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  1. TakemoriKohoto

    WG Buff CV plz

    Slingshotting, yeah you watch and heard someone say that yeah, but had you ever actually took an CV and get into the fight, had you ever use the damn CV, if Slingshotting is so easy everyone would do it by now, secondly is kinda useless now, is not like it would work very effective in the long run with wargaming keep buff AA on ship [content removed] . [content removed] as long there is still people buy kaga, there will always be an market to sold to and so CV will still exist untill the end of the game. General Insults. Post edited, user warned. ~Beaufighter
  2. TakemoriKohoto

    WG Buff CV plz

    over 9000
  3. TakemoriKohoto

    WG Buff CV plz

    I got my ass whip by her hard in Azur lane So NOOOOOOO Nah it just that people had too much time not really anyone (apply to asian people only) For example you are a battleship, and all of your main battery get hit and stop working for 4-5 freaking minute just because some goddang Yamato decide to snipe from 26 km, Yes that is exactly how is feel to play CV. When do a drop the actual plane here are the squadron not each plane, so just one drop and yep the whole bullet is gone. I really enjoying this drama, keep it up guys
  4. TakemoriKohoto

    WG Buff CV plz

    Well since WG already decide that this is an pure arcade game with Russian bias ship, sure it can be implant into the game
  5. TakemoriKohoto

    WG Buff CV plz

    Bad idea depend on how much you buff 3~5K per torp with 50% torp dmg reduction from Yamato, Yammy said i eat torpedo for breakfast (currently in game) 10K per torp with 50% torp dmg reduction from Yamato good idea (good propose for BB) (bad for other ship like cruiser who would take something like instant dead if get hit by both 2 torpedo) 20K per torp with 50% torp dmg reduction from Yamato bad idea, horrible one (instant dead with one torpedo ) 30K per torp with 50% torp dmg reduction from Yamato, literally why would this be an idea at all?
  6. TakemoriKohoto

    WG Buff CV plz

    This. At this point i dont care if CV get **** by people just tell WG to at least gave us the economy I'm sick of having to do something like 100-120K dmg which was more than average and get something like 13-20K credit even with permanent camo with my real money that i had to spend 3 month of not eating breakfast, at least gave me the dopamine that worth 5000 doubloon. (I'm a student) Personal opinion I dont mind about the AA that much in 0.8.5, as long as i make good exp and good credit so I think the best way to fix CV and is a win-win situation for the total player base is just to make CV economy make more sense
  7. TakemoriKohoto

    Can anyone help with modding port

    But wait how do you delete topic
  8. TakemoriKohoto

    Can anyone help with modding port

    I'm gonna delete this thread since just a minute ago I just found out how
  9. TakemoriKohoto

    WG Buff CV plz

    well I do that all the time but in mid-late match where most enemy dd, cruiser get sinked and only left with some Battleship, that is where CV cap shine
  10. Since you all know the Nagasaki port had the day-night cycle in game, and since then I had try to add it to the skybox? of other port (i use the space.ubersetting to change other port enviroment), and in battle map too but so far it only show night in port and day in battle map so I hope some one can help me with it. The reason why I insist that It had to be from the Nagasaki port was because it really shown the Darkness of the night, not like other previous night skybox before which shown the "night" like an attempt to make it night by make it by still using normal sunlight just change it to white and call it moon light and the whole map light up just like day light some of the example that show the true darkness of the port nagasaki (I replace space.ubersetting of dock_Marseille with dock_nagasaki so that is the result)
  11. TakemoriKohoto

    Human Analysis : Mental Breakdown

    Well just think this is some kind of bad luck and dont pay a mind to it and keep playing. Hell whenever i get a lose streak I will just continue play, Thinking like this "I'm bad, I'm not got enough, I need to train to be better, good enough until I can carry my team", I know it ridiculous to think like that but it's your will that determine will you have a mental breakdown or not. So try harder and harder until you can carry your team to victory and wont have an mental breakdown over a lose streak
  12. TakemoriKohoto

    Who miss Nagasaki ?

    yep me too but the night time was good too
  13. TakemoriKohoto

    WG Buff CV plz

    it was intentionally made to bait people in
  14. TakemoriKohoto

    WG Buff CV plz

    I can agree with most of your idea but there is one thing. "Fighters are no longer usable as fighters" well they now act beacon of spotting
  15. TakemoriKohoto

    WG Buff CV plz

    ??? battlestation pacific exist for ???