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  1. The wish list:
  2. Paladinum

    There goes the sun...

    Many of the maps are now bright AF and that makes me uncomfortable. I like the dark. Gimme the dark~
  3. Paladinum

    Multiple CVs vs Tier 3 ships

    That's only when people like you come in and derail my innocent threads with irrelevant things
  4. Paladinum

    Multiple CVs vs Tier 3 ships

    Hey. At least I haven't posted a thread complaining about CVs (for not being RTS) for months now. In fact I have never posted such a thread at all. In that front I AM innocent.
  5. Paladinum

    After a 3k damage tier 6 game...

    I once scored a 'personal best' for capping an enemy base (in Standard Battle) in my Shiratsuyu and dealing 0 damage. BEAT THAT
  6. Paladinum

    "Just Dodge™" Destroyers Thread

    At this point any CV complaint thread should and must be derailed.
  7. Paladinum

    Multiple CVs vs Tier 3 ships

    Me in a small corner of the forum: *innocently post ship line proposals/theorycraft*
  8. Paladinum

    "Just Dodge™" Destroyers Thread

    I think you guys should look at the missions in the next week of Directives. I guarantee it.
  9. Paladinum

    Legendary Module on Premium Tier X ships

    Why? Because: #Equality
  10. I either don't remember or the players have been worse
  11. Paladinum

    USSR T8 Battleship Size Comparison (Including Borodino)

    Nelson-class did that rather ungraciously by pushing the superstructure so far back it made the ship looks like it's been cut in half. Using a normal layout of an AB-X ship but not adding an X turret makes the ship unnecessary long.
  12. Paladinum

    USSR T8 Battleship Size Comparison (Including Borodino)

    A BB with 2 turrets is longer than the fastest BB in WW2 that has 3 turrets *X-files theme intensifies*
  13. Paladinum

    Test ship Odin - Potential

    I quickly realized that I read that wrongly, so I edited already. They are not 'slightly' inferior, they are 'greatly' inferior to BBs of the same tier. While they do have the convenience against 'standard' cruisers and problems against DDs, they are still just as bad against actual BBs as any cruiser. And as cruisers, WG can slap on them as many consumable gimmicks as possible, a privilege many BBs would never have. Like I have said before, super cruisers by design are averages between 'standard' cruisers and true BBs. But super cruisers are somewhat a defined ship type IRL with certain defined criteria like certain gun size, certain protection, certain displacement, etc. Alaska as a BB would most likely be T7, imagine how unfitting that would be. She'd also be a very unbalanced ship in that case. Too bad (for me maybe), in the end it's up to WG to decide, and seeing an O-class as a "cruiser" in-game bothers the heck outta me. 305 mm wouldn't overmatch 25 mm bow and aft, but those 380 mm will. That's a very big difference. They are neither here nor there, so they should get their own MM. It's the easiest solution to implement. At least we all agree they shouldn't take up a cruiser slot. But who is to say they cannot do what 'standard' cruisers can? Alaska can still radar/DAAF and bother BBs, Yoshino can torp people and burn everything, however, I doubt that Siegfried can do much of what a Roon or a Hinden can... (mostly because of the RoF).
  14. Paladinum

    Test ship Odin - Potential

    I know. What he posts in the "Interesting stuffs from RU server" is usually highly disputable