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  1. smoothsac

    Code: Probably won't work for long

    Thanks, worked 🙂
  2. smoothsac

    Where is my KONG ????

    If you had read about it, they tell you that Kong and Godzilla only show up in port..
  3. smoothsac

    New Visual of AA is AWESOME! (Heavy Gif warning)

    It is a good looking game, now just get the balance right please...
  4. smoothsac

    This Spud

    This spud has just had 2 of my best games in my recently acquired Shima, both games finished top with over 180k in each. Been playing ranked since it started as I find so much more enjoyable, mainly because the lack of CVs. But jumped onto random and boom, there’s still life in this nearly 52 year old gamer yet.
  5. Well done, I’ll have done this one by the weekend, anything good in the containers
  6. smoothsac


    Hi Guys, How long is it before this ship is unavailable? Thanks.
  7. smoothsac

    Converting XP

    Any way to convert XP, my Halland is sitting on about 700k . thanks
  8. smoothsac

    So I Just Got Lexington

    And we hate you already
  9. smoothsac

    I will never play Moskva again!

    It just some ships aren’t suitable to your play style, I have 112 ships and 110 aren’t suitable;)
  10. smoothsac


    Mmmmm sounds good
  11. smoothsac

    Why cannot open armory & premium shop

    Yeah it’s gets buggy from time to time
  12. smoothsac


    Just got the Pommern with coal, it’s a fun ship but dam the shells go everywhere, but happy to get a $100 ship for free 🙂
  13. smoothsac

    BBs should be removed from the game.

    Perhaps have the map edge to move in as the game goes on forcing BBS to have to move closer to the action
  14. smoothsac

    Premium Ship Swap

    Amazingly constructive