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  1. Dont leave port without CE .. or port you go.
  2. Happy Anniversary

    its 2 different things and aspect. Good is good , bad is bad.. shouldnt talk bout bad things when it come to an occasion. Lets the good spirit continue.
  3. Happy Anniversary

    Happy Anniversary and thanks WG for.. the gift, the game, the hard work, the idea, the non stop effort to constantly deliver ur customers needs and answering rants. May you and all the guys and girls working under you, have more and more happiness while doing your job and may you flourish with new awesome idea in the future. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.
  4. Don't know what to make of this

    I suspect bot user account. That is what most of bot user..would use as a name as they lack creativity.
  5. Real Karma?

    OK sorry :) Maybe I am breaking the fun..anyway thanks to blaufamme for enlightment. Ralph mate..that is a bit too high level for me :) not enough exposure to those even tho..I like Bean alot.
  6. Real Karma?

    "the main character, played by Rowan Atkinson, in several BBC comedy television series. Each series was set in a different historical period, the last one being during World War I. The other character best remembered from Blackadder is Baldrick, Blackadder's dirty servant, who remains loyal to his master although he is often badly treated." Well if you are kind enough pm me in game and tell me the meaning.. I am totally blur..at best.
  7. Server down or me only?

    I dont think so (that you will get unsportmanship behaviour) because some says that the result was not counted :(
  8. Real Karma?

    Sorry..I cant find a dictionary for blackadderish.. translation please?
  9. what happened before draw?

    I have seen a few..Aside from all the above..there is only BB in the fight(morning time..sometime there are match that consist of 1-4 players only), all refuse to spot..for 19 minutes..after that they rush for cap but too late :) So draw!!! Pssttt : Dont take it seriously.
  10. Real Karma?

    Awesome reply. Sharper than a sharpened sword..
  11. Triple Bonus from Wargaming

    I think so..as I expect..I wish I am the one :(
  12. Server down or me only?

    Cool! We r back.
  13. Server down or me only?

    O oh...! Now that is new..and entirely different. Who is that friend of yours.. I think he is the prime suspect of "hostile server takeover" from WG
  14. Server down or me only?

    Ok thanks..at least I am not alone.
  15. Server down or me only?

    Around 2000 hrs I was kicked out from game..it says due to long time no activity. Tried to reconnect..it says server not available. So is the server down atm..or is it just me?