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  1. Ensign_Brendoonigan

    What's your karma?

    lol AJ....
  2. Ensign_Brendoonigan

    Does anyone experience extreme lag at night in Australia

    This weeks been terrible for it. Spiking all over the place for me. I wondered if it was because of the NBN work they're starting to do in my area..
  3. Ensign_Brendoonigan

    Curious question about PvE scenarios

    I think you'll find that the missions are similar to events that happened in WW2 and the German and Japanese were deemed to have been the aggressors of the time. As such it'll be easier for them to create new scenarios with them as the opposition without to much thought going into it. However as it seems to be an unmitigated success you can expect a lot more variety and effort put into them. Imagine battle of midway! Battle of Surigao straits, or defend Task force Z against wave after wave of planes! even a fictional scenario like the Tirpitz's great escape from the fjords (dd's and cruisers only to protect the Tirpitz from air attacks and the british fleet!) the options are unlimited. Change the tier and have a battle of Jutland with tier 3 ships! How about a tier X one based on Operation ten go! It's early days and I'm expecting to see big advances in them in the months ahead.
  4. Ensign_Brendoonigan

    CV should be given seperate game mode

    Tiers 3-4 are about the only tier you can say theirs not much in the way of AA, and then theirs only 1 cv for tier 3 and 2 cv's affecting tier 4 that have 2 torp plane squadrons anyway so it's hardly a common occurrence. But the thing is how is it fair that a Myogi gets to take on a stock Kawachi, or a Kongo taking on a Myogi. Properly played the lower tiered ships have no chance. At the end of the day it's just a case of adjusting to the teams and the teams that work best together take the win. Besides at low tier, DD's are a lot more of a danger than CV's are when played properly CV's are easily combated, if your ship has a fighter plane option take it. I'm amazed at the amount of people who take scout planes when fighters are so much better, and seem to me to be a lot tougher than they look. Players who don't take into account CV's when they set up there ship only have themselves to blame if they get taken out by them. Besides if you die to one then it's no different to getting torped by dd's launching from stealth or double citadelled by BB's camping 20k's away. At least if you watch your mini map you can see planes coming and adjust accordingly. If anything CV's get the rough end of the stick simply because they're reliant on planes which are easily shot down before they even come into range to launch torps, and heaven forbid those poor DB's who get everything thrown at them. Some AA spec ships cover 14k's of map! That's 14k's of no fly zone, have 2 on your opposing team and the opposing CV is already out of the game! How many ships are taken out of play that easily. Unless you've played CV's you'll never realise just how hard it is to cross drop a ship, let alone a DD. It takes 100's and 100's of games to learn this manually, compare that to a standard surface ship aiming at another ship and you only need to learn a few bits of info and you can hit ships consistently. The game left rock paper scissors a long time ago and that's why it's struggling for balancing now as there are definitely imbalances in ships, lines etc in the game. Let's face it we have DD's with the same if not better fire power than some cruisers, AA speced cruisers are also doable by BB's now so if you have a high tier BB without AA spec that's your choice to do. If you want to sacrifice AA to improve another area then do it, but don't complain when the Torp planes get through. If anything the problem is the lack of CV's in games than them being in game. If there were more of them, then people may judge it more worth while to put AA builds on them. Personally I prefer CV's in game as it adds an extra dimension to it (unless I'm in a DD against a CV who parks fighters over me). Without them the game would be boring as every game is the same, so a change every now and again is great. And yes I do AA spec my ships, especially BB's and even my GK gets a full AA spec load out.
  5. Ensign_Brendoonigan

    Which do I buy Tirpitz or Prinz Eugen

    Correct, which is why the entire German line is affected on all ship classes. But also why I said may affect
  6. Ensign_Brendoonigan

    When can we buy the USS Enterprise?

    arrrhh say what. What makes you say that? As for Gallant, I was going to run her in Ranked as well so am surprised to see she's not here either. No doubt they'll sell her at the very end of ranked just to annoy me... lol
  7. Ensign_Brendoonigan

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Now do we think they'd have done the nerf if they hadn't just given away hundreds, if not thousands of them in the hunt for the Bismark campaign? I'm pretty sure this would have caused a bit of a balancing issue. It seems every tier 8 game has 2-3 on each side for me.
  8. Ensign_Brendoonigan

    Which do I buy Tirpitz or Prinz Eugen

    Hipper's my favorite tier 8 cruiser and with the HE buff WG just gave the German line, she's gotten even stronger for me. So personally I'd be going for the Prinz if you enjoy cruiser play. But if you enjoy bb play go the Tirpitz . Be aware that the secondaries on the german bb's are getting a big nerf hammer thrown at them. Which could well affect the Tirpitz as well. Less dmg and fire chances are almist halved. Nb: I find the Hipper plays really well in tier x games as well once you've adjusted to her non stop play style. Lots of dodging and never be the priority target but I never had an issue in game with her, so I'd expect the same from the Prinz. Actually my only issue with recommending the Prinz is the extra cost for her second camo scheme ... Now that sucks big time...
  9. Ensign_Brendoonigan

    Free Signals code

    Cheers MatterCore, appreciate it.
  10. Ensign_Brendoonigan

    About HSF premium ship's commander training

    They can use the nations commanders! It's not restricted to the HSF captains
  11. Ensign_Brendoonigan

    Killer whale haven

    It's the harbour. Most importantly you have to kill the Kolberg which spawns to the north straight away as it often sneaks into it while your team concentrates on the force outside of it. Just make sure the forts are gone as well from his spawn area as it can cause delays. Ensign
  12. I got it last night on killer Whale. I'll run the recording later to see when he turns up. He was driving around in his Faragut going hell for leather towards the enemy forces when all he needed to do was get to the final zone for the win. On a bright note it meant the opfor went after him instead of the cruiser who was following me so we got a 5 star as well. Ensign
  13. Ensign_Brendoonigan

    Does DE GRASSE worth buying?

    Do you like the french cruiser play style? If you do then it is a great crew trainer with good guns. Ensign
  14. I don't use concealment on any German BBs. My job is to draw fire not hide from the opposing team. However my GK captain is specifically built to counter fires and flooding. So max is 3 fires as well as my fires last no longer than 42 seconds. I started with concealment but I'm getting 50% better damage output without it. Basically you have to work out which approach works best for you. Good luck
  15. Ensign_Brendoonigan

    What's Arizona's advantage/feature compared with New Mexico

    Arizona was never nerfed. The problem was that people went of old data mined info, which was out of date when she was sold. IE info from before she was tested. As an fyi, both are superb ships.