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  1. RimauLaut

    Terror of the deep 2

    this is the biggest problem. But then after you remind them again and again..same player..they just do the same thing. I bet, those are the one in random.. that dont contest or cap as dd, nor help dd with radar as radar ca..or just camp as BB. the bad attitude continues 😞
  2. RimauLaut

    Terror of the deep 2

    Yes i know.. I get 5 star on my first run. But after that every next game.. there will be 1-4 player who will just play to ruin the objective by hitting rasputin from start. For what? 1-2 star, low credit, low exp.. why even bother to play the scenario if dont wanna try complete all objective? Wg should spawn the rasputin even further away for TotD2
  3. RimauLaut

    Terror of the deep 2

    Too many noob aiming for rasputin because of no knowledge, laziness..kinda boring to keep seeing them. 5 star become 1-2 star.
  4. yup happen to me too..and there is no guarantee it wont happen again.
  5. great news.. since we(our server) are full of those type...lately(1-2 years)
  6. RimauLaut

    Hall of Fame Points

    WG create event so it can be exploited by those bot users. I guess they dont know how to properly make event that not ruined by those..or maybe they dont even care.
  7. RimauLaut

    Finally, the unicum secret is revealed!

    Sharky..I am not unicum and most of time I am under 50% performance especially lately :( So I am not supposed to be included in your publicity for that "book". Anyway here my reply to you. "My middle finger feel itchy" P/S : This one post from you really deliver :)
  8. It is true. So IT IS TERRIBLE. For info not only this season.. has been a few..
  9. RimauLaut

    Hiding Profile

    if a player actually wants to improve he would either create new account <--- this lead to self proclaim unicum by deleting the learning curve and after that will start saying to others.. noob noob noob. I will be proud with whoever I am.. even if I am just a noob. As long as that is my only account..
  10. RimauLaut

    Critical Error!!

    Have you try starting the game directly without client? (inside folder game .exe and disable wargaming update center). I think you know already but just incase...
  11. RimauLaut

    Quit while you're ahead?

    Never let others dictate when you wanna play. Its your free time..so when they say, this and that about you at 4 am.. ignore it. Like they never say anything. They are not you..you are not them.
  12. RimauLaut

    Rank Season 11 Idea

    Yup T6!!!
  13. RimauLaut

    Supercontainer nerfed... again?

    Same sentiment here
  14. Dont leave port without CE .. or port you go.