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  1. CaptainRedPanda

    Where is ocean map?

    I believe its available for tier 4 to 10. Remember one time play with 8 Myogis each team in Ocean.
  2. CaptainRedPanda

    Where is ocean map?

    i almost forgot about this map, just relise i haven't got this map for months.
  3. CaptainRedPanda

    T7 RN Premium ca is OP(*cries with my pensacola)

    Get the demo expert for your pepsicola commander, i can get more than 10 fires in 1 match.
  4. CaptainRedPanda

    ARP Takao Mission

    never have though to grind my Iowa, buts since this mission ask for 100k + exp, ill get the Iowa pretty soon xD
  5. CaptainRedPanda

    AP vs Tripitz?

    I play with NC instead of Amagi, but i can get 6k to 9k damage to angled tirpitz/bismarck/gneisnau. I keep usig AP by aiming at the superstructure instead. rarely switch to HE when in BB even firing at a DD. I though Amagi got bigger guns that NC? if you aim superstructure with AP i guess yoh can get more damage...
  6. CaptainRedPanda

    Please help me. Pensacola sucks :I

    Sail the Pensacola/Free Citadel ship zigzag, always zigzaging. Dont get in the front line, stay behind friendly cruisers. Was grdinding US CL in my EU account until pepsicola, never want to grind any US CL anymore.
  7. CaptainRedPanda

    Ridiculous things you've seen while playing WoWs.....

    Use my gun while using Shimakaze in PT and kill an Udaloi and a Benson (my div m8 in shima also firing). Those guns are good, i wonder why [content removed] dd players wont use them Kill 2 dds in my NC, the other 1 is usig AP. Aim at Arizona, Kill Omaha (wasnt detected) with my Colorado. Actualy win in Zuiho VS 2 US carriers (which the Bogue have 2 fighters setup) , it hapenned that my teamate cv is Hosho. Derogatory. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  8. CaptainRedPanda

    would you want to see a battleship/cruiser only game lobby

    Don't we already have this feture? but only in tier 1 match tho
  9. CaptainRedPanda

    So now i want to know where my LoYang goes

    You should check her navigation before going to the battle and make sure she now the way home
  10. CaptainRedPanda

    ARP is ending.... Haifuri is next

    What if, there is a mission for free Yamato. R.I.P tier 10 match ....
  11. CaptainRedPanda

    credits farming

    I farm it with those ARP ships tho, the Kongo or Myoko sisters. Sometimes with Farragut. Since i got the NC, only play it until i got defeated/sunk wich cost me 140k credit for repair and service cost. Then back to playing Farragut until earn 200k+ Now grinding the Japanese cruiser, reach the Myoko but can't even buy the B hull since i only have 200k left I do run premium and use Zulu flag, but it doesn't seem enought. I'm curious is the high tier premium ships suchs as the Atago will cost high amount of credit for service cost? If no then i'll considering to get it. And also still don't understand how people can grind their captain till 18 points? I'm already strugled with 11 points and the progress seems to be very very slow.
  12. CaptainRedPanda

    Ability to set max ping to enter battle

    I don't think other players that lag would effect your gameplay.
  13. CaptainRedPanda

    [Fixed] [Re=Upload] How to Play both servers SEA and NA

    Hi, I play with EU client and i want to play in Asia server. I've tried to add the green sentences, but the game just crashed before the login screen show up.