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  1. hirokie

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    1.So when will IZUMO get her conning tower? Did no one of WG design team notice izumo doesnt have conning tower? How can you guys at WG fix so many ships model and forget this one? 2.Why do FDG and Kurfurst spotter floatplane is place between 3rd and 4th turret? Why not place it in the middle between the two smokestacks (where its supposed to be) like in bismarck where the crane actually exist in FDG and Kurfurst? The crane is in the middle of the ship but the plane is in the back of the ship, it doesnt make sense and no one in the design team notice this? 3. When are you guys gonna buff german BB or balance lower tier ship? Honestly, playing Gneisenau and FDG in this new meta is just a suffering. these 2 ships are inconsistent and too situational. About lower tier ship, I watch flambass video on youtube comparing Kawachi and South Carolina, its so unfair and feels stupid.
  2. hirokie

    % fire chance

    just had a battle with my takao, 21% fire chances and i hit tirpitz 28 times in 4 salvos somehow still no fire. *sigh
  3. hirokie

    Invitation codes

    https://playtogether.worldofwarships.asia/invite/pKMlaKz TRY THIS too, same as Goof_20 you will also get a Premium tier II and get the USS Texas as above.