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  1. It is clear that players with better stats have more authority on game balance than those with poorer stats. Opinions of players with higher win rates > Opinions of players with lower win rates
  2. LordTyphoon

    Why do some people enter battles without camos?

    WarGaming doesnt tell us all the changes to ship stats because it could lead to player confusion. Its like Sigma - its just not displayed in the port UI. The smarter players are the ones that dont bring camo. They are the ones who have installed special mods that show the hidden changes to ship stats from using camo. They recognise the special benefits of not using camo. These are: -30% ship speed towards capture points +100% chance of firing HE (ability for battleships only) +40% ship speed when sailing towards the map border +80% chance of instantly using damage control on 1 fire +2000% chance of using broadside armour to bounce enemy battleship shells We should learn from these players. To succeed in this game and boost our win rates to 45%, we should not use camo.
  3. LordTyphoon

    Am I the only one having problems with Mogami after 8.0?

    Before the rework I averaged about 140k damage per game in the Moagmi, but now I only average around 120-130k damage. This is a statistically significant difference and should be picked up by WarGaming. I'm hoping there will be buffs.
  4. LordTyphoon

    Serial downvoter on the loose!

    Forget random downvotes, I just got reported in a game of ranked. I carried and won that game. So why did I get reported, you might ask? There was a player on my team from the previous game. He accused me of playing badly, and reported me for that game. I was in a Z-46, him in the Musashi, he expected my to man-fight and kill the Kronstadt by myself. Sure Thought he'd report me again for the previous game. The level of salt is high in this one.
  5. LordTyphoon

    Serial downvoter on the loose!

  6. LordTyphoon

    Serial downvoter on the loose!

  7. If food makes you sick, stop eating food. If drinking cold drink makes you cold, stop drinking cold drink. If horror movie makes you scared, stop watching horror movie. If girlfriend makes you sad, stop feeding girlfriend. If game forces you to lose, stop playing game.
  8. LordTyphoon

    DD's life in 0.8.0. Does it matter anymore!

    Tried taking out the Udaloi recently? Thats a DD
  9. Just dont be afraid to cap late. Let the enemy DD get obliterated first.
  10. LordTyphoon

    HMS Emerald Challenge

    I think Ralph's challenge is the easier challenge
  11. LordTyphoon

    How to counter Belfast?

  12. LordTyphoon

    I need to vent ...

    Clearly you did not telepathically realise i was about to fire my torps. Next time check before I fire.
  13. LordTyphoon

    Clan Battle "Prime Time"

    maybe someone wants me to write something offensive again
  14. LordTyphoon

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    How long will I be on probation for if i am accepted as a supertester? What could cause probation to be extended?