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  1. TakemoriKohoto

    US BB Line split is live!

    but seriously after looking at all these ship, I just disappointed, nothing look that peak my interest
  2. TakemoriKohoto

    US BB Line split is live!

    I love how florida suddenly turn into a french battleship
  3. TakemoriKohoto

    Georgia or Thunderer?

    if you really like secondaries, then is Georgia. Other than that Thunderer is not that bad
  4. TakemoriKohoto

    Boring Meta

    Make dd great again ?
  5. TakemoriKohoto

    [] Arachne Azur Lane Modpack

    the fastest and most on time for any anime mod i had ever seen
  6. TakemoriKohoto

    [] Arachne Azur Lane Modpack

    you are literally living at the speed of light
  7. TakemoriKohoto

    How were the players in these matches matched?

    What do I do when i saw that. Just ignore, think that I could had done better, only when I kite half of the enemy flank on my own and sunk 2-3 ship or over 150K dmg that I start to being mad at people, because team is super bad, but if the whole team is mediocre including me then no I wont complaint.
  8. TakemoriKohoto

    me again

    coffee here
  9. TakemoriKohoto

    What are you done to them?

    I thought i was the only one, yesterday i was planning to bought some doubloon but the game load for 30 min then it said nothing match the criteria LMAO. WG why do you make me suffer even when I giving you my money
  10. the struggle of being the last stand is always more fun than fighting fairly, that was my take on why I play despite consecutive lose, that is also why my winrate plummet to 48%
  11. TakemoriKohoto

    Make new title : World of Botship

    but what sad is despite the popularity of Azur lane, there is a huge portion of ship that available both in game and Azur lane, yet no one had modded them into the game yet like Georgia, Amagi . . . basically any nation had ship that is above tier 5 in wows is available in azur lane Georgia mod sneak peek ?believe it or not there haven't been a single azur lane Georgia skin mod
  12. TakemoriKohoto

    Ashishio games

    literally my reaction, but was laughing
  13. TakemoriKohoto

    Ashishio games

    but what kind of complaint ?
  14. TakemoriKohoto

    [] Arachne Azur Lane Modpack

    wow that was fast