. Reload time - 7.05 s. 180 degree turn time - 26.09 s. Maximum dispersion - 79 м. Sigma – 2.00. Torpedo tubes - 2x4 610 mm. Maximum damage - 20966. Range - 20.0 km. Speed - 62 kt. Reload time - 150 s. Launcher 180 degree turn time – 7.2 s. Torpedo detectability - 1.9 km. AA defense: 28 x 25 mm Type 96; 4 x 13.2 mm Type 3 Maximum speed - 35 kt. Turning circle radius - 640 m. Rudder shift time – 2.7 s. Surface detectability – 6.84 km. Air detectability – 3.07 km. Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 2.3 km. Available consumables: 1 slot - Damage Control Party 2 slot - Smoke Generator (Duration time 20 s; smoke dispersion time 89 s; reload time 240 (160) s; charges 2 (3); radius 450 m); 3 slot - Improved Engine Boost (Duration time 180 s; Speed Bonus +20%; reload time 180 (120) s; charges 2 (3)); reason behind that is, the historical references for prototype boilers that she brings. 4 slot - Torpedo Reload booster (Torpedo reload time 8 s; reload time 360 (240) s; charges 2 (3)); reason behind this, because the ready rack torpedoes that all IJN DDs has. Outro There you goes, my suggestion addition for new ship of IJN, I always welcome your thought, and thank you for reading this thread.
  2. Zafkiel0247

    Why We Play World of Warships

    I like chess, and went bored and want something more active... found WoWS which include Strategic and tactical like chess and have great action with variety of paces in every classes. The one and the only game with unique (sometimes fucked up logic) gaming experiece to offer, cool WWII ships with its detail, guns, and characteristic, and dont forget the History behind it. Everytime I watch those Naval Legends always bring my hype up to play the game.. be friends with online strangers with the same hobby as mine, trully this game makes me feel alive while the 1st clan battle is released, we laugh, we having fun, we coordinate, we really win as team... I need to say thanks to this game for giving me the really unique experience of gaming and never found in any other game. TL;DR I want to play my waifu Zuihou, but then they deleted it and I still hoping to her come back to the game, and my old friends to play again... so pls wg make the game even better.