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  1. Ship Anatomy Questions

    Hey guys There's always something I've wondered for a while, and that is how (hypothetically, of course) the Friedrich Der Grosse and Grosser Kurfurst launch, recover, and store their seaplanes, based on the in-game model? Just looking at my Grosser Kurfurst here, in the first highlighted area (left) I see the aircraft launch rails between Caesar and Dora turret for both sides of the ship. are seaplanes supposed to be mounted on top of those rails to be launched when needed? In the second highlighted area, I see a small crane. It makes sense that this crane will be used to lift cranes on to position on the catapult, but it doesn't look very strong. Can someone confirm if this is meant to be the aircraft crane? Also, where are the aircraft hangars? In the third highlighted area (right), is that long thing a crane of planes or a crane of the tenders/lifeboats?
  2. Musashi or Alaska

    Musashi is ridiculously strong, so you should get it. Alaska also looks like it has a ridiculous armour scheme from ichases videos. Depends what u like to play.
  3. Have you got your T-61?

    Why dont u just buy it when it comes out? I'm sure the extra week of game time won't make a difference. Such a world of instant gratification these days.
  4. Don't they know Russian DD?

    Agreed. I got 150k fire damage in my Conqueror two nights ago, and I got reported. I really don't understand why someone who do such a thing.
  5. My recommendation - don't play IJN DDs. Play DDs from all other nations first - then play IJN DDs. You can answer all of your own questions above once you do so.
  6. Skills you learn playing z23 are important to succeed in z46 and z52. So try to enjoy it.
  7. I really hate this operation

    I actually enjoy this operation. Drag a few clan members in, usually the result isn't bad. It's when you try to string together some tactics with a bunch of players who recently learned how to make their ship sail forward... Thats the painful bit.
  8. I really hate this operation

    People just love to complain don't they.
  9. I have a CV idea

    Oh look my thread is alive
  10. MM Rant

    Yeah when things go bad it's always MMs fault
  11. I've never had RNG good enough for this many citadel hits. I can manage 20-30 citadels per Aegis consistently, but 50 is a whole other level. I use Budyonny, De Grasse and Duca d'Osta for Aegis. Dallas isn't as good as the old Cleveland.
  12. Yamato problem

    Dont play yamato. Then you won't play the yamato badly. Trust me, this will work.