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  1. LordTyphoon

    How to get a ST ship?

    you must be waxed
  2. LordTyphoon

    Why Everyone Hates Me :(

    I have already submitted a ticket to have your account banned.
  3. LordTyphoon

    30% sale Atlanta

    Omg he replied
  4. LordTyphoon


    If someone has that much time on their hands to do this, just leave them alone, its a pretty sad life.
  5. LordTyphoon


    Lol corruption = CN_70 paid WG to keep their accounts alive. A highly uneconomical business activity.
  6. LordTyphoon


    Those who have played a few games on asia in the last few weeks will know what this thread is about. Anyone else here also losing their patience?
  7. LordTyphoon

    Ban Aimbot and Bot

    Sorry mate. I'll uninstall my aimbot now
  8. Be a man and stop whinging. I was once chain radared by 3 moskvas on the enemy team in my Daring once, lived to tell the tale. Its the player, not the ship (class).
  9. I think people target you because you are broadside. Remember, "broadside armour best armour", your enemy always likes a challenge.
  10. LordTyphoon

    When is the next transfers? - NA to SEA

    CVs should be banned. They oneshot everything, spot everything, and win every single game. When CV logs in, it automatically deals 200k damage to the enemy team. So unbalanced. As a DD player, i am upset that all CV attack aircraft have guided missiles that never miss my ship.
  11. LordTyphoon

    Our server population now the transfer is (sort of) complete

    I love the general opinion that players on SEA are: 1. Campy 2. Poorly skilled 3. Focus on personal glory 4. No tactical awareness 5. Just inferior in general I like how most players who want to play in a place with (relatively) high-skill gameplay chose to stay on this server, while those who want to repeatedly shoot broadside targets all day long took a hike.
  12. LordTyphoon

    Thinking of Transfering to NA

    Having played on NA myself, it just felt like every game i played involved beating toddler after toddler tied to the ground with a baseball bat until i felt hungry and needed to stop. The skillful element of the NA playerbase is being held back by the skill of the rest of the server. The depth of the game in SEA is much greater - you need to think, you need to be cunning, and you need to be opportunistic to succeed. You often need to think ahead to ensure you can outplay your opponent. There may be language barriers or whatever, but at least the style of gameplay is more like chess (which i also enjoy to a lesser extent). On NA? Generally, you shoot the enemy to death from a safe position as they come at you one by one, while they swear at you in all-chat and accuse you of being (specifically) a Chinese hacker. No kidding. As a player, how do you learn and hone your skills from that?
  13. LordTyphoon

    Thinking of Transfering to NA

    Oh this is good, read this one https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/191939-why-almost-all-good-players-hate-cvs/
  14. LordTyphoon

    Thinking of Transfering to NA

    https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/205331-death-to-all-who-oppose-us-the-anti-anti-cv-thread/ This is a fresh one
  15. LordTyphoon

    Social Wolves

    Between my 2,000th and 9,000th random battles, I too had this attitude of blaming my own team for losing. Maybe not my division mate though. I now have 12,000+ battles. When I go on a losing streak, I feel nothing. Just the nature of the game. These days, the result of the game doesn't matter to me. If I had my spotting and done my damage, I had done my job and played well, and the result of the game was out of my hands from the very beginning.