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  1. still annoying if that historical ships have name like that tbh i'm a weebs person but i care about this little things too and for other people that doesn't like it, like on NA server thanks so with this you indirectly say this is fine and stick to it ?, even though the ship is part of history? and u don't accept what other people's have a different opinion from you? yeah keep being selfish for u, even i give advice that win win for both position what a great member we have here
  2. heyy WG, can u add features that can remove a name of the warships that have collab? like AL yukikaze to be yukikaze only because this is weird when u can hide the camo but u still see that name of the ships with the collab name and this is a little disgusting for some people that see list of the ships on the matchmaking with name collab, because that 2 ships montpelier and yukikaze is based on historical and why u must put that ships without adding any option to make that ships name to the historical name?? this game is not owned by manjuu u can't add the historical warships with that collab name, at least u can make a remove feature name for that ships like u make a hidden feature for the collab of the camo, so it will be fine, win win for both of us for the HSF graf spee ok i know they are have different name and set the different ships of graf spee, but the musashi is not, that musashi is not use the HSF and i like that, and for the HSF harekaze it's normally to add HSF ahead of the name because that harekaze is doesn't have historical, but i prefer to add that hidden name feature is for all collaboration ships for ARP??, yeah i hope that ARP also get that hidden collab name feature when they skin is being hidden
  3. Okamitsu

    Total Domination or Dominated

    seems like u have a good RNG for MM right now
  4. but this problem still continue until now on me
  5. Okamitsu

    What's Happened to Alena?

    i like how people it's care about the other side not only the game but the staff too
  6. yep and still have a same problem
  7. no no no u don't understand what i mean overall first problem is drop fps, and stuttering sound(this one happen on me) and now even the little this notification "playing" on discord can't pop up and can't detect by discord, like heyyy the developer what have you done ?? and you misunderstood, not on reddit but on the discord server wows reddit, the point is in the discord not the reddit
  8. asking for the problem on the player support : they all always swirling and guesses errors in the user even though this problem is not just on me open thread on feedback section : no one respond it open thread in this general : they are considering this is a joke?? really??
  9. seriously im not joking for this one u can check on reddit wows discord server they are so little that have notif playing wows, even my friend too when starting this game that notif is not pop up, i just curious about the developer what they have done with this patch? Don't just stick to the title, I wrote it just as a charm and it's true that I wrote like that because this game has a problem with the latest patch even the discord doesn't detect it as a game
  10. the most broken update wows 0.8.3 beside the amount off a bad optimization like fps drop almost 35fps and stuttering sound when the squadron CV incoming (that's my case) even discord can't detect world of warships when this game is running, what they have done on this patch now?
  11. ALL of them what do u mean?? i'm already using ULTRA sound
  12. so i got the problem why i got a small volume on this game even i set the maximum volume on the system and in the game? maybe u can help me with this problem
  13. 🔔WELCOME🔔 Voice MOD Kamoeda from Danganronpa Download Link : https://mega.nz/#!50gBlAZA!o0G_ZNzLLSs5KSZ1KOLcLMmFOaorzkN0sgtlchmK6WU (0.8.x.x) ✔️ by : 猫フロ(Neko furo) Voice MOD Ace Combat 5 🛩️ Download Link : https://mega.nz/#!woxxDajZ!_dWTWueXoRdaJ4KoIaAkBKZvI-KqvTdJHWFRBYUCGwQ (0.8.x.x) by : ROKA Voice MOD Ace Combat Zero 🛩️ Download Link : https://mega.nz/#!R05RVSYB!A0irEWT9I28KUpih7HacusDZ72qPxwMLVQ85r7QsGF0 (0.8.x.x) by : ROKA Voice MOD Megumin 🔥 Download Link : https://mega.nz/#!gtwxXCAa!VjZ09M5BOQ20WLCMPuuX0A_IBrZXt-vZHDKoz_ZiTjM (0.8.x.x) by : ROKA Please tell me if that's mod have a missing command VO or not working with a new patch
  14. Okamitsu

    [All] Haruna KanColle Voiceover

    sorry i'm late to reply u because their is no notification appear on my notif bell even i following this topic Here