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  1. gaspenguin

    Azure Lane : Nelson on Bridge - Error?

    hmm another loss of mission EXP due to an 'oversight' somewhere
  2. It activated as a personal mission after a random battle in the Indianapolis then I has to play another random to obtain an American container
  3. gaspenguin

    The frustration is real...

    ​Santa and Matchmaker mocking you. Mighty annoying to be on a team with a bunch of "scalpers" who only fire on ships with less than 10% health just rack up kills.
  4. gaspenguin

    shipmas gifts

    Thanks trinitrotuluen ​& Azgaard. I expected they would simply appear on the container screen too.
  5. gaspenguin

    I really like the Dankurque

    Was on the same side as Yobbo1972 in his Dunkerque last night; we were creamed 12-3. The Dunkerque on the other side didn't survive either...both sides had Bismarks & Colorados as well as New Mexicos (our one was AFK though & I bagged theirs) In most games I've seen the Dunkerques targeted and taken out as a priority.
  6. The Wickes is my only Kraken so far...and it survived the match! 250516 Islands 2-3 Win+ Novik, Kawachi, SouthCarolina, Tenryu, Smith The Clemson has only managed four but sunk. 190616 Trident 4-5 Win- Kongo,Hiei, Kirishima , Mizokaze
  7. gaspenguin

    german BBs

    I think the concept of the 'battlecruiser' became less useful as WW1 progressed and battleships became increasingly faster. Between the wars they were modernised into fast battleships. It would be interesting to see the Scharnhorst class (in both 11" and 15" versions ) vs Renown class or Alaska class. Could any of the WW1 Battlecruisers German battlecruisers slot in the the German line as low tier battleships? The SMS Goeben (later TCG Yavuz) which survived both wars could make an interesting low tier premium - it also had four submerged torpedo tubes in addition to ten 11" guns.
  8. gaspenguin

    im amazed (not really)

    If all games were "competitive and balanced" how would "seal clubbing" higher level players generate credits to maintain their tier 8+ ships.
  9. gaspenguin

    im amazed (not really)

    I think WoW mirrors actual naval and other warfare. Many victories were won due to the other side's poor decisions, choices, skill and equipment levels. You can force feed players tutorials and even passing tests to reach higher tiers is not necessarily going to make those players play 'good' afterwards.
  10. gaspenguin

    Question for BB pros

    I've noticed that several times last night with low level US cruiser's; shots aimed at the water line falling short into the water even with both ships moving steady and parallel.
  11. gaspenguin

    the Deutschland class ships

    I recall reading the Germans considered their 11" guns equal or even superior to the English 12" especially during WW1 with superior rate of fire and accuracy vs the heavier but slower shells. Historically the Admiral Graf Spee was able to take on a 8"x6 and two 6"x8 so it would interesting to see a Deutschland class ship as either a high tier premium cruiser or a lowish tier battleship. The potential 20+km range of the six 11"/28cm* guns, a pair of quadruple torpedo tubes and speed of 28knots would make them a difficult proposition to cope with particularly if the game mechanics allow for effective use of the eight 5.9"/15cm secondary guns. The Scharnhorst and Gneisenau had improved longer 11"/28cm guns which had an effective range of 24.2KM (hitting HMS Glorious). These used slightly heavier shells 330/315 vs 300kg. These were planned to be used in the planned Kreuzer P class (Deutschland class replacements) after the Scharnhorsts were up-gunned to 15/38cm.