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  1. katuiran

    Ranked Battle - Salty Melon

    It doens't have to be 2 consecutive seasons to earn the flint.
  2. katuiran

    AFK from WOWS

    See when you get back.
  3. katuiran

    I'm back! What has changed?

    DD's dominate the Current RB mode.
  4. katuiran

    Question about USN Cruiser :)

    I can't wait till I unlock the Zao.
  5. katuiran

    Critical error occurred

    Help I can't launch the game. This screen constantly pops up. It just happened on this current update 5.8.1
  6. katuiran

    Philippines WoWs Community

    Hi guys, fellow Filipino here. IGN: katuiran Location: Pasig
  7. katuiran

    Sims and Yubari back on sale ?!

    I was also thinking about that since I just bought mine the other day as well. Now I'll just get the Blys on payday hehe.
  8. katuiran

    Battleships in ranked battles

    I've only been playing this game for 2 months and so far I'm loving it. I'm getting the hang of it and right now thanks to mutsuki I'm in ranked 13. I don't often play maybe 2-3 hours a day. For some reason I get more torpedo hits with mutsuki than minekaze. I think it is because of the slower torps and my anticipation is better with it. I don't have any tier 7 except for the sims and I love him too. I guess just play often and eventually you'll get better.
  9. katuiran

    Anshan in shop worth it?

    Thank you for the solid info. Yes I've heard of the Gremmyaschy unfortunately WG said they won't sell it anymore. I do like the russian line.
  10. check mol.com since wargaming accepts payment from mol.
  11. katuiran

    Anshan in shop worth it?

    Thank you Kazuma, I'll just get the Blys and pass on the Anshan.
  12. Title says it all. I recently just bought the sims wondering if I should get this one as well. Also, the Blys is on sale too. Decisions decisions.
  13. katuiran

    Sims and Yubari back on sale ?!

    I changed my mind on the sims. I bought it and I only had a couple of games so far, I love it. Super nimble kinda like a minekaze. My second premium and I'm also thinking about getting the Blys.
  14. katuiran

    Sims and Yubari back on sale ?!

    Ok thanks for your answer MelonMelonSoda. I'll probably pass up on the sims since I'm a little turned off by the gun arcs.
  15. katuiran

    Sims and Yubari back on sale ?!

    Will you guys buy the Sims?