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  1. As flamu said, the less you expect from your team, the less disappointed you will be. Dont trust your team to do things for you. Play destroyers, do everything for yourself.
  2. Saipan seriously needs to be reworked

    Yeh agree with this. Don't think conqueror can be major nerfed yet. The people to paid 5000 doubleoons for the camo won't be happy. Maybe in a few more months once all the premium camo owners have had their fun with the Conqueror, they will truly nerf it, or once WG 'gather enough data' I think they should just stop selling the Saipan. WG should release a new T6 noob-friendly carrier and replace Saipan with it.
  3. noob friendly Destroyer line ?

    There's another thread about this somewhere, I remember... For 'real' DD play that is noob friendly, go up the American line. For 'scumbag' DD play, the Russian line. Enjoy!
  4. Is anyone else getting this as well? On more than one occasion last week, while playing DDs with a skilful CV on the enemy team, ive had most of my health removed due to friendly fire. I was being spotted by planes and had to retreat into friendly AA, then this Montana just unloads a salvo at me and calls me 'noob DD, go spot'. He didn't even turn pink! These players should not be allowed to get away with this!
  5. Yeah, I clocked up 3 reports yesterday for getting Kraken in a losing effort. People these days.
  6. Few questions about DD

    On an unrelated note, I would like to say that my DD win rate last weekend has been balanced by many many sets of random torps. Good on you, 200% weekend, good on you.
  7. The cyclone cinematic and the rough seas are very nice.
  8. Cant wait to try this on PTS tonight
  9. The Teamkiller ft. Atranta and Wargaming

    I had two teamkillers in my game just now as well!!! Whats going on? Why are so many people teamkilling?
  10. Why those T9 BB are so rubbish

    Don't worry my friend - tier 9 BBs are very hard to play in Tier 10 battles, it is difficult for everyone. Tier 10 actually teaches you how to play tier 9s. Izumo actually has very good guns and I personally enjoyed them. However, it eats HE like children at McDonald's. FDG is extremely difficult now due to the Royal Navy battleships and it only having 8 guns - a grosser kurfurst has 50% more firepower. Massive difference! Try to learn as much as you can and practice as much as you can at Tier 9 - it will prepare you for tier 10.
  11. saying good bye to the kiev

    Kiev is a fun shop. I kept mine.
  12. I once got a disciplinary penalty (killed by the game) + team killer after a Kurfurst on 10HP rammed my moskva. I was heavily reported that game because I had -2 ship kills in the post-battle screen and branded a team killer for 20 matches. So yeah, you think yours was bad...
  13. Saipan seriously needs to be reworked

    I consistently get 150-200k damage in all scenarios except for Aegis. Defensive AA makes it a bit less of a brain-dead experience.