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  1. nmslese

    Tigers of the Cold Wave Tournament is arriving!

    I also got another question about the ships usable in this tournament. The tournament states that ships not available to the general public is banned, which I fully agree because they are often overpowered. However ships like Belfast and Kutuzov is available through the public through the purchase of Christmas crates, and hence should be allowed in the tournament. Below I will add a picture as evidence.
  2. nmslese

    Tigers of the Cold Wave Tournament is arriving!

    I got a question. Can I pick the T7 Gadjah Mada and the T8 Hsienyang? Those are ships of different nations but they are of the same tech tree. One is from Indonesia and the other is from Taiwan. Thanks Sword Master! ❤️
  3. Wew, be careful or you will get banned here too. Now back on topic, why would anyone be screwed if they are not in a large active clan in the correct time zone? Ranked exists and it gives you those new resources for arsenal too, which means that solo players can also get rewards if they put time and effort into a game. But of course, players that don't put enough time and effort to git gud should not be rewarded with these extra benefits and prizes. They still got the base game to play anyways. Shrugs I am in a small casual clan with average stats and I don't really feel offended since this addition won't impact the fun I have in game anyways. This arsenal thing just gives dedicated players more choices on what they would like to be rewarded for their efforts.
  4. All players are equally powerful under the ruling of RNGesus. But purple clans are blessed by RNGesus so they will always get the best dispersion/ fire chance.
  5. As some of you might know, WG recently have changed how detonations work by making detonations only happen when a ship has less than 75% HP, and the rest is all based on RNG. This saves players from getting detonated in their DD's from the first HE shell hit, but there is still 0 skill in detonation anyways. Therefore, I purpose a rework on detonation as detonation is a fundamental part of this game and is historically accurate to make detonation as skilled based as possible. 1. Divide the citadel zone into 2 types, the engine room, and the ammunition chamber. Hits to the engine room will still result in the engine having a chance of getting knocked out and deals the current citadel damage. 2. For shells that hit the ammunition chamber, the gun turret corresponding to the ammunition chamber either gets knocked out the whole game, or the player detonates immediately. This change will make detonation more skilled based. Players will change to aim at the ammunition chamber of their foes to severely incapacitate their ability to fight or straight out delete them from the game. Instead of taking citadel damage from an ammunition chamber hit, players will now either get detonated or get their turret knocked out for their whole game, this makes players be aware of their weakness and try to angle so no AP shells will hit their ammunition chamber.
  6. SE is a must have skill on all BB's, here is why: 1. Heal scales with health, therefore more health equals more heals 2. SE scales with ship tiers and is viable from T3-T10 BBs, you can use 1 captain when you are grinding a BB line 3. There are no need for other 3 point skills, vigilance can be omitted because you have CA's and DD's to scout, BoS can be omitted because you can fall back into concealment as a BB's effective engagement range is 16+ kms With these reasons, I don't understand why others say that SE on BB's is useless. In fact, I think that SE is useful for all ship types that will get shot at, so every ship except CV's should also take SE.
  7. nmslese

    World of Battleships - Random

    Was bored so I took bait volunteerly
  8. nmslese

    World of Battleships - Random

    I am sorry that I can't complete all of the secondary tasks due to limited time, but here is my try on Leander in a T7 game! I am just an average player so don't critize too much when I make silly mistakes.