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  1. TakemoriKohoto

    CV rework phase 3...

    well me too hate the new rework (no more cross-torping) and make the whole cv player base feel like they are being dumb down and are no longer the secret weapon and the mastermind of the team. But there are good things to it. First it attract player because aircraft carrier before was harder to play than normal dd and cruiser and to gain experience (the ability to play not game xp) because not everyone is familiar with RTS type . And then within the current CV player base there are problem too because some very high skill player too bored of the game and when they play low tier they wreck new player too hard (first hand experience, and i was talking tier 6 manual drop not the lower tier) so with the new rework this will be no more a problem because everyone is a newbie -and second reason its because the new play style is more interesting than the previous play style (im actually waiting for WG to implement a way to control the fighter not just active is like radar ). because when i first hear world of warship i was expecting something like Battlestations: Pacific not the RTS style which is kinda not very interesting for new player who need to be caught attention with the amazing detail and the feeling of control the plane and the squadron (believe me people are easy to be blinded by something flashy ) and definitely for some one who like me has long for the game for almost 6 years only to get this and waited for 9 years and 11 month to get what he want. - the third reason is if you think about the battleship and cruiser who would want to get send straight to the depth of ocean and lose several dozen of thousand of credit at minimum, to several hundred thousand credit for their simple mistake. And that not only wouldn't encourage them to learn the lesson, but would just make them mad and the ask WG to either buff AA or nerf CV. Well indeed you wouldn't able to punish them as hard as before the rework but well that is for the sake of CV player and other type of ship. -that is just my opinion
  2. TakemoriKohoto

    Web comic starring the Bismarck

    read the all you need is kill and please explain why they suddenly got into all this fighting oh and btw if you start story like this it would definitely fail if you are an comic artist i would suggest draw something super epic first then explain the story slowly it is more interesting and easier to caught reader eye and you know when im here i was expecting something like gate and all you need is kill not another naruto and one piece
  3. TakemoriKohoto

    Web comic starring the Bismarck

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ad_hominem well there you go see if you did violate any of it well i did like the refutation and you violate by "Takemori just saying about stupid shitty stuff " "just tell me how old are you if you are <18 stop doing this you are way too young to understand what im saying " im laughing so hard right now well that is the trap if you actually an adult or a person interesting enough to noticing these small detail they would replies usually like this my age does not matter but well you didnt do that instead you go all the way explain stuff congratulation dude if you actually stop defending this guy over here maybe i can actually help him "none of both advice is right. both are trashtalk otaku stuff with nonsense bullsheet. follow your heart and do whatever you want." you see my sister account and well you go all they way and keep thinking that " your sister draw Yaoi mean she is not married yet (70%)".I laugh way too hard at this too do you realize how many Yaoi artist do have husband (real one) and making million selling manga and even got animation adaption. OH another thing is well you think some one with this much talent drawing would care for a guy who are embarrassing his self over this comic. no they wouldnt. but i got to drag my sister to help this guy so if he hear our advice maybe he improve but if he dont who care he will regret. "you successfully make me mad this time, i am going to ask mod to ban you not because you insult me. but you insult the entire kingdom manga fans......" ehhh... what is this even make sense dude to be honest if i want to get ban so bad i would just say stuff like you but nah i miss my pal here so nope. Grow up please, just because someone hate it does not mean that they are bad it mean you get triggered over small thing to be honest people like me get over racism all the time we have turn into cold stone heart to prevent damage over something like this so yeah grow up also dont freaking add the mod here they actually got job to do they are not free enough to do this kind of stuff you know im very sorry if im bother you moderator @tc1259 and @ADM_dude Quote Updated. ~ADM_dude
  4. TakemoriKohoto

    Web comic starring the Bismarck

    kingdom manga they didnt improve a bad and a good bad: the next manga they make will look exactly good: they prove that they are able attract reader through story <content removed> i serious about insult you now - <content removed> -"all you need is kill" read that tell me is it a "short life span story, going straight to full action bloody hell from the start is fine" "if you want to make LONG RUN life span story. you need to build up something, and humor is the most easy way to do it." obviously didnt watch Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri read both the first part of the manga i state there and tell are they all start with humor then training level up like naruto one piece and then boom they beat the boss and beating another boss and keep doing that until they old just tell me how old are you if you are <18 stop doing this you are way too young to understand what im saying General Insults. Post Edited. User Sanctioned. ~ADM_dude
  5. TakemoriKohoto

    Web comic starring the Bismarck

    welp obviously you did leave your brain at home. -What i mean is you Balzarknam are insulting x1xReaverx1x he already said that he want to draw a story with a serious tone let me quote him "SUPERNATURAL THEMES, violence, horror, tongue in cheek humor." .See how humor is not his main point and notice how he describe the bismarck would be look like "Bismarck herself was supposed to be the most formidable Battleship in the world. This is the picture of her that her crew and designers would have had from the day she was drawn, till the day she sank. Respectable, powerful, dark and forbidding to her enemies (hence heavy leather clothing), yet still with the warmth and innocence of a young woman underneath. A new ship, well made with good lines. (Youthful looks and nice figure)It was hard to get a balance. A lot of the art I had done made her look too heavy and clumsy, other stuff was to revealing. It was important to me, to make the character a strong woman to suit the ship, with glimpses of sex appeal and vulnerability, to give her a connection with the reader, without resorting to overt sexing up of the art. I don't think Bismarck was a BDSM, thong wearing sl*t as depicted in other franchises lol. That doesn't suit the ship at all in my mind." well with all that in mind telling him the easiest way to achieve what he want is to "the funny comic and unique "ugly" art" is obviously saying he didnt have the ability to do it even i respect him by saying you need to practice more i didnt say give up your dream because you are a noob "anyway, focus on creating good story, artwork will improve time by time." here is why practicing the right way come into place you just cant be good if you do it own your own without looking at reference or real life example and when practicing you wont show it to anyone that ok but when you do a web comic you are showing it to anyone and you will get criticize like what im doing here . That is first thing, second is when you do this web comic you know that you wont able to reverse it and in the future when you are really good at drawing you will see this and think "damn if i dont draw back then i would do it better now" that is why my sister wont publish any manga even tho she is able to do it. Take that into consider dont just think i want to do it and do it its like poland declare war on germany. "what i mean is, if you try to get a lot of detail in picture yet you want to pour a lot of idea. you will ended up like this..... anyway, focus on creating good story, artwork will improve time by time." see what my sister draw. Yup that take her like 4 day with all the hard work devoted to that and huge amount of time was putting into the story making connection each page when reading as a whole wouldnt make the reader crazy about what just happen because they dont understand a think "that happen alot both to manga and comic so she nailed it ".And for a long story she would take month of reading wiki and verifying facts she place it in her computer and call it ideas.and then move on to next step is to convey the idea but that is another story for another day and if you x1xReaverx1x if you said that you plan to do the "he funny comic and unique "ugly" art" style then in that case i would withdraw. It would be same as saying "Last battle of the battleship Bismarck" never occure because all of this was just a funny comic with unique "ugly" art" style and that in it self prove you are aren't able to do this.
  6. TakemoriKohoto

    Web comic starring the Bismarck

    in case you wonder what my sister draw if you said this wall of text then hell i dont know what to said in vietnamese word are longer so maybe in english it would even shorter than this just admitted you are bad and need to practice more no need to using excuse as way to say that i'm lazy and i didn't want my art to get better oh and btw "if you are newbie and unknown artist.... people WONT STARE AT SINGLE PAGE more than 30 sec. this is information era when people have faster reading speed and receive more information. " it mean that you art are not interesting enough for people to actually spend time to watch and really, manga is good for story like this because each page is express through picture and it always have subliminal messages you would get it through feeling not by you logic brain if you cant do that you fail to do what a web comic need to do
  7. TakemoriKohoto

    Web comic starring the Bismarck

    You absolutely have no idea what my sister is. And consider that you and I are on 2 different polar one is anime manga and one is animation, comic so. Yup let clear things out first . "the good artwork lewder" nope you are totally wrong what my sister is really it " the funny comic and unique "ugly" art" is what my sister do, and what you doing is judging the book by it cover you didnt really look into detail. ok that is the first thing. next is "why japanese manga is more popular than western comic? because its release everyweek, less bullsheet and just pack action." 4-koma know them ? they even got animation of their own aka aho girl and bunch of other -You are insult the artist by saying. Because that he state that he is "manga style comic "and the story look quite like this "spirit of the infamous Battleship Bismarck and a group of highschool students, as they battle a monstrous entity from the pit and his minions. Known only as "The Beast" This being aims to consume all life in the universe " and if you tell this to an 4-koma artist they would laugh they ass out and tell you this is for the "the serious epic with detailed art" "also to detailed is no good, if you spend a whole week to make a "single" panel (not a whole page)....in the end you will forced to add A LOT OF WORD like those murica comic.... and it wasnt good to look at and make it wall text. if you want to make detailed art and yet interactive. i bet you will spend a whole month just to make a single page." Technically every real artist ever
  8. TakemoriKohoto

    Web comic starring the Bismarck

    Honestly I really appreciate your background, I really love the detail, but for the characters, you should learn more about anatomy, especially the face. I think you must have a hard time about drawing character, yes? That is the most problem that artist usually met, and that is the most thing people will look at first and rate your art even if your background is good. So I think you should practice more on anatomy. . And i think you would need to put more effort in it like a week for a page dude not like 12+ hours and when i said a week, i didnt mean like just few hours a day, i mean whenever you have free time and seriously focus on it, just don't care about deadline, focus on the drawing and the story. And if you want to check you have evolved or not check the first chapter and the newest chapter to see the different. You might think I have 0 knowledge about drawing then "NO, I DO HAVE ", I didn't mean that I were the one who know drawing stuffs, but my sister does, she had a hard time on anatomy too, so I understand it. Here is my sister page and I don't tell lies. https://www.facebook.com/Tory.Hankashy
  9. TakemoriKohoto

    Web comic starring the Bismarck

    check this out before saying that too cartoon or too anime if you want people respect follow the rule. And in subject rule are use to rule out what is good and what is bad and if you said unique you mean like picasso sure if you can handle every single page of this web comic is picasso art. Story is decent the ironic is it take setting as a student ironic enough one punch man take setting of an unemployment man so yeah the story definitely play out. Balzarknam to be honest i dont want to go harsh on this guy but you force me do it
  10. TakemoriKohoto

    Web comic starring the Bismarck

    "bad" i really appreciate you hard work but i mean it really bad i think you should practice drawing for like 4 more year then maybe its a good time to do this web comic. Also did you draw the anatomy yet cuz it seem like you just draw it out without really look into human bone.Shade where is all the shade dude.It would be better if you concentrate on the ship rather than the character. (pshhhh my sister is an artist so i know some what about drawing and that is the general advise to you)
  11. TakemoriKohoto


    I think why the noobs cv is getting popular is because the "real noobs" or the one that never understand english start to know it a word for insult. So in around december last year i was a really noobs cv then i grind to ryujo and left right there but in the moment i grind i never actually get anyone insult me noob cv also the cross torp after the remove of manual torp at low tier is really popular nowsday. back in 2017 it was not really a thing I never got into a cross torp and get out pretty easily then i see ships get cross torp everyday now i was wondering how could a normal "noob" cv could be this good when they just get into the game like for a month. ........... i check their level
  12. TakemoriKohoto


    I never call anyone noobs except if they does something like get kill because of go full broadside even tho is not necessary. And noob carrier for torping me even when we on the same team .that is some of the instance that i might use noob on them
  13. TakemoriKohoto


    you guys understand my suffer so much thank for all the advise and comment. As an Amagi who will support and one shot any ca that dare to shoot my dd and ca team mate i never understand why people being a coward
  14. TakemoriKohoto


    well i did and when i go back usually 10 hour later result are same
  15. COWARD yes i dont know is this server only problem or other too. TEAM WONT PUSH, we on the brink of winning we successfully corner enemy all left is just shooting. And then people start to fell apart run away and enemy push back and kill all . Or in beginning of battle cruiser wont push up and go full broadside to enemy and think oh im too far no one shoot me and BOOM! enemy first kill and devastating strike this not only happen in low tier but also in high tier 8-10 WHY WHY PEOPLE WHY ?????????????? (sorry no pic ) - also need a guide to play amagi the right way