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  1. Paladinum

    Furataka is the worst ship in the game

    Yeah an RN cruiser with TBRB just to fit T6. Pure BS. "She has a Sister in the game" Does it matter? How many premium ships have their sister ships in the tech trees? WG can somehow make some of the worst decisions when it comes to the RN and their ships.
  2. Paladinum

    Furataka is the worst ship in the game

    > "Furry Taco worst ship in the game" > Emerald laughs in a smokescreen somewhere Now THAT is a mis-tiered ship. Where the [bleep] is Arethusa?
  3. What this guy said. Try to experience CVs now as much as you can (LOL)
  4. Paladinum

    Furataka is the worst ship in the game

    That's the issue. OP should play more ships and more matches before making more claims. His highest tier is 6, which is barely high enough to experience the (much) worse part of the game.
  5. Paladinum

    Furataka is the worst ship in the game

    Japan and Germany lost WW2 because of resources. Look how tiny they are/were compare to the US. When the US joined the fun, it was basically the end for the Axis power. The USN/RN didn't win because they designed more powerful ships. Also, Battle of Tsushima wants to have a word with you.
  6. Paladinum

    Up coming buff etc (stolen from NA server)

    One of the four most active navies in WW2 and one of two most active in WW1! The fourth nation to get a full ship line! And yet they have what, barely a half the number of premium ships compare to Russia, and ZERO free xp/Arsenal premium while Russia have 3 (and 1 upcoming)! I will NOT calm down!!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  7. Paladinum

    Update 0.8.0 Is Postponed

    You earned one of my Angery
  8. Paladinum

    Update 0.8.0 Is Postponed

    Free xp/Coal.
  9. Paladinum

    Update 0.8.0 Is Postponed

    I jested Do I want Alaska? F**k yes. But the wehraboo in me stays my hands to wait for any German freemium (free xp/coal).
  10. Paladinum

    Update 0.8.0 Is Postponed

    Alaska in 0.8.0 is NOT confirmed PS. German Free xp/Arsenal ship WHEN
  11. Paladinum

    Up coming buff etc (stolen from NA server)

    1. I wanna get Aigle from the Arsenal, but am still on the fence. 2. I really want to see Strasbourg (her sister) to be in the game. Anyway, the change is probably unnecessary. 4. The ship needs it. 6, 7, 8. Bringing some consistency to the line. I like consistency. 10. Since the buff is still under consideration, I won't call it good or bad. But let just consider all the Japanese 8km torps before jumping to 10 km ones... Fire duration for "large cruisers" I'm still against, but let see how that goes.
  12. Paladinum

    Your most unique and fun ship design!

    When the Japanese bomb Wilhelmshaven instead of Pearl Harbor. US x IJ (Imperial Japan). I ship it. Ba dum tss.
  13. Paladinum

    Update 0.8.0 Is Postponed

    0.8.0 Round 2 significantly reduces your ability to constantly launch full squadron. Two reasons: AA flak bubbles have been buffed, so there won't be as many aircrafts returning, -AND- the time for aircraft servicing is too long you can waste half a match and still can't launch a full torpedo bomber squadron if the previous squadron didn't survive.
  14. Paladinum

    Update 0.8.0 Is Postponed

    I know that the CV rework isn't ready as planned. Get your numbers right WeeGee! Also Feb 5th is the lunar Jan 1st (aka Lunar New Year) so let update the game and forget it for a week or so.
  15. Paladinum

    CV rework FAQ

    You have to play the PT yourself to properly experience it. Some of the CCs can be salty about the rework, so their opinions can be biased. With that said, Round 2 of 0.8.0 buffed AA flak bubbles heavily, even T4 ships can knock planes off the sky like mere flies. Which isn't exactly wrong because the ships in game do have powerful AA suite to begin with, even Yamato historically had good AA armament. However, the duration for plane "production" time has been increased (aka nerfed) heavily, so CVs at all tiers cannot send as many planes out as Round 1.