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  1. Just realized that the rudder shift time on these ships aren't that crazy. Nevskiy's rudder shift time is 11,5 seconds, and turning circle radius is even bigger (by about 100 m). I wager Takahashi Rumiko and OYodo are about as long and large as Nevskiy. Donskoi's maneuverability is about as horrendous as Nevskiy's.
  2. Paladinum

    how old are you (in this game)

    I have lived through: + all of the line splits so far + the glorious era of 311 Ryujo and 012 Bogue and AA range skill and "Taihou vs Essex" + the days when DDs took full damage from BB AP shells with normal pens + the old, somewhat sh*tty skill system + the days when Saving Transylvania was added into the game and it was the hottest sh*t + the days when Operation Dynamo was added into the game and it was the hottest sh*t + some of the earliest Public tests + when Yamato had the biggest guns in the game + when there were only US and Japanese BB/CV lines in the game + when WeeGee posted Dev Blogs on Medium and told players about it on Facebook
  3. WeeGee should make a premium to promote the returning Ops: a 5x2 150 CL at T7 (the same guns as the T8-10 in the new line, but twin turrets). Myoko hull, Mogami fore turret(s) layout. Now, the question is: would Mogami suffer the same fate as Z-23 when the new line hits? Removal of 155 gun module? I don't think 155 Mogami steps on any of the new ships, but WeeGee work mysteriously. Z-23 Hull A Gun B is a unique config: 1x1 150 turret fore, the remaining 3x1 concentrated aft. Z-31 is 1x2 fore, the remaining 2 aft. Z-39 has the same gun config as Z-31. Both of Z-23's 150 configs remain unique, actually. Gun B Hull A: 1x1 150 turret fore, the remaining 3x1 concentrated aft. Gun B Hull B: 2x1 150 turret fore, the remaining 3x1 concentrated aft. Z-23 WAS a very unique ship. I would scuttle someone for Shiratsuyu Hull B but with Hayate's turrets (2x2 DP 127).
  4. TBH I don't even remember which things were removed. Z-23. WeeGee removed both the 150 mm configs (4x1 and 1x2 3x1) on that ship. One can argue that those configs are already in the game as some premiums, but are they really? They are not.
  5. Yeah I know, this thread is about the turrets.
  6. They were allies indeed. C R E A T I V I T Y It would be difficult to find turrets in the game uglier than these. I dislike the look of Daring's turrets, but they do have some charm, some quirk to them. Also, no wonder why these ships are bloody massive. Those hulls have to carry 5-6 of THOSE!
  7. Paladinum

    Discord New Ship (Dutch) - 0.11.8

    Weird. While the German 150 DDs like Schultz and El Ping are really big and cruiser-like for DDs, they were indeed designed as DDs, or at least, designed like DDs. The Tromp, however, seems to have been designed from a CR base than a DD base. She even looks like one of T1 CRs in the tech tree. Spähkreuzer 1938 has a version with float plane, which makes that version even more of a CR than a DD. It would have a bit more sense to have the sister ship, van Heemskerck, added first, because WeeGee can make a better argument for that ship being closer to a DD than a low-tiered CR. That ship is like a Dutch Harugumo w/o torps. PS. Airstrike DD wtf ftw wtf
  8. You skipped Yamato tho. The Izumo will only spawn if your team effs up the mission. A relatively good team can avoid this. One issue I've just realized is that map size. T8 ships in T6 Ops can move really fast and can shoot from one edge of the map to the opposite edge with ease.
  9. And you insulted me out of nowhere because you are extremely impatient?
  10. It's gonna be Oct or Nov this year at the latest. What are you talking about.
  11. As I answered Regression, WeeGee mentioned that the composition of the player team affects the "strength of the bots". I think this means... well you should just read my reply to him. This could get interesting, depending on how WeeGee implement it.
  12. Yup. It's like how Random chooses maps (I think). It's basically a difficulty slider(?). I think if there are too many T8 ships, the bots get stronger, and I assume by either giving them Arms Race-like buffs, having more of them, or replacing them with higher tier counterparts (ex: a Fuso would be replaced by a Nagato), or giving them captains with assigned skills.
  13. OPERATIONS RETURN!!! Now, does Cherry Blossom still have nation restriction? Probably not, but I don't want to get my hope up yet. Also, Operations now have enemy level scaling, like in Skyrim and the likes. Let see how that goes before judging.
  14. The turrets are actually effing massive for the cannon barrels. Those gun houses could be used for 8-inch guns, easily. No wonder why the ships have so much HP, the hulls must be really effing big to carry FIVE to SIX of those bloody oversized turrets. Even the T8 must be longer than Zaou. I thought Nesvky is too big for a damm CL.