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  1. Putting him back to the CM resets the counter. I am now back to 75000 exp required but I had already achieved 40+k in the DeGrasse. That appears now to be lost effort

    WTH is with the constant disconnects?

    I am not sure. I have had several random internet drop outs over the last couple of days. The ISP says no outages however internet and AppleTV dropping momentarily now and again. Will try again tonight after I do the stuff my wife seems to think I need to do 🙂

    WTH is with the constant disconnects?

    lol to add insult to injury. Disconnected as the game started, never made it back in.
  4. Charles Martel I moved the commander from De Grasse to Charles Martel and then a while later moved him back to De Grasse. My understanding of "Assigning commanders from other ships of the same nation without penalty or retraining. " was that I could do that without penalty. It would appear the game has retained his training requirement for Charles Martel however he should be working on his level 15 points whilst in command of the De Grasse.
  5. Assigned commander from Premium ship to another ship and then back again. Requires retraining both times. This should not be the case with premium ships Premium ship benefits: No research required (all modules unlocked and mounted). More credits earned in each battle. Permanent camouflage that increases the amount of Experience gained (+50% for Tiers II-VIII, +100% for Tiers IX-X). Reduced service costs. Elite status from the start (use doubloons to convert all your XP to Free XP). Assigning commanders from other ships of the same nation without penalty or retraining.

    WTH is with the constant disconnects?

    Very first game this evening and disconnect. Reconnects immediately.

    WTH is with the constant disconnects?

    Thanks. I have experienced the disconnects several times tonight so I have just changed my password. I will try again tomorrow.

    Random in-game crashes

    yeah I am getting very frustrated with this now.
  9. Getting disconnected out of games many times a session. Always reconnects immediately. None of the other online games I play are experiencing this.
  10. LTD_FESS

    Random in-game crashes

    I am getting this also. For the past week I get disconnected regularly.
  11. Maybe I just need to wait until my captains skills are sufficient. I pretty much raced through and got next ship in the line without worrying too much about commanders skills
  12. ok thanks for the replies. Will prob stay in tier 1 and 2 for most of the time
  13. Pretty much sums it up. I have had an account for some time but never really put any effort into the game. I have been playing this month and enjoy it but the CV dominance is not my thing. Is there a filter I can set to choose battles without CVs?
  14. LTD_FESS

    any aussies playing?

    I am in Brisbane. very new to this game. Usually ww2 Flight stuff