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  1. That's not how rule 3.20 works. It's designed to boot out trollers/aholes/etc from in game chat channels and or mute/ban them for X amount of time. If you challenged the decision of whomever issued the ban by posting on the forums, then you get in trouble here too. The fact that a language filter is in the game and we're criticizing it because it effects gameplay and annoys us, is in no way whatsoever against the rules. Not liking the censor and throwing the EULA at us is just you showing us how much you don't understand the rules yourself.
  2. Autumnado

    Submarine is comming?

    I understand that it's just a placeholder that's pre-assigned, but it does stir the pot a little bit, which was probably their intention. I wouldn't say they'd be coming this year either, but rather just them talking about the class or something along those lines, etc (potential "plans for 2017" elaboration?). I mean, they have a symbol for the class and to me that means more than the 'tier 11' and 'I-401' lol. I do know the I-400 existed though, but I see that as a potential tier 10 so, where Iona and her 401 would fit, I wouldn't know since WG doesn't do premiums higher than tier 8 (unless there's event/special ships/tanks I don't know about). Of course, I say all that assuming they'll ever actually add subs. Still, all this is a fun "maybe" to think about I'd say. I'm in no rush for a new class, but I wouldn't hate it. Oh, and love the vids btw Nobody can say for sure, only WG knows whats up. Many people don't want subs, mostly because of their gameplay (peeps are scared they'll be OP, but they'll also be slow as hell so, idk). But yea, if WG plans on it, I'd assume they have a general idea on how to balance the class.
  3. Autumnado

    Submarine is comming?

    I'm not so sure they'll say no (dat tier 11 tho, lol):
  4. Autumnado

    Submarine is comming?

    One of the anime commanders is a submarine captain (Iona?). I remember finding her when I was sorting out Nachi's skills, and it said she was a tier 9 (edit: tier 11*) submarine captain? The event to get her (and another ARP captain) ends on the 1st of January 2017 I think. So I'm willing to bet that they'll say something about submarines before the end of the year.
  5. Why so defensive about a language filter?It is dumb, you can't argue against that. If we had the option to censor/uncensor it ourselves, this wouldn't be a problem. Hell, WoWP has an optional filter in it, yet we don't? And as Skooma pointed out, at times it can effect gameplay/tactics, which is an obvious red flag for devs to sort out. If they don't, well, piling on frustrations in a game can only make it go south *points at WT*.
  6. Autumnado

    Japanese cruiser tips?

    I've mostly been playing Japan since I started (IJN tier 4 DD, CV, tier 5 BB, tier 6 cruiser) but I can't figure out how to play Japanese cruisers at all. Having done a bit of research, I saw that peeps hated the Furutaka and loved the Aoba afterwards. But quite frankly, I just don't understand how to play them and I hate the Aoba. I basically bashed my head against the Furutaka until I eventually got all its upgrades and started to do way better (C hull so good), but now I have the Aoba fully upgraded and the ARP Nachi (which is apparently a Myoko), I just keep getting utterly destroyed by everything. The cannons are great on these ships, but they're made of paper... What am I doing wrong? How do play these things? :/
  7. Autumnado

    Commemorative flags and voice overs

    Loaded? I'm just curious if its possible to unlock all of those fancy looking ships for peeps like me who are low level and joined the game only recently, since 2 of my friends and I would love them
  8. Autumnado

    Commemorative flags and voice overs

    Oh so it's just a port thing for the voices? That's a relief. Also, I just looked at account levels, and apparently I need to be level 11 to display special flags. Guess I spent all last night looking for them for nothing lol... Though speaking of the ARP stuff, do WG plan on making the previous ships available again in the future?
  9. So I've started to really enjoy the game, and I noticed after I played a bit last night, I unlocked a flag that wasn't a consumable? How do I equip it? I really have no idea what to do with things like that O_o Also, my friend had a mini break down when the anime voices disappeared, and I noticed a pirate voice popped up in their place. Do voices only last for a little while, each patch or do you have to unlock them or something?
  10. Autumnado

    Newbie here

    So from the sounds of things, Battleships are the way to go then for learning the game. I'll be trying out a bit of everything as well as I go, but both Battleship lines sound the most appealing to me right now. Thanks for all the help guys! Now I just have to learn how to aim properly, dodge torps in battleships and position myself properly on maps lol... I've got a long way to go
  11. Autumnado

    Newbie here

    So uhh, what lines are newbie friendly? I have my eyes on the Japanese battleship line, but I'm not sure how newbie friendly they are (I'm currently in tier 2 cruisers/destroyers and tier 3 cruisers). So far, I guess my ideal play style is to shoot from afar but, I'm not that great of a shot yet so... I have no clue lol. I'm struggling to get hits with torps too and I really don't have any idea what I'm doing in this game, despite watching some of those vids given above.
  12. Autumnado

    Newbie here

    Currently downloading the 10 GB game at 2.3mb/s at 3:45am because reasons. May as well post here to say hi and ask what the heck I should be doing and or not doing in this game. I've never played a ship game before and know nothing at all about naval warfare, so I'm prepared to get my backside murdered and frustrated. Not entirely sure I'll like the game either since I prefer planes more than tanks/ships but, there's only one way to find out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Be kind to me if you see me. God knows I'll be sailing in a straight line hitting everything (which, since I watch Jingles, I know is bad but I'm bound to do it).