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  1. MottoFukaku


    I agree. It's so mentally exhausting. Playing one game of it feels like you already played 2-3 games.
  2. MottoFukaku

    Getting flak in game

    Yes. My vote is on the godlike one. You have to be perfect when playing a CV otherwise you get flamed the whole game, especially by the one who just recently died.
  3. MottoFukaku

    Bb snipers

    I have 21km range therefore I SHOULD shoot at that range.
  4. MottoFukaku

    I suck at the Yamato and I need help

    Here we go: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0By-WorlHT2llZ25BWDBhZC01TmM Edit: Here is another one https://drive.google.com/open?id=0By-WorlHT2llR0ZLOHpFdk96QTg
  5. MottoFukaku

    I suck at the Yamato and I need help

    I don't enable replays but will do now and gonna play a few games.
  6. I know there is a thin line between pushing just right and over-extending. I don't want to be a 20km++ sniping Yammy so I need your guys' help. I played Yamato 7 times according to warshipstoday. I can reach 100k++ damage because Montana players has been giving me broadside so I take advantage of that and delete them, usually 3/4 to full hp. But when Montana players don't do that I can only do 40-60k because fear of over-extending. I keep my distance to targets at 15-17km, over that I can't hit them anymore. Is it alright for me to ask you guys your Yamato replays? I want to watch how you guys play Yamato especially solo since I don't div that much but still those replays with div are welcome so when I div with some people I have an idea what to do and not be a burden.
  7. MottoFukaku

    Bb snipers

  8. MottoFukaku

    ARP Haguro requirement

    Any idea why the requirement is exclusive to Tier 6 Battleship? I can't think of any good reason as to why it is strictly Tier 6 BB and not Tier 6 BB and above. It was okay for a Tier 6 to have a Tier 8 ARP Takao but I can't get Tier 7 ARP Haguro with my Izumo, why?
  9. MottoFukaku

    Can we reward DDs who use smoke for BBs?

    I thank him during the game, typed so fast I used my 1k hp heal lol.
  10. MottoFukaku

    Can we reward DDs who use smoke for BBs?

    How about if said DD receive a percentage of credits/experience on the damage I deal during the time I am inside his smoke?
  11. I don't know how much a DD benefits when it uses its smoke to cover BBs in front so they can deal damage without receiving much in return. I just a had a won game with my Izumo. 72k Damage, first blood and 1.4k base experience. While the Fletcher who smoked for me only got 870. Can we reward DDs more who do this kind of act? I did not even asked him to smoke for me he just went in front of me and pop smoke.
  12. MottoFukaku

    CV Nerf Required

    It's not that hard but it will add time to find a match and the majority of the players here can't wait for more than 5 seconds to find a match.
  13. MottoFukaku

    Help when it comes to pushing

    I guess I'll go east more often, thanks for this!
  14. MottoFukaku

    Help when it comes to pushing

    Yes, I did not slow down because Bismarck wasn't and I don't want him left alone in front and I was expecting CAs to support us. Most likely poor decision making from us we did not turn back. Well he could because turtleback armor, but the other Fuso still hasn't fired his guns and I feared I'll get multiple citadels from him so I just continued pushing with Bisko and then we died.
  15. Me and Bismarck decided to push because there is no enemy DD on this side of the map. The nearest friendly CA behind me was 3/4 hp while the other two is full hp. The Fuso's were holding back their shot waiting for a broadside us What would be your next step when caught in a situation like this? Would you gamble on a turn or just yolo? Me and the Bismarck died shortly after this screen capture because too much fires. Here is the image: http://imgur.com/a/VqxmJ