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  1. At least people in Battle Royale mode don't blame other people for not teamworking.
  2. That's obvious. Me? Rather one of them than BOTH. Me too, even though the individual missions are a lot for just a tier FIVE. This is PEF Directives, but proportionally even worse.
  3. Benson's illegitimate child... or parent.
  4. Benham seems to be a scary ship with an impressive torpedo broadside, but tiny HP pool for tier (even worse than Hull A Fletcher) and will get rekt so hard and fast in CV matches. I don't think I want this ship so I won't even bother. I need to take it easy from holding a computer mouse in general because of ulnar nerve entrapment. But what about you fellow forum dwellers? Will you grind all the way through the event to get 800 Fuel Tokens without paying a cent? The Hill, though...
  5. "If it's German, it's obsolete" -WarGambling-
  6. Paladinum

    This the second time I agree with Zoup's concerns

    I tried the dispersion consumable in Halloween 2018 Twilight battle, and it's absolutely disgusting. Stay in event modes, disgusting consumables!
  7. Paladinum

    This the second time I agree with Zoup's concerns

    When/if that happens, I will be like "Welp, it's time to go back to my RPG root"
  8. Paladinum

    Yoshino is surprisingly cheap

    Update 0.8.5, tomorrow your time
  9. Paladinum

    Yoshino is surprisingly cheap

    Let start at the low end of things. My average is about 1200/day (?) 0.8.5 is going to change AA damage nechanics, let see how that go and who will rage I doubt that Siegfried is going to be available for ONLY Coal. She's maybe for both FXP and Coal, maybe just FXP, but not Coal alone. I also doubt that Friesland will be for Steel, even though so far, none T9 premium DDs are for anything other than Steel.
  10. Paladinum

    Yoshino is surprisingly cheap

    What is this? This is a video game forum, not a university dissertation class. Coal is relatively easy to grind. 1000 Coal a day (1 Daily Mission chain and 2 Coal crates) + ship coupon... That is not much actually, even if I buy JB now and get Yoshino later (...in December). With ship coupon, most Coal ships right now will be less than 200k... Less than a year for one ship. With that said,... Yoshino isn't going to leave the Arsenal. Salem isn't, Jean Bart isn't. Because they are Arsenal exclusive, unlike Krons and Musushi which were ALSO available for FXP. They are destined to be unavailable after a year or so. Don't say I didn't warn you: the first T10 Coal BB (if any) will not be less than 260k. Salem is 240k and JB is 224k. I can see that ship being very expensive... or available for Steel (LMAO). Maybe that ship is Ohio. I would like to think that Salem is an alternative Des Moist. So, there is no reason for me to build DM, and Salem has better survivability anyway. I really enjoy playing Salem.
  11. Paladinum

    Some random (German ships) suggestions...

    Oh so now I have to Learn how to not worry and love the bomb?
  12. Paladinum

    Yoshino is surprisingly cheap

    Ooooh, haters because if the price is higher, they can't get the ship. Geezus, people. It not like WarGambling are going to to change the price less than a day after annoucing it. When was the last time WarGambling changed the Steel/Coal/FXP price of a given ship? (Missy's case does count because the different T9 premiums are... different ships)
  13. Paladinum

    This the second time I agree with Zoup's concerns

    That has been obvious for, like, so many Updates ago
  14. Paladinum

    Yoshino is surprisingly cheap

    Why Yoshino should be much more expensive than Salem: + Super cruiser, not just heavy cruiser (and don't forget, torpedoes) + Actually has credit multiplier, while Salem does not I expected NO LESS than 250k. Am I interested in Yoshino? Yes. But I will save my Coal and FXP for Siegfried and Friesland.
  15. Paladinum

    This the second time I agree with Zoup's concerns

    What does this mean...