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    WG, STOP making game less funny any more

    So you mean that DD and CA users are machoists who likes to being shot by something invisible? Cool story bro, I didn't know that... I thought no one likes being shot by invisible ships. ​Oh yeah, actually it is WG is responsibility (and way of alive) to keep this game cool. Game is much more fun with more straightforward mechanics, especially if we are running random queue without ranking. Everyone knows you can counter smoke with radar. But are you sure you can meet formidable radar ship in random battles (which accounts for 99% of gameplay)? So you decided to play radar ship or DD, and then you find you have no BB who understand when to tank. ​ This is problem of this game. While they evolve this game in a way to require high cooperation between ships by introducing complicated and hard-to-counter skills, this game doesn't provide a way to promote teamwork. To do that, providing incentive to teamworks or making leveled MM is required. If not, better evolve this game to more casual than complicated.
  2. diediealldie

    WG, STOP making game less funny any more

    Wow. You are not even reading my quotes right? You just read single sentence then says if we go historic then us is op. Where did developers whim part go? I already mentioned that WG need to think about consequences of adding trees. Who cares about retarded history? Make RN CL balanced? Strong? I dont care! Just dont break game itself.
  3. diediealldie

    WG, STOP making game less funny any more

    ​I'm keep telling that it's not about balance. But you keep tell me ships weak points and how to deal with it. Don't worry i'm PERFECTLY aware of that(I think I understand this game more than you do). My opinion? WG shouldn't have introduced RN CL trees like this(and most of ships which relies on similar fighting tactics). Reason why RN CLs have smoke and AP only has nothing to do with history. It's just developer's whim to give something special to RN CLs. They tasted a lot from Kutuzov. hell yeah. Then tested Belfast and made this ranked battle BEL-FEST! And with WG's will to add more DDs into battlefield...yup. cool. ​ When giving those items, WG should have considered choices and consequences upon adding it. WG has various ways to make balanced game. But upon balancing it is important to keep the game enjoyable and worth playing for most of users. This kind of game-wrecking plays are restricted in various games. In Battlefield, Most of servers limit # of snipers per team? Why? because no one likes snipefest(Yup EA doesn't do that but people just leave server with unlimited sniper or there's too many sniper). For me recent game mechanic changes due to ship addition reminds me of AWG festival in Early Counter Strike 1 and WOT Tier 10 W-E100 Tank destroyer festival...
  4. diediealldie

    WG, STOP making game less funny any more

    Man, should have expected "learn to play" and "not for fun" replies. Even if i say "not about balance".​ We can learn everything for this game. You can run radar, smoke, how to shot, how to drive DD/CA/BB....etc. But what about people's expectation? Most of people joined this game expecting large ships salvo exchanging, sudden torpedo strikes... something you can expect from naval battle, instead of while cloud popping in ocean and being hit by invisi fires. ​ You might know, but I'm not the one who doesn't know how to play this game. I've been playing this game more than a year, and I liked it a lot. So I kept learning how to counter KMBB, RNCA, DD, whatever blablabla. At least for German BBs learing how to counter was lot of fun. But countering those smokefest these days were NEVER been fun (Is running away and hiding behind rocks give you a lot of fun?). ​ This game's evolving in a way which doesn't give what people expect in naval action games. At least I can rant, but most of newbies simply leave this game. You might think this mechanics is still fun, but less user we have, less fun it becomes.
  5. If you separate poll into two different ones (low tier and high tier), I think you'll see huge difference. ​High tier battles these days...
  6. After WG added RN cruisers, every patch they are doing is getting more and more BS. RN ships' paper specs were meh, so WG decided to give some "special skils" to RN ships. Yeah smokes and high elevation angles. This changed high tier battles a lot(It was BS, and it became more BS). Some white particles comes forever from smokes and behind rocks. Then WG announced "There are too many BBs", which is true. But that doesn't actually incidate that BBs are overpowered. People just love BBs(Few people starts this game because they love destroyer). Result? After game is started, people goes west and east. Then everyone sees 4~5 smokes per side, watching invisi fires coming. What you can do is hiding behind rocks, unless you have platoon with radar support. After hard grind to T10, what you find is smoke festival and rock-fetished ships instead of heavy ships exchanging salvo. Lucky ships(Team has radar, or well-positioned fighter planes) deal damage for free, Unlucky ones hide behind something. I'm not telling "Buff BB(or CA, DD?)". Just make game mechanics more fun. Meet the expectation of users who started this game. I've seen some people started this game because they want to see Iowa. But what they see after getting Iowa are 'getting burned by invisi-fires' and 'hide behind rocks till enemy smoke is gone(but new one starts immediately because there are 2~3 DDs + smoke CAs per battlefield)