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  1. If he has no problem using DE on a ship that has 48% fire chance per HE shell, then tell him to watch that How It Works video on HE shells and fire. SE on any BB is just a f*cking meme, indicating unfavorable... qualities of the player.
  2. Paladinum

    How to kill a game

    The existence of CVs is supposed to be esoteric. Only a few can play them, and even fewer can make them work. Their population right now makes the busted shared vision mechanic even more busted. The Naval Trash Cove could have been many times better by removing the ship selling bullcrap, but gotta whale those whales! WG just nerfed AP pen of Petropap and Rigor (Riga) in the most recent Dev Blog. How much of a nerf is unknown. Flamuu once opened wowsft and Petropap has better AP pen than Alaska. That's simply impossible realistically speaking, and utterly BS as a game feature. Also the anti-German sentiment is so strong, WG apparently don't even consider how much more money they could have made just by making good German ships.
  3. Great, every goddam bloke under the sun now talks about the ship of the broken promise that should never even be considered. Not even a single one of them even mentions anything about the Bias cruisers (which is the majority of the Dev Blog). Or the Marceau. The Agir is sh*t anyway so even I can't care. Just their freaking tr*shy bloody weeb ship. Because it's all that freaking matters, right?
  4. Paladinum

    My hopes for this game is now all time low...

    People in this forum and their false hope 😂 Always cracks me up. After everything that happened in 2019, you still have hope for this game? 😂 Yeah, there is Asama too, and no one has complained about the line not being IJN BB. It's not like the post about AP rockets might have foreshadowed this line. How many people collectively thought "AP rockets? Oh schieße, it's German CVs"? The Community Managers said in the stream: "Very soon"
  5. Paladinum


    Say that to Gneisenau, Scharnhorst, Blucher and Seydlitz. Maybe also Bismarck. And Prince Eugene as bonus. It's not like WG reuse names of old ships of the same navy/nation or anything. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMS_Hindenburg
  6. Paladinum


    Oh please, using his name is extra ironic considering how he is a FIGHTER pilot and CVs in WoWS now no longer have usable fighters.
  7. Paladinum

    Upcoming German Carrier Tech Tree

    Shouldn't the T10 be "Manfred VON Richthofen"? NVM they explained it (watched the stream), the full name will have the "von"
  8. Paladinum

    Upcoming German Carrier Tech Tree

    Z-35 is a T9 while Z-39 is T7 and Z-23 is T8? (To be fair, while Z-23 and Z-39 are in the same "class", and Z-35 is a different class, you can count Type 1936B as a subclass of Type 1936A/A Mob, just that there are many differences) What will be gimmicks? EU torps? DAAF? Heal? Gladly the main guns are 128, which allows the option of BFT/AFT I expected some new designs, like Type 1938A/Ab or 1937J, not any of the 1936 designs. Let them pave the way for Type 1945...
  9. Paladinum

    random stupid teammates

    Ever since WG gave away the free 14 days prem, player's quality has been diving without control There, fixed it. /s
  10. Paladinum

    Upcoming German Carrier Tech Tree

    They didn't name the T8 Peter Strasser? That's one dislike for you, WG.
  11. Paladinum

    My hopes for this game is now all time low...

    I have a feeling that you will post this simply because it's not an Italian line.
  12. Paladinum

    YouTube Container Collection Code

    All codes activated, none failed. Many thanks.