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  1. Paladinum

    What is that ?

    He's selective about what to reply and what to not. Considering anything that hurts his ego as insults. Inb4 another thread of Neufert being deleted for being pointless/derailed
  2. Paladinum


    It'd be hilarious if they actually ban you because you're constantly complaining about botting instead of doing the botting itself.
  3. I'm gonna post this here because why not... RN DD Flotilla Leader Line Flavors: + All ships have Heal early on (same as Jutland/Daring); + They have no Hydro; + Their Smoke is the same as the main line, 1 charge less; A (very) good idea is that the DD line splits from Wakeful to the 2 T5s (Acasta - Codrington), then both lines converge into Jutland. As a result, Jutland and Daring will carry all the characteristics of both lines (Heal from the leader line, Hydro from the main line). Tier 5 Codrington C/D-class Generally, the same as Acasta, but 5 single guns instead of 4. Tier 6 Hardy G/H-class Generally, the same as Gallant, but 5 single guns instead of 4. Other characteristics are similar to Icarus. Tier 7 Kelly J/K/N-class Very similar to Haida, with 3 twin 120 mm turrets and 1 twin 102 mm turret. The ship has only 1 quintuple torpedo launcher as a result of this AA-centric refit. Also, this ship would complete the three letters of the class’ name: Jervis in the main RN DD line, Nonpareil in the Pan-Asian DD line (Gadjah Mada was named Nonpareil when laid down) and Kelly in this flotilla leader DD line. Tier 8 Lance L/M-class Generally, the same as Lightning, but with 4 twin 102 mm turrets instead of 3 twin 120 mm turrets. RN DD 2nd line Tier 5 HMS Amazon 1924 Opinion: The one that started it all. Maybe. I’m sure of it though. Tier 6 E/F-class O/P-class Q/R-class Tier 7 C-class - Ca group C-class - Ch, Co, Cr group S/T-class U/V-class Z-class Tier 8 G-class 1944 Weapon-class Tier 9: Tier 10: OH IT’D BETTER BE PAPER SHIPS!!!!!! I WANT PAPER SHIPS!!!!!! Most likely Battle/Daring-class preliminaries. Dream design (T9): Lightning, but with higher tonnage, 1 more main turret and torps are from Jutland/Daring. Other candidates include Dido-class preliminaries (Tribal-class is a byproduct). 133 mm guns on a DD don’t look so bad. PREMIUMS: Hunt-class Type II, III or IV (Tier 4/5) HMS Glowworm (G-class) (Tier 6) (let’s ram Hipper) HMS Barfleur (Battle-class) (Tier 9)
  4. Paladinum

    We have U-Boats lets get S-Boats and PT-Boats

    Why not support ships that can repair allied ships instead? They would be way more useful. Lemme play as a medic. Angela Ziegler anyone? PT- or S-Boats would be an extreme version of DDs, even more stealthy, even smaller, even faster, even less HP. Unless you play as a swarm of those things. Playing as these things in an Operation similar to Killer Whales is an interesting thought. You get in, discharge your payload, and get out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. Paladinum

    What is that ?

    That is just a suggestion. However, early game capping in high tiers is still a mess because CVs + radar ships behind islands. Many cap points in the game have island gaps, so if the radar ships can't shoot at the DDs, someone else somewhere else can and most likely will. 10 km radar is enough to cover basically all caps in the game if you press closely against the nearest islands. There will be someone in range to shoot the DDs if he gets lit up by the radar. By revealing the DDs on the minimap alone, you can still shoot at the DD, but since you can't see it on the main battle screen (or whatever it's called), your shots will be inaccurate (because you can't lock on), but you still can shoot at it and you can still see the DD's movement during the entire duration of the radar. He would be spooked whether he's hit or not. Should I make examples with screenshots? Whenever I present this idea, I never feel like I present it clearly enough for others to understand it properly. Dammit. The only way to see whether it works is to test it, so my suggestion is just an suggestion and I have no idea whether it would work the way I hope.
  6. Complete devoid of strategy or challenge? Disagree. The strategy/challenge is how to damage/kill as much as you can. Of course, you can coordinate with other players to kill certain ships or just do certain things. Playing Co-op will drive me insane faster than Random/Ranked ever could. The sheer chaos of Random/Ranked is far more interesting and fun to me than seeing the red team just charges straight in match after match. Do I get salty in Random/Ranked? Yes, lol. Do I get tired of losing streaks? Yes, lol. But I enjoy the chaos. Of course, there is also the issue of payout. In this game, for the same percentage, less service cost is never as good as more credit/xp multiplier. In other words, Random players please stay the f out of Co-op. Please.
  7. Tier 1 Clan Battles/Clan Brawl/Ranked/Ranked Sprint with 0 point captain skill limit when?
  8. @IJN_Katori What do you mean by "German Destroyer Gunboat line" btw? I don't think WG can make a German DD line that isn't gunboat or at least versatile. Because that's the current German DD line is, a versatile line.
  9. Paladinum

    What is that ?

    Radar is meant to counter ambushing and smoke camping, but I think it should only be revealing detected enemies on the minimap and ONLY on the minimap. Allowing allies to shoot at detected ships with such ease kills DD play soooooooooooooooooo much. Minimap only radar would still allow you to know that there are enemies there and be cautious about it, but not shooting at them with impunity.
  10. They probably did something bad during a summer in the past... I posted my take for the EU CR line in your thread.
  11. There is a ***king dislike. Why would one dislike such a thread? Italian line basically confirmed.
  12. T10 should have 2x2 2x3 gun layout, like Cesare. Why? Why not.
  13. Paladinum

    ALL SHIPS NERF NEED fzRom tieer 1- 7 (but nort Bb)

    The thread was deleted without notice... Come on mods, I just want to Neu admits his highly misinformed and unsubstantiated claim.
  14. Paladinum

    Ranked Sprint shipposting

    I think I know that thread...
  15. Paladinum

    Ranked Sprint shipposting

    Why? I don't participate in Ranked Sprint so I'm completely uninformed about that. Because it allowed CVs?