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  1. mandatory downvote because Moggy is posting and I don't like his opinions because they are well thought out and logical
  2. LordTyphoon

    After 4 years, still not good enough

    Once again, haters proven wrong! I was a key player of the main team of REPOI that took 7th place globally in the last season of clan battles! Jokes on those who said I wasn't good enough! 😂 Very happy to have proven that I am a very high calibre player that will fit in to any top level team. Of course, haters will say: - I got carried - Any other player in my place could have done the same thing I did, - I had lucky matchmaking - Other hurricane teams were really bad this season Crack on guys, crack on. Can't wait to hear some new reasons why I don't deserve to start 😂 I have a big ego, come break it.
  3. LordTyphoon

    totally not statshameing

    Here is an example of the stats of a noob CV player. - Only 1.28 kills per game in Hakuryu. A Hakuryu should be getting a minimum of 3 kills per game, so this suggests that this player is extremely poor at using AP bombs. - Average damage of only 96k in the Enterprise is TERRIBLE. Each AP bomb drop of the Enterprise has 30k alpha damage - so this player can't land more than 3 AP bomb drops per game? That is a joke! - Average damage of 128k in Midway lol....that's just terrible. - 167 PR in the Bogue - honestly this guy should have stopped playing right there, before the CV rework. Clearly has no potential to play carriers. - Worst of all, carriers are expected to win all games for their team. So the fact that this guy wins only 60% of the time means that he is too unskilled to play. All evidence points to this player needing to quit playing World of Warships because he is just too noob! He does not have the ability to grasp the key concepts!
  4. LordTyphoon

    Quick question for KM DD experts

    I am tempted to stream the Maass. Been a while. Would you come to watch?
  5. For the first time, I am totally not looking forward to an upcoming season of CBs. The majority of other unicums also feel the same way. Sad.
  6. LordTyphoon

    What is that ?

    can you imagine a Worcester happily island camping 4 acoustic torpedoes come around the corner !!!!!!!! 😂
  7. LordTyphoon

    Advice to new DD players

    I run DD tutorials! Lemme know if you're interested
  8. LordTyphoon


    Please don't come to the forums with this kind of attitude. The guys from my clan who have given you tips know how to play CVs in bottom-tier situations. You really should listen. Please stop playing the Saipan as well, it is a very difficult T8 carrier to play. Try the Lexington first.
  9. LordTyphoon


    My Saipan also has matchmaker problems. Probably matchmaker's revenge for all the RTS CV Saipan games I played back in the day.
  10. LordTyphoon

    Tutorials for Destroyer Gameplay

    Scheduled topics include: Z-52 Guide (game version 0.9.5) - POSTPONED due to infestation of radars in T10 battles. It will be extremely challenging to showcase the potential of the Z-52 in the current meta. Once infestation subsides, I will provide a date for this tutorial. Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 1: Basic Skill #1 - Basic Knowledge and Understanding Your Role Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 2: Basic Skill #2 - Pre-Battle Analysis Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 3: Basic Skill #3 - Forming Your Battle Plan Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 4: Basic Skill #4 - The 15-degree Rule Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 5: Basic Skill #5 - Mentality of a Destroyer Player Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 6: Basic Skill #6 - Escape Plan Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 7: Basic Skill #7 - Anticipation (lots of intel, early stage of battle) Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 8: Basic Skill #8 - Positioning Your DD in Defensive, Holding, and Attacking situations Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 9: Basic Skill #9 - Torpedo Aiming and Analysis of Target Motion Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 10: Basic Skill #10 - Torpedo Anticipation and Torpedo Evasion Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 11: Basic Skill #11 - Obtaining and Defending Capture Points Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 12: Basic Skill #12 - Smoke Screen Deployment and Positioning Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 13: Basic Skill #13 - Knife Fighting 1 vs 1 Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 14: Expert Skill #1 - Knife Fighting 1 vs many Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 15: Expert Skill #2 - Torpedo Blind Firing Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 16: Expert Skill #3 - Anticipation (no intel, early stage of battle) Typhoon's Destroyer Guide Part 17: Expert Skill #4 - Mind Games, Radar Baiting, DD vs DD gameplay Please join my Discord for more details!
  11. LordTyphoon

    What am i doing wrong with Sov. Soyuz IX tier

    Here's a replay from me from a few days ago. Soyuz is very strong, don't give up on it. Quick tips: 1. Focus cruisers over battleships. You do a disgusting amount of damage even without citadels. 2. Be content not doing too much in the first 5-7 minutes. The longer the game, the scarier a (healthy) Russian battleship becomes. 3. When you push, push with a teammate. You can absorb a huge amount of hits/damage, but you always need a reason to do so.
  12. LordTyphoon

    After 4 years, still not good enough

    Thanks for the comments everyone. I have evaluated my skills and am actually quite sad to conclude that I truly lack the skill to play at the highest level. Been playing a few games with others in the clan and have found that there are many advanced techniques that I still perform very poorly. For example, I have recently learned a new technique called 'over-angle tendency-based dynamic shot leading' to hit moving targets accurately with every shot, and even then I struggled with it. Been practicing many games in it now, and I am not getting any better. While I have mastered basic destroyer gameplay, I have failed in the more advanced techniques as well. Since there are much better players of each class, unfortunately there isn't a place for me.
  13. LordTyphoon

    Free XP Ships

    mate this is a Free-To-Play game so everything should be free
  14. LordTyphoon


    Because it is difficult to play. Difficult can be fun.
  15. LordTyphoon

    Tutorials for Destroyer Gameplay

    updated with Discord link