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  1. Paladinum


    It's just karma (RNGesus) catching up to you. Equip Jesus Christ signal flags to stop Karma from doing that! Sound like one of them BBabies! When will WG remove BBs from the game?
  2. Greedy practice or not, setting up Dockyard events for mere T8 ships is hella LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME
  3. That is one peculiar verb to go with that grammatical object. I suggest adding 'for' after that verb, to make it less questionable.
  4. The "Dutch" is redundant, captain, because cute girls are cute. FYI these aircraft can be shot down, which is hella lame.
  5. I will grind this line solely for the reason I can poop on CV haters with aircraft because I absolutely hate rework CVs. WG is divine providence confirmed!
  6. Are you expecting this game, which is based on historical information and naval theme, to be historically accurate and realistic? How dare you!
  7. Paladinum

    Uss congress

    Yes. To testers and CCs only.
  8. Paladinum

    You're a sorry excuse for a sailor

    A long time ago, I experienced the level of toxicity that is just incredible. The match was +2 MM for my Lightning. The map was Hotspot. There was a cruiser (I can't remember which ship) that shot at me because I didn't go into the A cap (the one with 3 big islands on the Western side). Why didn't I go to the cap? There were 2-3 radar cruisers who kept the cap a no-go zone for minutes back-to-back. And an allied cruiser shot at me. I went into the cap and promptly got destroyed. Yesterday I played the Ostergotland, the map was Haven. The team started from D cap. There was a Pommern who kept telling me to spot for him, west of B cap. It was excessive and annoying. I silently refused and went straight to B cap and captured it. He promptly called me "noob DD", "idiot DD", "useless DD" (keep this in mind), and other things then got destroyed few minutes later. Then a fight broke out at B, then I went to cap C. Watching the replay, I found out that my team's C flank got wiped within minutes and that's not my fault. Aaaaaand I was the only one in the team who captured any point. In Domination mode. Where you capture points to have a better chance of winning. Imagine this: we had 3 ships left. The enemy had 5 ships, including a CV. Too bad all their DDs got sunk, or I would have been in trouble. I had to keep torping the enemy BBs to keep them out of the 3 caps we had. Our CV did exceptionally well too. There was no quick way to sink any of the enemy ship, because my torpedoes deal low damage, and the clock was ticking close to the end, so the only thing that kept our team from losing was the points that I captured. The match was one clutch fest, but my team won in the end, by point. Out of pure spite (as I do), I blocked his messages after he got destroyed, reported him and even told other players to report him (which is a bit much, sure, but he deserves it). He continued to trashtalk me through the rest of the battle - that's just pathetic. Because letting the enemy steamroll through D cap (potentially kill our CV) into B, while they slowly push up A, is the better plan? My point is: Had I obliged the f**ker, we could have lost that battle. Easily. Replay of that battle is below: 20210513_095355_PWSD109-Ostergotland_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay It's just insane how some people's minds work.
  9. Paladinum

    Hope there will be a “none rank mode”

    Brawl changes format everytime. I think the OP wants something more stable and... mentally friendlier than Random.
  10. Paladinum

    PSA) Regarding Z-23's Turret traverse speed

    Isntead of giving the correct traverse speed for the turrets... Nerf the fast one. This will be used as evidence of WG's "anti-German sentiment".
  11. Paladinum

    You're a sorry excuse for a sailor

    The enemy JB and Alabama seem to have very low number of battles. Must have thought this game is P2W?
  12. Paladinum

    PSA) Regarding Z-23's Turret traverse speed

    Bollocks. Absolute bollocks. Absolute definitive high-quality bollocks. Bollocks thought process, bollocks decision making. Bollocks. I tell you, bollocks.
  13. Paladinum

    You're a sorry excuse for a sailor

    You don't have to play in "fringe" hours to experience the terrors of WoWS Random... You really don't. Every frequenter in this forum knows I'm a potato, and yet I can score top XP in Z-31 and Fantasque. Yeah, the former ship I find mediocre at best, and the latter I barely get the hang of because she's new. Just the thoughts baffle me. There was also a battle where my team got wiped (there was at least 1 survivor I believe), and the enemy team had zero death. Zero. Z E R O. And the common theme of no one trying to cap in Domination mode, nobody dies from either team, but the team that has no cap just let the clock ticks off. I can't. I just can't.
  14. Paladinum

    Hope there will be a “none rank mode”

    I'm having similar thoughts lately. Random 12v12 actually has little room for error, thus, any f-up would kill you quickly (because of focus fire and cross fire), and can cascade into a quick defeat. Random 7v7 or 8v8 would be good for a few reasons: individual's skill would be the emphasis, and players would play for the team instead of wanting the team to play for them, because if they don't do it, no one will. ... I want Arms Race for Ranked.
  15. Paladinum

    The Dissolution of Pan-Am (Pan-America)

    They just kinda un-hid the video, a few hours later, without changing anything. Weird.