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  1. LordTyphoon

    Yamamoto Isoroku campaign bug

    Hi dev team, I think I have a bug for Stage Two of my Yamamoto campaigns. All of the individual tasks are shown as complete, but the icon for part 2 of the campaign is showing up as incomplete. See attached screenshots, looking forward to a resolution. 1st screenshot - showing 9/10 completed: 2nd screenshot - showing all individual tasks completed, rewards credited:
  2. LordTyphoon

    The difference between BB and DD players.

    On Monday I endured a series of random battles that went like this in the first five minutes: 1) All of the team's DDs are dead (except me) 2) The aircraft carrier has not launched any planes yet 3) No enemy ship has taken more than 1000 damage, and half of the enemy team had not been spotted. It was absolute hell and I blame the dutch 'kill secure' missions.
  3. LordTyphoon

    I dont even want this thing

    Came back to the game after a long break about 4 weeks ago, so i missed all the news about the dutch cruisers. I just got one for 1000 dubs on my first lucky dip or whatever you call it in the armoury. Didn't buy any crates. 1000 dubs for a tier 9 is too good to be true...there must be a catch. I'm told I am exceptionally lucky to get this deal lol.
  4. LordTyphoon

    Roast me!!!

    Have you tried firing HE with the Minotaur? It's an easy way to farm damage and get good stats
  5. stop playing this stupid game
  6. LordTyphoon


    If you can't beat them, join them. Become the CV. Become what you were born to be. It is your destiny from which there is no escape.
  7. LordTyphoon

    Petition for prohibiting sending radio command "Well done" to opponents

    It takes skill to get torpedoed to death in a kurfurst within 2 min of a game starting. You have to anticipate where the torpedoes will hit from AND THEN eat five of them. Indeed a "Well Done" is deserved.
  8. LordTyphoon


    No no, Canadian Club & Dry is the first choice
  9. LordTyphoon


    @Thyaliad I used money and time to show how I feel that this game can be wasteful, it was not meant to compare the game with working hours at all. I can see how you got the idea though. Point is, a lot of time has been spent on this game, and unless I am 95%-100% enjoying my time in this game in the future, I will not be playing. And there arent many things that I 95%-100% enjoy every time.
  10. LordTyphoon


    Since childhood I have always been into WWII-era warships like the nerd I am, and when I found this game in 2014 I was thrilled. First I played only on weekends, then on some weeknights, and eventually it became a daily ritual. When COVID hit in March, I started streaming the game. I'd play for 8-10 hours on most days of the week - there was nothing else to do. In July, I stopped completely and decided it was time to retire from the game. I have always thought of gaming as a very cheap form of entertainment (at least as a function of time). My logic was this (all prices in AUD): - Night out with friends: ~$60 per round of drinks. Each round goes down after 30 minutes. Probably will pay for 2-3 rounds each night. - Scuba diving: ~$150 per dive including airfill, transportation, boat costs, equipment hire, 2 hours of entertainment. - Movies: ~$25 per movie, not including popcorn and drinks costs. About 3 hours of entertainment. - Date: ~Prob $100 per date if you're paying and if you're not doing something too expensive. - Boat Fishing Trip: ~$220 for 6-hours - World of Warships: $120 for discounted 365-day premium account, which comes to ~$0.34 per day. Each day I probably played a minimum of 3 hours at my peak, so that's $0.11 per hr. Of course there's the occasional premium ship that I bought, but there weren't too many and at most this would blow up the per-day cost to $1 per day. I guess this makes the game look great. But I've only started to realise the biggest cost - time. Time I'll never get back. When I'm 60 years old, I don't think I'll be happy looking back and finding myself having spent far too many hours in from of a computer screen blowing up pixel ships and getting upset whenever MM dealt me a disappointing team, or when I become a victim to the Fun-&-Engaging detonation mechanic. I've played 14,577 random battles on the Asia server. If the average game is 15 mins long, that's 3,644 hours. A person in Australia works for 1,840 hours in a full time job every year - so in my 5 years of playing World of Warships, that's a whole full time job I could have had for 2 years. This is not even counting Clan Battles, my time on the NA server, Super Test responsibilities, and time in port in the game. I've had a blast, met some real cool teammates (and some bad ones too), but it is now time to move on. This game has served its purpose in my life. Where to from here? I won't be gone from the game. These days, I still log in to the Discord of REPOI and we still catch up once a week. Soon, I might be joining another clan and play for fun. No more clan battles, no more competitive games. I'll probably play the game once per week, and no more than 2 hrs at a time. I've recently found joy from (getting reported for) playing Tier 1. But no more Super Testing, no more Clan Battles, and no more streaming from me. There will never be enough rewards, there will never be enough coal or free XP, and there will always be new ships added to the game. I will never be able to keep up with the grind to make sure I've got every ship. Time to call it a day. Maybe I'll see you around from time to time.
  11. mandatory downvote because Moggy is posting and I don't like his opinions because they are well thought out and logical
  12. LordTyphoon

    After 4 years, still not good enough

    Once again, haters proven wrong! I was a key player of the main team of REPOI that took 7th place globally in the last season of clan battles! Jokes on those who said I wasn't good enough! 😂 Very happy to have proven that I am a very high calibre player that will fit in to any top level team. Of course, haters will say: - I got carried - Any other player in my place could have done the same thing I did, - I had lucky matchmaking - Other hurricane teams were really bad this season Crack on guys, crack on. Can't wait to hear some new reasons why I don't deserve to start 😂 I have a big ego, come break it.
  13. LordTyphoon

    totally not statshameing

    Here is an example of the stats of a noob CV player. - Only 1.28 kills per game in Hakuryu. A Hakuryu should be getting a minimum of 3 kills per game, so this suggests that this player is extremely poor at using AP bombs. - Average damage of only 96k in the Enterprise is TERRIBLE. Each AP bomb drop of the Enterprise has 30k alpha damage - so this player can't land more than 3 AP bomb drops per game? That is a joke! - Average damage of 128k in Midway lol....that's just terrible. - 167 PR in the Bogue - honestly this guy should have stopped playing right there, before the CV rework. Clearly has no potential to play carriers. - Worst of all, carriers are expected to win all games for their team. So the fact that this guy wins only 60% of the time means that he is too unskilled to play. All evidence points to this player needing to quit playing World of Warships because he is just too noob! He does not have the ability to grasp the key concepts!
  14. LordTyphoon

    Quick question for KM DD experts

    I am tempted to stream the Maass. Been a while. Would you come to watch?