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  1. smoothsac

    Tier 6 Brawl - BBs only

    Warspite just entered chat..
  2. smoothsac

    Brawl 2v2 T10.

    Just wondering which ships will be the most popular when the brawl drops?…
  3. smoothsac

    Collingwood Available in the Armory.

    Ok thx 🙂
  4. smoothsac

    now ive seen it all

    I hate the Asia server, so stale and boring, no one talks, just try hards. No one gives out karma even if you have an amazing carry, but say boo to someone that’s a -1.
  5. Twitter says she’s available in the armory, but for the life of me I can’t find her…
  6. smoothsac

    Has Ohio gone from Steel?..

    Easy then 😂
  7. smoothsac

    Has Ohio gone from Steel?..

    Arh yes probably why I can’t find it…
  8. Seems to have gone..
  9. smoothsac

    Bonus Code

    It says a rescue container, I’m on holiday atm so can’t see what I get, thought I’d share , didn’t realise no one else could redeem 😞
  10. smoothsac

    Bonus Code

    YW6EP-63CRV-C33DM hope it works for you….
  11. smoothsac

    New Ships in the Horizon!

    Yeah she’ll be a coal ship because I’ve just used all mine up..
  12. There are lots of fun T6 BBs to choose from, to say it’ll be all Mack and PEF is just short sighted in the extreme. See you in my Warspite. As for the rest of the brawl it’s a refreshing change, but thanks for your opinion all the same 🙂
  13. smoothsac

    Black Friday.

    Yeah it’s November but I’m guessing details come out sooner than that..
  14. smoothsac

    Black Friday.

    Hi All, just wondering when do we normally find out about what’s in the Black Friday event, ship sales and the like? Thanks.
  15. smoothsac

    Buy Turbine again?

    I already have Turbine from a free Twitch giveaway, but now it’s saying I have to buy it if I want to go through the latest Italian dd event, is this right? Thanks.