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  1. Actually, only I did was reverting hidden skin into regular. Since there isn't hidden skin for tier 1-4, I could not guarantee that I can make for them. As for the premiums, this mod includes Genova already. I will update if there is another hidden skin for other premiums. And I could make a permanent camouflage mod what looks like this mod.
  2. Thanks for the answer! I could grind 2 time that window!
  3. I chose to move another server. But as a ranked battle enthusianst, my concerning is that the migration starts during ranked battle season (27/11/2019). If I earned some stars in former server, will my progression migrate along with the account to destination server?
  4. This is the Mod to change the hull of Italian cruiser lines to remove any stains as possible. This mod applying "Grigio-Azzurro Chiaro" camo not only tier V to tier VIII also tier XI and tier X. It overwrites the basic appearance of the ship, which well stained as a realistic situation on the sea. -- source -- files already in the content folder as "clean" version. All I did was change the file name. --- how to apply -- unzip the file in "(your warships folder)\res_mods\(concurrent patch number, ex\" if you see "content" folder after unzipping, it will work. -- download -- http://www.mediafire.com/file/j2z3biuyltaxiqp/italy.zip It larges as 150 MB, so I uploaded over Mediafire.