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  1. ReikaMeister

    Get reported on this game

    there are no Negative points , that`s normal
  2. ReikaMeister

    Sky texture not found

    + how about run the game with safe mode ? Launcher will not load installed mod
  3. ReikaMeister

    Sky texture not found

    1. Your game file has been broken , Re-install the game 2. Graphic Cards Problem, Delete your Graphic card driver, and Re-install it. 3. well, .. if you are using Radeon (AMD) Graphic card, Just blame them XD
  4. ReikaMeister

    Konig Albert possibly on the way for 0.5.11

    Well , but it will be late then NA server
  5. // Fixed something.. well .. maybe //Before read this thread, // I` m sorry , I`m not Native speaker, Not good at speaking English // But I want to give you some tip Since 0.5.10 ," World of Warships` s Server system " has been changed. so , Aslain`s Server Region Changer is no longer working with 0.5.10 Version So i Fixed Script_Config. xml 1. open World of Warships folder. 2. find " RES " folder. 3. find Script_Config . xml 4. open xml file with Windows Wordpad or Notepad++ 5. Edit file , like this post. 6. and Saved ! <scripts_config.xml checkPing="true" debugInfo="true"> <space>spaces/ocean</space> <offlineModel>PASD010_Fletcher_1942</offlineModel> <player entityType="Avatar" startDirection="1.0 0.0 0.0" startPosition="0.0 0.0 -313.0"/> <cursorScaleSpeed x="40" y="40"/> <server online="true"> <host alias="WOWS ASIA" csis="http://csis.worldoftanks.asia/csis/wowssg"> <master addr="login.worldofwarships.jp:20020"/> </host> <host alias="WOWS NA" csis="http://csis.worldoftanks.com/csis/wowsus"> <master addr="login2.worldofwarships.com:20020"/> <master addr="login1.worldofwarships.com:20020"/> </host> <host alias="WOWS EU" csis="http://csis.worldoftanks.eu/csis/wowseu"> <master addr="login.worldofwarships.eu:20020"/> </host> </server> <chat visibleLines="6"/> <writeCombatLog>true</writeCombatLog> <Dock3D>true</Dock3D> <CurseVoice>true</CurseVoice> <scriptProfiler address="" enabled="true" netSend="false" port="6666"/> <GameParams packed="true"/> <disableTrainingRoom>false</disableTrainingRoom></scripts_config.xml> if you play both servers SEA and NA on Asia Client. ADD yellow sentences. if you play both servers NA and SEA on US Client , ADD Green Sentences. (Added) if you play both servers NA and EU on US Client , ADD Blue Sentences. (Added) if you play both servers EU and NA on EU Client , ADD Yellow Sentences someone will ask, " Where is EU server?? " Fixed A : Ok, i m Downloading EU Client , and i will find EU DNS Server , and i will add it ASAP Fixed there are NA EU SEA Servers info in this Script_configs.(uploading) (Upload is failed , there are some bugs with Editor Sry..) this is Example. (Uploader is not working good, Can not upload XML File now.) // trying Google Drive now... , May i Upload with Google drive? =Warning= This Region Changer is not working for NA server Now. : / But other servers are working good. Because , NA Client version is 5.10.1 now, but SEA , EU , RU Version are 5.10.0 now. Maybe it will work for all servers when Wargaming release 5.11 Version.
  6. ReikaMeister

    old info, doesnt works anymore

    @LunaticRed // </host> that was my mistake, sry m8 :/
  7. old info, doesnt works anymore Dispute mod/gm/dev decision, sanction issued. ~Chappo