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    I know we shouldn't, but look at his stats for CV play.
  2. TanyaDesjani

    The Carrier Rework Kneejerk

    I think WG said upfront that they could only "balance" the new CV's so far on the test server, they needed to go live to fine tune things. The first two weeks were too strong but the changes made so far seem to be effectively winding things back, bit by bit. I do hope that they can continue to remove any exploits quickly, as they occur. Who knows, the elusive "balance"** may yet be obtained! So having only one CV at T10 is working well, from my perspective that is. **Whose "balance" that is will be discussed for a long time...
  3. TanyaDesjani

    Possible Ideas for CV exclusive Scenario''s

    The British night attack on the Italian port of Taranto in November 1940 could probably be a better candidate for the Grand Opening of the CV era. Those Swordfish torpedo planes were "state of the art", at least in British eyes. From Wiki below: The Royal Navy launched the first all-aircraft ship-to-ship naval attack in history, employing 21 obsolete Fairey Swordfish biplane torpedo bombers from the aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious in the Mediterranean Sea. The attack struck the battle fleet of the Regia Marina at anchor in the harbour of Taranto, using aerial torpedoes despite the shallowness of the water. The success of this attack augured the ascendancy of naval aviation over the big guns of battleships. According to Admiral Cunningham, "Taranto, and the night of 11–12 November 1940, should be remembered for ever as having shown once and for all that in the Fleet Air Arm the Navy has its most devastating weapon."[2]
  4. TanyaDesjani

    Question About Fubuki

    My Fubuki in game shows 6.0km range torpedoes on the A hull and 10.0km range on the B hull. The extra speed may not be an advantage to either ranges, (I prefer stock speed for torps unless they are like a Gearing range).
  5. TanyaDesjani

    Radar in Tier 5 matches?

    Yup, close enough. I will have to remember the icon is for both. Thanks for the replies.
  6. TanyaDesjani

    Radar in Tier 5 matches?

    I just completed a Tier 5 match in which I was sitting in smoke with only two enemy ships within 8km (roughly) of me when the indicator for "spotted by radar appeared". The two ships closest were an Omaha within 4 km and a Wyoming. The Omaha did the deed and removed me from the game....(No replay available from me I'm afraid). According to Wiki; neither of those ships should have radar. Is it a bug?
  7. TanyaDesjani

    So, the Hood is out on the NA server already....

    And the bundle is now available on Asia Shop.