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  1. Shibeta

    World of Warships is on Steam

    It would be somewhat… lackluster if it's not possible to migrate the entire accounts to Steam Version.
  2. Shibeta

    Unable to Launch in Update 0.6.9

    https://na.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/813 For Mac, seems WG will fix this error with new wrapper. But It's not provided on SEA now.
  3. Shibeta

    IFHE on Ishizuchi (Is a Zucchini)?

    Want to penetrate the citadel armor belt of cruisers with HE shells? Totally no need to do so. The penetration value is enough to penetrate 50mm armor belt, but still inefficient when face 75mm armor belt. By the way, the sacrifice of fire chance is too expensive.
  4. Shibeta

    PAYPAL BEST BUY- Best deal?

    Definitely Atago. If you like playing typical heavy cruiser, Atago is a durable mate and credit printer.
  5. この MOD は、否定的な態度につながる可能性。
  6. In current version (, players can only surveil fps and ping in battle, which is a horrific design. It's too late to quit after battle start, nothing can be done under 1000ms+ ping and consistent lag (Indeed you can play a PVE battle for test but that's inconvenient). I found same suggestions in NA official forum and reddit, but seems WG staff and community contributors just ignored them.
  7. Shibeta

    Rank battles observations

    My feeling: World of Fuso.
  8. They said they would never nerf premium ships…
  9. Arizona is a member of Pennsylvania-class battleships. She has worse main battery than New Mexico (356/45 vs 356/50) so her penetrating ability and maximum damage of AP shell is worse. But Arizona has superb 2.0 sigma, which make her comfortable when hunting cruisers. She has large health pool as well.
  10. Long long ago… Lexington got 2-1-1 flight control as stock load. Sigh.
  11. Hi. So, I bought VMF Kirov and played 10 battles, dealt about 40k average damage but the win rate is just miserable 30%. I never dropped top 5 XP earner, but I explicitly felt I didn't carry the game at all. Kirov has good alpha strike and low DPM like Furutaka, can outrange most cruisers she encountered, but her armor is significantly horrible. Hiding faraway and be a sniper is a safe playing style but it's bad for team. Most times I played quite conservative, I tried to be assistive (push or capture), but almost any aggressive manner could cause havoc. When I played Cleveland or Wyoming, I felt I can take half of the battlefield under control. But I just felt helpless with Kirov when condition getting worse. I tried to tell teammates what to do by text but it didn't work most of the times. Is it possible for a solo player to carry with Kirov?