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  1. Paladinum

    I have 18000 tokens

    The expendable camos are almost always the good investment. Those and signal flags.
  2. This is why I practice "Indifference is bliss". Even though Hizen will be grindable for 2 Updates, this event is longer than Oden or Anchor Rage (20 or 24 each), and the Doub price for each phase seems to be higher than PR (correct me if I'm wrong, wasn't PR like 1750 Doub each phase?). The price now is 1950 per phase. And there are more phases and more phases that players must buy.
  3. Paladinum

    Bismarck Build Options

    Main gun build for Bismarck is hardly an option because the Upgrades needed to improve her main guns the most are in Upgrade Slot 6, which normal T8 ships do not have access to. One Upgrade reduces reload time and the other increases main gun range. There is technically no Captain skill that improves directly how the main guns perform, unless you want more HE pen power (on a German BB for main guns? Why?). So you can increase her main gun accuracy and turret traverse speed but those things are small compare to rate of fire or main gun range. So I guess for Bismarck I would go for a survivability + secondary or just survivability build.
  4. This Vampire is the HMAS Vampire that is a museum ship in Australia. Doesn't matter because a T3 and T10 will never see each other in a normal battle.
  5. Marco Polo's gimmick should be Exhaust Smoke, not SAP. Just saying.
  6. Remember when New Year campaigns give T6 tech tree ships instead of T5? Yeah I 'member.
  7. Ok, I didn't know Alighieri has 3 turrets facing forward. I guess I will name them (foremost first): Paradiso, Inferno and Purgatory. Hell is those who try to use that badly angled turret. Cavour has her OG 13 gun layout. Great! I was making the wrong assumption all along: Lepanto has 3x4 and not 4x3. Oh no 406 mm SAP. Hizen is going to be a Dockyard ship. Great. I came here to tell that I have not completed a single Dockyard ship and have no intention of doing so. 38s reload? B*sh please. Vampire II could be an RB ship. Just saying. But she has much of a chance being a FXP like Hayate (remember that ship?) and Smaland.
  8. Let's get salty. WHY THE HECK UP41 ISN'T IN THE TECH TREE?????????????????????
  9. Paladinum

    Can't Access PTS Server

    I oppose the use of the Hooked Cross because it is a perversion of a peaceful symbol - the Buddhist Swatstika. Many other cultures use the same symbol as the Swatsika, so Hitler basically defiled all of them. I like the Iron Cross more. It has a very long history, it looks cool and it isn't a defilement of any older symbol, in fact it glorifies it.
  10. Paladinum

    Please buff Moskva

    Mockba is already a good ship when it was still in the tree. Tanky when bow on, relatively good RoF, longer gun range than some actual CBs. Because it's already good, it needs no buff, doesn't matter if it's a tech tree or special or even premium.
  11. Paladinum

    Please buff Moskva

    "The only CB with CA guns" Do you really think that Mockba has a CB hull? That ship has like 6 inch belt, which is thinner than any other CB in the game, and is severely under armed for that size. Also depth charge racks because reasons
  12. Paladinum

    Remove Bay

    Exactly. Make all maps Ocean.
  13. Ammunition gimmick starts as soon as possible. + RN CL's short-fused AP starts at T2; + Pasta CR's SAP starts at T2; + PA DD DW torps starts at T2; + EU DDs have their signature torps as far as T2; + German CRs's 1/4 HE pen starts at T4, the first ship to have 150 mm guns, Nassau's HE is 1/4 HE pen; + etc.; When I said I have issues with lines with too many gimmicks, I sure darn do.
  14. The entire line, from T4, has SAP gimmick, and the Exhaust Smoke is just another gimmick on top of that. What do you mean "Why should the Ita BB line's gimmick start at tier 6"?
  15. Paladinum

    Official Discord Dev QnA #2 (Not Readers Digest)

    Or the lack of answers. Or the abundance of non-answers.