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  1. TakemoriKohoto

    [] RoTFS mod~Azur Lane Skin mod

    Guten Appetit, Kommandant!
  2. TakemoriKohoto

    [] RoTFS mod~Azur Lane Skin mod

    The just finish baking the croissant as well
  3. TakemoriKohoto

    [] RoTFS mod~Azur Lane Skin mod

    Here had some baguette in case you are hungry while waiting for my mod
  4. TakemoriKohoto

    [] RoTFS mod~Azur Lane Skin mod

    Ironblood plane being done once again
  5. TakemoriKohoto

    [] RoTFS mod~Azur Lane Skin mod

    Ironblood plane being done
  6. TakemoriKohoto

    [] RoTFS mod~Azur Lane Skin mod

    The Sakura Empire Shoukaku aircraft carrier finally got their upgraded plane modded into the game, available in the next update
  7. I literally dont gave a s about this balance, call it balance and it just a nerf or bufff for some ship that I dont even care, come on where is my secondary buff, where is the thing that make people want to play ? and seriously how is this even a balance, A nagato with reload from 30 to 29 doesnt change a single thing or Fiji an increase in 0.2 second reload doesnt nerf it's at all, and when you ask how that change then spread sheet, like as if spread sheet gonna change a thing. A ship strong or not depend on the player play style and the play style depend on the the game mechanic and usually to change something it has to be pretty drastically different to the point where such play style are unviable and thus forced the player to change. Like how deadeye single handedly change the play style of all battleship. I dont know but like dejiko_nyo said " I dont want to be a conspiracy theorist but with WG and everytime I see this kind of change is like they call out everyone in the company and pull a lucky straw if the one that lucky they will get their ship buffed 0.1% they are essentially paying lip service to player and act like they care but if they does care then harmful ship and mechanic should had been change to fit the game. Instead like deadeye or thunder which had been pretty harmful for the game had stuck with the game for so long and only now does they get changed. I may had not play as much as other player but I had spend some real money in the game like what 200 USD with Kaga, Georgia, Kii, Camo for Hakuryuu and 11000 doubloon that is waiting for Flandre. So to wrap this up, Im still freaking mad at the fact that I had to stop eating breakfast and lunch for a whole month to save up money for Georgia and WG nerft it secondary to the ground, WG should feel lucky because if I actually had power, I would had sue them for the ridiculous treatment they gave to the player. Heck, I'm a modder that make content for other player to attract and keep them in the game and this is how my money, and time being treated. If there had been another arcade game that is as good as WoWS in term of graphic, I would had jump on that game and gave up on WoWS
  8. if that is the case I wouldnt had suffer but seriously as many people had said, if you had 2 ship on both side, chance are you hugely f up and even both side secondary firing wouldnt help you a bit since you are long dead
  9. TakemoriKohoto

    [] RoTFS mod~Azur Lane Skin mod

    First of all in case anyone wonder, I'm not dead. -So a bit of what going on is that there is some change of plan to the current modding phase, As now I will be finishing first the1.Parseval2.Richelieu For Paserval I intended it to be one the Graf Zepplin B but after it was discover that it was a camo instead of actual hull texture, I decide to postpone, but upon reading about Parseval had some similarity to Graf zepplin I now change it to Parseval For Richelieu. It's bascially because the tradition of my mod, that is before finishing a line I will had to finish a different nation ship first and from there it will be my starting point of that nation, the reason for this weird tradition, is because this ship will be use as test bed for Idea and symbol and color, once done it will be there for some time untill I finish the previous nation and then when I came back to the line and make a few more ship, if it's good enough I will keep it, if it's not good and dont match the nation I will changed it. There has been many example of this like Amagi for Sakura Line and Baltimore for Eagle Union Line, only the Bismarck retain her original design, for Royal Navy it was KGV. and Vittorio Veneto for Sardegna.
  10. TakemoriKohoto

    [] RoTFS mod~Azur Lane Skin mod

    can you elaborate more since the problem doesnt appear on my side
  11. TakemoriKohoto

    [] RoTFS mod~Azur Lane Skin mod

    Mod Update for the 12th version for 10.3
  12. TakemoriKohoto

    Really HATE the IOWA

    Me in Georgia, yeah the 18in definitely does better
  13. TakemoriKohoto

    [] RoTFS mod~Azur Lane Skin mod

    The latest version, the 11th update is out |
  14. TakemoriKohoto

    [] RoTFS mod~Azur Lane Skin mod

    well okay I will now proceed to fix it, it should work in another 10 or 20 minute or so depend on my internet uploading speed