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  1. Hello WG, I'm playing World of warships since 2016 and the reason I installed and played the game for first time was for when I've seen jingles funny, stupid, hilarious video's about this game. So my connection to this game is entirely credited to Mighty Jingles. So WG should know there's more like me out there who just enjoy good and stupid and crap videos that he make's and encourage players to join the game rather than being served as super unicums and boring MMO game players. And I'm not really impressed with Captain Jingles voice lines. I think Jingles should be as he is in his own video's. I mean think about it anyone who watch Jingles video's they know how he acts and do stuff around. Thats what we are all looking for in captain Jingles. Anyone who puts Jingles as their ship Captain will know and most importantly expect the original Jingle expressions, not some regular ship captain. At current state its kinda disappointing. So Please WG let jingles do whatever he wants, thats what we expect from him. Another issue is his voice lines are very much sunk by effects applied. Hope that his voices will be as original as it could be as when he speaks normally.
  2. Thanks a a lot mate.Lets see if this fix the issue.
  3. Its a file called cef browser which is failing. Is there a way to download that file form else where without downloading the whole game. 60gb is no joke.
  4. I have to run game integrity check before entering the game. theres a small file gets downloaded every time, then I can enter. but when i quit the game I have to do this process again other wise the shown massage pops up. Also In game arsenal, clan base, premium shop, news section etc is not running, but I can play battles. Does anyone else having this error since update? Any solutions please.
  5. MD047

    DD's in CO-OP

    They should've mentioned "YEAR Week of the CV's"
  6. Sounds like Donald trump is playing WOWS
  7. MD047


    There will always be some facts with every major updates. This update was massive as it changed playstyle, spec, new fronts, adoptation all kind of changes. So this level if disagreement was expected from player base. Its mostly negative I agree. But hey look at the bright side, they are fixing/ addressing these issues according to player feedback. Its hard to listen to all of them at once so they are fixing which issues are requested by most. When CV rework shit resolves another issue will rise with new update. This is how it is, A dynamic process and it will never stop arising.
  8. MD047

    My first tier 10 ship :)

    Peasant My first t10 is Gearing. Lets hope we don't meet again
  9. Concealment Matters specially in ranked. Yugumo has best at t9 I recall. Also those concealment buffs added and you can make them shit in their pants. US DD's have good guns but that floating shells are meh.
  10. MD047

    All of CV are dead except Hakuryu

    Hakuryu was Broken, Now its fixed not done yet, buts coming to a shape thats acceptable.
  11. MD047

    musashis ruining game experience

    LMAO, thats what I'm talking about. Sushi life sucks. Yes you are entirly true. But that is considered as someone have a mountain of those signals to put on. Seen Jingles doing it for Missouri. That much doobloon is another factor though. As we all don't use money in this game. Don't forget they(Kron,Stalin) are Battleship Moskva's Big brother.
  12. MD047

    musashis ruining game experience

    See you have both so you know what she can do and what she can't. Not everyone like to see t10 guns on a t9 ships. Not mentioning those difference between gun and sigma status.
  13. MD047

    musashis ruining game experience

    Yes slightly on the positive side in this. Alsace got nerfed to the ground to fit a T10 version in the game. WG shouldn't have done that I wish. But hey its done and we can't do anything about it. You can't traverse your guns faster, you don't have that god tier sigma like yamato, Yamato has weakest AA in t10, yet that was taken away in the name of balance. I've pointed out enough factor's if you've read and sure you know those balancing factors. If you still don't agree on her balencing then please share some thoughts how she can be balanced as a t9. I will be delighted to have some different thoughs.
  14. MD047

    musashis ruining game experience

    Tell me how you can earn that much Elite XP which you intend to convert. First you have to play a fair amount of games to accumulate 750k elite xp, NO ? In a premium ship or regular ship with elite status. So you have to play, thats the point. Now she is gone from regular exchange so good luck with flushing credit cards and winning her.