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  1. HoparSha

    A note: Part 2

    It's not the complete code...need to work out what the other servers got. The clue in the note is "The people on the other sides got different kinds" meaning the other servers have different parts of the code. Put them all together to get the full code.
  2. HoparSha

    A note: Part 2

    ZESCLPP - Code from SEA
  3. HoparSha

    A note

    https://worldofwarships.asia/content/do_not_forget_what_you_will_get/ at the bottom of the post
  4. HoparSha

    CV's in or out

    I will be voting with my "feet" so to speak...as soon as my current premium time runs out, my account will be mothballed unless they a) remove CVs, or b) somehow miraculously balance the class in it's entirety.
  5. HoparSha

    CV-get rid of them already.

    The idea of CV is great, gives diversity, however the execution is poor. Unless you're in a CV yourself, the only defense you have against a CV attack is purely based on RNG, you have no real control in countering an attack. You have to rely on teamwork and the skill level of the CV player on your team. The CV game play in it's current form provides nothing but a poor experience for everyone except the unicum CV player. Even when you have a great CV player on your team, it ruins the experience because of the imbalance.