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  1. Paladinum


    Let us agree to disagree. Yamato is the bane of any ship. I always question the decision to put a Yamato as a T9 ship (her sister Musashi). Let's see. 460 mm guns. Larger than any other gun in the game, aside from her own sister ship. Thank to that, bow tank against Yamato is mostly impossible. Also the best sigma value and stock firing range in the game. 410 mm armor belt. Thicker than any other ship in the game. Vulnerable at the weird "cheek" shaped citadel, but generally resistant to any other thing. 50% torpedo damage reduction. Only a gimmicked ship like Alabama has the same value. So far, no ship is better. AA power is as much as one would expect from a historical Japanese (battle)ship. Meh at best. I wonder why Yamato (and Montana) remains relevant all these years with 3 other BB lines from release, and the ship still is one hell of a monster to fight against. Sorry but that can't be more wrong.
  2. Paladinum

    Ships with all their guns in the front?

    Since this game is so arcade anyway, why WG don't implement such feature? That would be small yet massive QoL change.
  3. Paladinum

    Ships with all their guns in the front?

    Same goes to Myoko/Atago/ARP Takao "B" turrets, Nelson middle turret, etc. (correct me if I'm wrong) Some turrets of the similar placement in game may not be able to as well, like Benson, Fletcher, Maass, Z-23? I think that IRL those turrets also couldn't do that either. I don't really know.
  4. Paladinum

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    I can get PEF through a campaign? I hope she'd be a better premium than Graf Spee. German dispersion ftw /s
  5. Paladinum

    Petition for adding more usage for elite ship XP

    Alternative, optional ship modules for T9/10 tech tree ships... that aren't required to turn a ship Elite... (Z46/Z-52 torps have too short range, give me long-ranged German torps)
  6. Paladinum

    Ships with all their guns in the front?

    Not a fan. In the context of this game: Not having back guns means no chance of return fire when being chased. Especially when the enemy is still within your normal detection radius. When you being attacked, you either grow a pair and charge forward or reverse full speed, which was how French "reverse" meme came to be (Dunkek). And to me, that's why Izumo may have an advantage over designs like Nelsol, Dunkek and Richie Rich. Izumo has 1 turret pointing backward. With skillful maneuvering you can return fire while running away.
  7. Paladinum

    Halloween Upgrades to ships?

    as @MatterCore said, upgrades on Event ships will be demounted for free when the event ends and the ships are removed. Find them in the Inventory.
  8. There is a variable for shells called "drag coeffient". This determines how the shells change speed all the times, which simulates (in real life) how shell speed changes as they move through the air - a medium that causes drag. It's one of the few things this game does right about simulating real life naval combat. It's not random. Besides drag coefficient (which is a constant), there is no other in-game variable that changes shell speed.
  9. Open all containers at once and solution(s) to quick command spamming. Good, really good. Arm Race will return as a fully fledged PvP mode (?) with improvements. Good news. Radar rework is being considered to be like spotting. Radar wouldn't see through islands. "For example, some buffs for researchable American battleships from tier III to tier IX, as well as Myogi, Izumo and Friedrich der Grosse are planned." US BBs from Tier 3 to 7 are finally faster than snails? Don't think NC and Iowa need any buff at the moment, I could be wrong. About FdG, just buff the reload of 406 to 25s and 420 to 28s. The ship needs faster reload in compensation to the very few guns she has. Nothing else is needed. Buffing cruiser's mid-hull plating. Against plunging fires and AP bombs? Change(s) to IFHE. They mentioned a "systematic changes in plating". Shouldn't it be just the skills? Wouldn't such a systematic change of plating will affect overmatch mechanic more or less? Changes to flooding mechanic to be less random. Improvement of Tech tree UI.
  10. Paladinum

    Never add submarine into PVP

    Back to the OP a bit: If there is one thing everyone should know from the implementation of subs in the game (watch Mr. Conway's interview with Philigula about subs), that is: Subs in this Halloween Operation DO NOT represent subs IF they are coming to the base game. Subs coming to the base game is an "IF" not a "WHEN". IF subs are coming to the base game, things will change. You think WW1/2 subs have torpedoes that freeze the ships they hit? You think that those historical subs are THAT fast underwater?
  11. Paladinum

    Never add submarine into PVP

    This reminds me of that Modern Warfare 2 meme: "Ramirez, do everything". Cruisers do have deep charges too, and that also increases our influence in the game. Subs in real life: slow AF (even when surfaced), tiny torpedo arc, next-to-nothing armor and can be spotted permanently by planes. Most cruiser secondary can send them to Davy Jones' locker. Also the need of Oxygen makes them extremely vulnerable. Hydro can spot subs. Any cheeky CV captain can hover their planes over a sub, force the player to surface and drop bombs/rockets (RIP). At least DDs have smoke. Sub players be like "buff sub armor, we can't survive anything", "why are subs so slow". Well because that's what they are IRL. BB players be like "remove subs from the game", "nerf torpedoes". "Be careful what you wish for" - WarGaming, April 1st, 2017. On one hand, I dislike (playing) subs. On the other hand, I'd like the amount of salt being poured into the forum.
  12. Paladinum

    IJN CA/DD buff... for reals?

    The DD gun buff is not particularly useful in most situations, unless you gunboat in smoke. TRB Shiratsuyu, Kagerou and Yuugumo don't really need that. The CA turret traverse buff though. 1 and 1/2 years too late.
  13. Paladinum

    YueYang nerf is a really bad idea

    The gun RoF nerf is bad, and the torp reload nerf is excessive. Unpopular opinion: Just remove the radar consumable...
  14. I've just read the portal and holy poop they SELL a freaking TIER NINE BATTLESHIP for DOUBLOON? Wow. What the eff is even going on. The "there will never be subs in the game" was bad. This is worse. WAY WORSE. Thank WG for making me not able to trust your "never" statements anymore. The ship is also available in Coal, but still. Tier 9 is still manageable. When they start selling Tier 10 ships with Doub. St. Peterburg will be effing LIT. Still not as bad as the Diablo Immoral thing, but still, this is horrible.
  15. Paladinum

    Rough Seas Wargaming?

    It should be a separate mode like Arm Race (whatever happens to it now), not exactly something I'd want to see normally in Random/Co-op. Maybe as a randomly occurring weather "modifier" like Thunderstorm or Cyclone. More rare than those things of course, because it'd be very unpleasant IMO. Rough Sea may affect a lot of things: shell accuracy, ship speed/maneuverability and torpedo speed/accuracy. The rough sea mod is purely graphical, if you want some hardcore stuffs, try the Night Battle mod. It is f**king intense. Try that. Holy s**t it increases difficulty ten-fold.