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  1. smoothsac

    Premium Ship Swap

    Amazingly constructive
  2. smoothsac

    Premium Ship Swap

    I wish WG would perhaps offer a swap option maybe, so any ships I’ve brought but I don’t like I could swap out at maybe at a reduced cost, so not a straight swap.
  3. smoothsac

    What to buy with my Coal

    Yeah I’ve not got a tier 9 premium, but I have the Massa already with a 19 point cap, which I can interchange between the Georgia and Massa which would be a big help.
  4. smoothsac

    What to buy with my Coal

    By Christmas I’ll have enough coal to get a nice shiny new ship, my dilemma is which one, my choices are between the Georgia, the Pommern and the Thunderer, I enjoy secondary builds and playing tier 10 all the time puts me off little so I’m leaning towards the US or German choice, any advice would be welcome. Thanks.
  5. smoothsac

    Massachusett Secondary Build.

    Thank you 🙂
  6. Thank you. I missed this one 🙂
  7. Hi Guys, just bought the Massa, looking forward to playing it later when I get home, now is choosing IFHE still relevant for the secondaries or not? Thanks.
  8. smoothsac

    M Von Richtoffen CV Tiers 10 is ridiculously OP

    Ok champ you know best
  9. smoothsac

    M Von Richtoffen CV Tiers 10 is ridiculously OP

    Idiotic comment, maybe the CV just decided to go for his ship and for no other reason, if cv wants you dead then you will be
  10. smoothsac

    Dear Asia Playerbase

    Just played a match I sunk 8 out of 12 and lost, gotta love this game.
  11. smoothsac


    Don’t work for Asia
  12. smoothsac

    New type of plane bomber

    Yay even more powerful CV, just what we need. ST, SKIP-BOMBERS Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary and subject to change during testing. Any showcased features may or may not end up on the main server. The final information will be published on our game's website. In the near future a new type of aircraft carrier squadrons - skip-bombers, will be tested. Please note that if this concept is successfully tested, detailed information on its application will be announced later. The squadrons tested will be equipped with HE bombs. The peculiarity of these bombers will be a new type of attack, which in reality was used during World War II. The planes can descend to a low altitude to drop their bombs. The bombs themselves can make several bounces on the surface of the water before hitting the target. Specifics of skip-bombers: Skip-bombers do not need to fly close to the ship to perform an attack, which reduces the time spent in the target ship's AA defense zone; The planes are more vulnerable to AA defense fire during and after an attack than other bombers; Bombs, when they bounce, can fly over small ships; Because of the bomb's trajectory, there is a high probability of it impacting on the target ship's armor belt, which will often result in no penetration. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately aim at the vulnerable parts of the ship. An attack can take 2 forms, depending on the height at which the bomb is dropped: When dropping from a high altitude, the bomb detonates immediately. When dropped from a low altitude, the bomb bounces off the water surface.
  13. Thanks for Your opinion