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  1. So were back to criticizing my English? im sure, in this forum, we all know what i mean when i say WoW And as far as the newbie thing goes, you have no grounds there either, i have 2 accounts. S****27 - 648 games played Jin_Maq - 238 games played Total - 886 games played Call that a newbie? whatever, get your facts straight. And once again, what does my experience have anything to do with the subject at hand? And when does length of playing a game determine how valuable your input is? So if my 12 y.o nephew has played for 3 years he has more wisdom in the matter? thats idiotic line of thought. And give me a warning for what? Im clearly being trolled by Shiroyasha who seems to reply to my posts within 5mins of posting if the mod would care to actually check, plus the fact they have posted more comments than me and almost every comment is an attack on me personally. Its degradation and harassment, its criminal. This forum is a joke, hows anyone even supposed to contribute to the subject at hand when its got 4 pages of spam junk comments to sift through? If im getting a warning for defending my CREDIBILITY (just as above, defending my apparent newbieness) Then whats the point of even speaking, for if i stay silent, and not respond, then everyone thinks im a newbie, or whatever else it is i stay silent about. Anyways, im getting out of this forum as previously suggested by a good samaritan, its one of the worst ive seen. Poor forum = poor moderators. FFS you defended North Korea more than you have defended me, and North Korea isnt even a person on this forum, or a paying customer of this game. My final words to you mods, a famous quote we all know....... "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." So ... Thanks for doing nothing.
  2. do you even play WoW's? if you love the game so much how it is, why arent you playing now? instead you choose to just troll forums. So ..... you dont play right? Anyways, im here to talk to WoW players about the game called WoW, your comments are irrelevant to me.
  3. Hhhahaha, thats a good one i like it But heres a better one: Allied navy caps pacific ocean But war doesn't end?? Uses A-bombs because capping failed Wins.
  4. TWELVE posts in my thread now?? are you for real? thats way more than me and im the OP hijacking much? plz stop spamming my thread, you've already stated your opinion on the subject, so stop posting please.
  5. Ill make a seperate post and label it "jin maq's poor english, grammer and word selection" and we can discuss that there, and you can attack me ll you want ok. But this thread here, is about the topic of capping. And my opinion on how its not realistic. Darkshaunz just gave a perfect example of an expressed opinion without a personal attack or correction, take a look, that's how its done.
  6. you dont understand the meaning of "my opinion?" *sigh*
  7. Ive read through all these responses but i still fail to see any solid reasons why capping should be in this game. Even lengxv6's comments about the real navy are only partially true, because im guessing the war didnt end after he was at "area 945" for a few mins, and im betting if a fleet was incoming toward area 945, they wern't told to "return to base because the enemy have held that area for longer than x-minutes and now the BATTLE is over" A navigational checkpoint or meeting point (and thats all it is) has nothing to do with combat. And this has the same equivalent of a game of WoW where a fleet or task force agrees to go to a certain location, thats just simple navigation. Said location or meeting point should not be a cause for game ending. And once again, this line of thinking is completely unrealistic, even in battles like Jutland, where the German fleet choose a position to ambush the British fleet, but that actual position had no real significance to the battle or outcome, this is PROVEN by the fact the Germans retreated, the area of ambush was irrelevant once the battle started. Koala if you use battle of Jutland to back up your apparent need for capping, then why didn't the Germans stay and hold the ambush zone, ill tell you why, because when it comes to an actual naval battle, holding zones or navigational positions don't mean anything. Im glad you mentioned Jutland, its a perfect example of my point. The majority of the points put forward here seem to be all practically the same "absence of capping will make games too slow with too many draws" But this is already proven wrong with games like Navy Field 2. No capping at all in navy field, just a 15min time limit and a few bases to cap. Said bases being capped have NO IMPACT on on ending the game early, they simply give a bonus to the fleet owning them, for example, capping an airfield gives the bonus of a high altitude airstrike every 2mins by the flagship (yes flagship, highest ranking ship is often protected by a few DD's and CA AA, don't wanna lose him early, sounds fun yeah?) this CAN sway the battle in your favor, but games were never ended prematurely just because one of these bases were capped. So there wasn't a huge player base or huge number of developers looking after the game like here, but one thing is for sure, the system worked! and was FAR MORE realistic. Also, this draw excuse is invalid, because with this system, draws were less than 1% Im not saying to adopt this same system, im just saying be a little more open minded, think outside the box. There are solutions and alternatives for capping. And if you'd like to see for yourself if the system works, yeah its a dead game because of absent developers, but its there to play and try if your willing to look what im talking about, the system defiantly works, its super fun, and nobody gets left behind by an early game end. The scenarios it creates, some of the situations you get yourself in, you have to actually THINK and react, sometimes fall back, sometimes advance, sometimes cap a base. DD's actually escort instead of charge and cap attack. That kind of variation in games is not found here, its the same boring routine game after game imo. DD's rush the center, capitol ships dance around the edges too afraid to venture into A B C zones, they sail the same routes, hugging map edges, its repetitive and boring. And please understand im not saying "make this game more realistic" or "make it a simulation" what im saying is "make it more fun and exciting" capping is neither fun nor exciting, but that's just my opinion.
  8. This is the main reason for my thread http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/36786-the-dwindling-amount-of-players-of-wows-time-for-statistics-graphs/ Remind you of anything? maybe this will give you some insight into the future. http://steamcharts.com/app/338540 I love this game, i love the realism of it, the ships are a work of art, masterpieces even down to the last cable or AA gun. I used to build model ships from WWII as a child, it was my joy. Now i use WoW for the same thing, sometimes spending an hour just looking at my ships in port, they are true works of art, and the realism and attention to detail is why i love this game. However, i have spent many months grinding for high tier ships in other navy games before this one, only to FINALLY get that Tier 10 ship, but it was pointless since the population was long dwindled by then, making the countless hours of grinding and cash spend a complete waste. Now i see the same patterns emerging here, and my motivations to grind are very low. I want this game to stick around for 10 years, not 2, and i will do everything i can (which isnt much, i agree) to help prevent that. I know not everyone agrees on my opinion, and i may be completely incorrect, but i do have alot of experience with naval games and naval history in general, and imo the biggest problem right now is the way combat flows, dominated by the capping, not the warfare or skill as captain. Some battles you can hit every single shot, have flawless aim, not take one hit, but still lose because of some sneaky DD capping bases. And if your 2-4 DD's on your team suck, then no amount of skill is gonna win you the battle, its game over. Win rating goes down, damage numbers go down. Too much faith is placed in the DD captains abilities instead of the capitol ships. I really have hope things change and the population numbers start to grow, but seems hope is never enough sadly.
  9. These racist jokes about North Korea are gettin old fast, and truthfully, its not even a marginally funny joke. Im not from North Korea.
  10. And yes, this is my first post, but been playing the game for months, i usually avoid posting in forums caus i get picked apart for my bad English and grammar by trolls. But im prepared to cop all that abuse caus i like this game and want it to improve, the population is dwindling slowly and ive seen other naval games in the past die in the same way, they are always too arcadey. battle-stations midway, navy field, all died far too early, now i see the same mistakes happening here.
  11. Right, so i used the word "simulator" a little looslely, i should have said GAME, so hang me for my poor english, but is my poor english the topic here? Im not saying this is meant to be a simulator game, im saying (like the title of the post says) "Capping is completely unrealistic for naval warfare" good to know that all you have on me is a play on words, fact still remains, capping has nothing to do with naval warfare. Pick apart my words and sentences all you want,but that fact will still remain. Kudos for the namecallers too, great rep for the game in general.
  12. Not sure whos bright idea it was to include capping in a WORLD WAR II naval simulation. Seems everything about this game is built on realism, even down to the very small details on a ship, yet when it comes to actual combat, it always seems to break down into a hypo 3min game of "who caps wins" Never in the history of naval warfare was capping implemented. In land battles ... yes. Famous places like hill 60/70/609, Stalingrad train station, Normandy beachhead. Yeah, those places had to be capped and held to gain supremacy. So in games like Wot and CoH its perfectly understandable. But its vastly different when you have high ground positions and buildings of importance to hold. The ocean is completely the opposite, its flat, no highground, no one point is greater than another, there is no point in holding a certain square kilometer of ocean. Where was the cap point in the battle of Midway? where was the cap point in the battle of Leyte gulf? XYZ coordinates were not used as areas to be held at all costs. Even in battles around the waters of Guadalcanal, iron-bottom sound, there was no capping, the objective was the entire island, the objective was the LAND MASS which a DD could not enter into, pop smoke and hide to win the battle, its ludicrous to imagine such a thing. I mean its as ridiculous as implementing capping for an air war, making planes fly in circles for 3mins around a certain space of sky to win an air war ..... naval capping is just as stupid. I can understand why this was implemented into the game, but i think it was a bad decision. Forcing a ship that was build for one specific task, and making it perform a completely separate task than what it was historically built for. Whats next, throwing a huge beach-ball into the middle of the map and making these ships play a soccer game to determine victory? Why not stick to the historical use of these ships? they are built to sink one another, DD's are built to SCOUT and SCREEN capitol ships, not capping a patch of ocean. Ive heard arguments about there being too many draws without capping, well i have info for you whiners, that's REALITY! yes that's what really happened in naval warfare, check your history, most capitol ship encounters ended with one fleet escaping the other without being destroyed, using weather, the night, or a DD smoke screen to aid the escape. Some examples: Bismark, sunk the Hood then ESCAPED from the P.O.W. Yamato, its first two naval battles were very brief appearances where it escaped after only a few shots fired. Even the famous hunt for the Graf Spee didn't end in ANY ship being sunk. Seeing a pattern here? realizing what true REALISTIC naval combat is about? Far too many battles are over in only MINUTES because of the capping system, a win rating is determined more by your DD captains than actual ship mastery or skill. Since when do DD's dictate a win or loss in a REAL naval battle? CV's (Just as in real life) should be given priority to win or lose, with the DD's and CA's ability to protect capitol ships, tipping the balance of the outcome. At least create a separate room called "Realistic battles" with a larger time limit and no capping, where gunnery and skill at the helm decide the outcome, instead of 10% of the force (DD's) deciding the fate of the other 90%. Also, with the speed of BB's as they are, they practically play no part in the capping war, DD's smoke and speed at the hands of a decent captain can mitigate a BB anytime, anyplace, we all know this, caus weve seen it 100 times. And we all know what happens if you try to cap with a BB .... hahahahah, what a laugh. As it stands now, all we have here is a glorified ARCADE GAME with realistic models, sorry to break your heart guys, but this aint naval warfare, its not even close. So do we wait for someone else to release a REAL naval warfare game, or have hope that WG changes a few things to make the combat as realistic as the ship models and statistics? even crappy navy field 2 was more realistic than this, and dont even get me started on ships dissapearing right in front of your eyes like some Klingon cloaking system uurrghhh. Realistic? yeah sure. Can someone please make a realistic mode? Rant over, have a nice day.