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  1. TakemoriKohoto

    [] RoTFS mod

    update 10/10/2020 literally only Monarch get finish Well Finally WG released Maya - another fine addition to the Takao-class (and yes the class it's completed because I used Atago B as Chokai, so technically the class is finish)
  2. TakemoriKohoto

    [] RoTFS mod

    the mod have been updated but had no idea why it's still in archive, any way for next month there will be even less content that get released so I might just update the mod with out any new content
  3. TakemoriKohoto

    [] RoTFS mod

    I literally forgot about the ASIA modding post over here so anyway So emergency annoucement i guess, technically it's not that but well since with the introduction with Kii which it's the actual Kii ship it's self and not Suruga, It's kinda problematic for me since I can't really just goes and make Kii a new skin since I dont had time It would probably be 3-4 month from now where I can mod Kii into the game. Second thing that is sadly 😞 dishwasher1910 design of Shinano didnt make it into the game, I kinda guess it would happen but it still really pain me because dishwasher1910 design really match well with the ships color that are used to mod, and with this revelation I think that Yamato, Iowa and Montana and other major tier X ships will follow suit in the game in later years. Any way as a modder responsibility well if Azur Lane gonna add different design to Azur Lane, I will mod it into the game aswell but that doesnt mean that I gave up on dishwasher1910 since I will be making a different version of the game (jezz now I had like 4 version of my mod 😞 ) Third thing Update 9/13/2020 Yahagi is finish Yubari is finish Mama hoshou are also finish (but her planes arent) These are actually low tier ships so they are easy to make so it's not really a violation of FAQ number 5, the FAQ are usually for ship that are tier 6 and above but some times also applied to low tier like Iron duke
  4. TakemoriKohoto

    [] RoTFS mod

    So like mention a month ago I now had finish the first half which is from Musashi to Takao so now I will move on to the second half to finish the whole Sakura Faction ships, with that being completed in near future my mod will be the sole anime mod to actually ever finishing a whole faction with anime girl ship but of course only in Azurlane sense because ships that are below tier 5 like Myogi and Kawachi havent appeared yet in Azur lane 😞 hope they add more interwar ship into the game.
  5. TakemoriKohoto

    [] RoTFS mod

    People: showcase their mod with anime music Me: a cultured person *insert traditional music  Aside from that, like I said in FAQ number 5, my school year just started so now instead of spending 12-16 hour everyday on modding skin, my time well had shrunken to only 1 hour at max spending on modding, which meant the number of new ship that I can pump out will be affected significantly so, I will enter the maintenance mode with this mod, technically what happen is that I will still making new ship but only 1 - 2 ship per mod update and prioritize maintenance of this mod over creating new content. The situation should last until june-july next year if COVID-19 doesnt strike my nation again which will lengthen the time that I would need to spend on school.
  6. TakemoriKohoto

    [] RoTFS mod

    Short update on total progress of the mod with update 1.01 (5/9/2020)
  7. TakemoriKohoto

    [] RoTFS mod

    Again, because the forum only allowed me to make a post with 50mb limit on the picture thus I had to make another post to cover the entire changelog Changelog of version 1.01 - 9/5/2020 One of the most requested thing in this mod had been implemented, a smaller version of this mod, the standard version of this mod it's 17 GB but now reduced to 13Gb because I change the texture file from 16384 pixel to 12288 pixel. The second most requested thing in this mod is to change the glow of the ship, well it's now also had been implemented and available in both standard and small version Watashi Wa namba wan Hide contents Who could had expected the cult of San diego would be here, she is actually the last minute decision i was planning to move her for next patch which would something like 2 month from now but eh since I already finish her, so I just put her into this update
  8. TakemoriKohoto

    [] RoTFS mod

    So we came to the nitty gritty that call update change log, so what happen during the patch in rank battle and after that ? Changelog of version 1.01 - 9/5/2020 99% of Sakura empire equipment had been modded, so no more ship with a sudden gray spot, all equipment had been modded to match the color of white/red of the Sakura Empire Hide contents The 410mm gun had been changed to match the color of white/red of Sakura empire, with the exception of Izumo and older gun such as the 356mm Hide contents Introducing new ship of the Royal Navy as promised Hide contents The Ironduke, modded according to the fanart Hide contents The Queen of Royal Navy, Queen Elizabeth Already exist before the patch of ranked battle but it would be sad not to mention her, King George V Hide contents King George V, this ship is actually the quintessential to the Royal navy in this mod, because all of the design of later ship are all derived from her (and her role in the series Romance of The Five sea are already some what main character already) The Fighting Lady of the Royal Navy Hide contents Miss Mighty Hood, Hood was actually Hard to design, because of her original design was dark blue which it's basically the theme of the Eagle Union ships so designing her really took time in order to stay true to the color of her design but also not so much so that it's basically blend into the ships of the Eagle Union before modding her I actually came up with a few design to mitigate the issue of look too much like the Eagle Union, one that almost made it the final was this one But Frankly I dont like it, because the tower was too dark and the glow wire that wrapped around her, make the hull so much separated from the bride that it make the ship look like it getting cut in half so I decide to change it to the design which the image above show. and omg she is so long it's so also really hard to took a picture of her Hide contents The special case of the King George V sister, Duke of York Her color are like no one else in the Royal Navy, because her main color is red it's literally goes against the main theme color of the Royal Navy which it's Azure/white. But for some peculiar reason her color match up with the Azure of the bridge perfectly so what I thought would be grueling designing process turn out rather easy
  9. TakemoriKohoto

    [] RoTFS mod

    Some progress update - just finish 3 more Royal Navy ship
  10. TakemoriKohoto

    [] RoTFS mod

    I will fix this problem on next patch which should be in next week
  11. TakemoriKohoto

    [] RoTFS mod

    With the preview video of The Eisenblut Navy out of the way, I could finally work on the Royal Navy
  12. TakemoriKohoto

    A quick Sprint

    My Georgia, would like to had a few word with "proceed to camp instead of pushing into the cap". I dont know if you mean Camp like stay at border and snipping then 10 out of 10 that would never work, but if camping as not pushing in, then I had more battle where Georgia burn down her enemy using secondary than her main gun, and yes I know using HE on Georgia is cursed moved but who knew might aswell help your secondary
  13. TakemoriKohoto

    WoWs turning 0.10 or 1.0?

    just give us the 3vs3 as a gameplay and we already would be satisfy with it.
  14. TakemoriKohoto

    [] RoTFS mod

    As promised. The musashi is finish for the Rank battle of tier IX (I hope I made it on time for you guys), including ship that are supposed to be release in my next mod update which is a week from now but well, I just update it anyway. Hide contents  Changelog of version 1.0 - 23/8/2020 1,Reskin of Sakura Empire (IJN) 127mm gun on Japanese destroyer Shimakaze Hide contents 2.skin for 610mm torpedo on Shimakaze Hide contents 3.Skin on Asashio 610mm torpedo Hide contents 4.Skin on 610mm torpedo on Yuudachi Hide contents 5.Skin on 460mm gun on Musashi Hide contents 6.Skin on type 98 Director Hide contents 15m 10m 7.Change the position of Yamato character and different image of Yamato on bow Hide contents