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  1. charleark

    Lock up.

    This morning after new version and upgrade my computer locks up when trying to read the news on port page. Is this my system or this is a common fault that needs to be rectified? The only thing i can do is a total reboot. Poo. Cheers.
  2. I must admit i do regularly make negative comments on in game chat. Never directed at a player but often towards my own team mates in general. How often as a DD player do you find your entirely on your own both trying to capture a base or spot and the rest of the team has run to some corner of the map. Yes the team will loose the game but have a go and at least try. Often within minutes of starting a game you can see your team is going to get a flogging because they will not fight but in mass run away. Just a little rant.
  3. charleark


    Thanks for the reply. How do you reset missions. I don't see how to reset them?
  4. charleark


    Science of Victory. Honorable Service. Five Epochs of the Navy. All are near completed bar missions involving CVs. I don't play CV or have any. Is there a way i can finish the Campaigns. I have no option to reset any completed missions. Help appreciated. Thanks.
  5. charleark

    Personal Average.

    Why do folks rate a player on their average. Mine is low and i certainly don't rank myself as a above average player. Today i have lost game after game. Perhaps because i am the only player trying to protect our home base while everybody else sails over the horizon. Perhaps i engage in battle why the rest of the team run to the further limits of the map. Perhaps i don't spend the whole game parked behind a island. My average does not only reflect my personal endeavors but the team as a whole. It is to me a poor reflection on one persons playing ability.
  6. charleark

    European Destroyers.

    So now we have European Destroyers. I have played 95% of the time over three years as a D. D. captain. No longer, because playing this role is a totally unbalanced and for all intensive purposes waste of effort. This can be seen by the overall drop of D.D. players. Why introduce a new line of destroyers when what is required is to balance the game. Aircraft, radar and the ability to be detected and destroy a destroyer from 10 KM to 20 KM has reduced a destroyers role to cannon fodder. I now play with cruisers. Join the rest of the fleet sitting on the horizon watching the enemy game after game capture the bases and ultimately loose. At least my score rate has increased. Wake up World of Warships your flogging a dead horse and trying to promote a dying breed, destroyer players.
  7. charleark

    T10 DD's obsolete

    Having played for three years and mainly as a destroyer captain i suggest every player should attempt to play as a destroyer to get the real story. Minimal points for spotting and capturing bases and laying smoke. Destroyers designed for stealth. Planes, radar have made that obsolete. Really during World War 2 did they have radar that could both give accurate bearing and range that would allow accurate targeting of a destroyer at 10 km to 20km. To be destroyed from a enemy broadside when you cant even see the vessel never mind trying to defend yourself. Realistic simulation, rubbish.
  8. charleark

    Brace yourselves...

    Destroyers expect to spot, capture base and be superman while your team sits on the horizon. Oh and expect the usual abuse.
  9. charleark

    Same kind of match 2 days straight

    I have played primary role as DD %95 of the time for three years. Continually get rubished by players, who of course have never played as a DD Captain. Who make comments regarding poor win and loose ratios. What am i expected to spot take bases and win the battle while most of the team sits on the horizon. No surprise DD players are quickly giving up. Time for a rethink people before you do your own spotting and base capturing.
  10. charleark

    Asia server is down?

    I am having exactly the same fault.
  11. charleark

    Smoke Screen.

    Thx for the reply guys.
  12. charleark

    Smoke Screen.

    Perhaps its just me. I have noticed bringing D.D. to a crawl and then activating smoker screen does not seem to be very effective anymore. In the coverage of the smoke firing on a enemy, no radar or vessels within close range suddenly im faced with broadsides from enemy vessels 10km away. What is surprising is the amazing accuracy. Its not like i have activated a smoke screen but turned on a bright torch, here i am a stationery target. Its almost like a hack. Any thoughts?
  13. charleark

    Recruiting Station.

    Interesting to note that World of Warships is having a recruiting drive. Advertising on the front of the start up page. Invite a friend and receive awards. Perhaps this reflects apon the fact that their aircraft changes to the game and the total disregard to other classes of ships especially destroyers is hurting membership numbers. An attempt to dangle the carrot in front of the donkey. Shame the designers don't address the real problem.
  14. charleark

    Destroyer Moves.

    Perhaps i am stating the obvious move to make in the start of the game. Since spotting has become obsolescence due to friendly aircraft there is no need to rush headlong towards the enemy to spot enemy shipping to earn points and identify shipping for your own team. I now steam at half speed towards the closest fleet of allied shipping. This provides me the opportunity to have some AA coverage when the first two waves of enemy aircraft arrive. This generally provides enough coverage for me to survive the first couple of minutes without to much damage from aircraft .A decision can be made then how i progress from that point. Interesting to note is how many allied shipping do not realize what i am about and start mouthing off that i am not rushing off into uncharted parts of the map. Only to be isolated and blown out of the water by enemy aircraft. Due to aircraft and radar destroyers have to change there game plan. Patients at first hoping to identify enemy shipping and make more use of main guns when a advantage arrives. The opportunity to sink enemy shipping with torpedoes has dropped dramatically. It has become frustrating when trying to capture a base. The amount of support from allied shipping has dropped to nil. Most are not prepared to move towards bases but stay well clear and often hide behind a island or as a alternative conduct a battle with the enemy at extreme range. If the bases have already fallen to the enemy most allied shipping are on the horizon and the chance of taking bases remote to near impossible. A little more support for destroyers in the team would be appreciated.
  15. World OF Aircraft Carriers. That should be the new name for the game. Every other class of ship has been excluded especially destroyers. As i have stated in a previous post i have spent many hours building up a fleet of destroyers for most available countries. Just to see the time wasted by reducing my effectiveness to play the game. Reduced to a wooden row boat with a pair of oars and a sling shot.Roman galleys have more usefulness than my fleet. I will admit i was never a gun player but at least i enjoyed the game with some hope to progress.