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  1. LordTyphoon

    SEA server level of compentency?

    "Worst" as in worst to play in due to the slower pace of the game on SEA since less players charge to their deaths or broadaide continuously. Definitely notnthe "worst" in terms of individual player skill. Newbies on SEA can angle, dodge torpedoes, and blind fire into smoke. The same players on NA dont even know what smoke is. Most NA/EU self-proclaimed unicums cant stand SEA because...well because in SEA they would not be considered unicums.
  2. LordTyphoon

    DD Streamers

    No. If Notser played DDs on SEA he would get waxed every game. He can get away with so much of the stuff he does because he is on NA. Do not watch Notser. Unfortunately there are no streamers who coach DD play directly. Best advice is to find and watch Flambass' videos, especially the ones with Gearing (pre-buff of 16.5km torpedoes).
  3. Fire HE shells primarily in Hindenburg. Use AP shells when opportune - generally, if u predict an enemy will broadside soon, switch to AP shells and wait for the broadside. Firing one shell type exclusively is an easy way to do poorly in the Burg
  4. LordTyphoon

    Such a bad guy in game

    Yeah becauae he knowingly sailed right in front of a ship that is firing...
  5. LordTyphoon

    Server Migration

    I remember my first 20 or so games on NA. I played RTS CVs on NA almost exclusively, and with the top-down view i can see everything. My first observations: 1. Wow, these guys really love to charge. 2. First blood after only 2.5 mins? Wow 3. Wow 4. A Bayern intentionally flooded itself to dsath after I torpedoed it, just to prove a point that CVs are unpleasant, then proceeded to call me names and then tried to guess my mother's weight 5. Wow 6. Wow 7. Everyone thinks that CVs are OP 8. Half of these players appear to play without using a brain. The number of times i've seen USN DDs try to openwater gunboat against a Des Moines at 6km, go from full health to zero in 10 seconds, then blame me for not one-shotting the Des Moines with AP bombs that my Saipan does not have, i lost count 8. Wow 9. "HSIENYANG YOU CANT TORPEDO THE SHIMA" 10. WTF?! (upon seeing a division of three Yamatos all trying to earn the Witherer heroic achirvement) 11. This is the third game in the row where one or more enemy DDs have tried to sail around the map border to kill me. 12. Wow!!! Which led me to write this post: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/156287-in-defeats-always-report-the-cv/ To be continued.
  6. LordTyphoon

    Clan Brawl - Matchmaking

  7. LordTyphoon

    Team/Division combos

    Hosho/Guilio Cesare/DFAA Nicholas Ryujo/Flint/Sims Enterprise/Jean Bart/DFAA Fletcher The trick is to division a CV with anti aircraft ships a tier higher, ensuring that your division mates will never be bottom tier. Your division mates will always have AA relatively stronger than the tier of the enemy CVs. Thr average Cv player on this server should be able to kill all enemy DDs in the first 5 mins of the game. Thay leaves the division mates of the CV to easily provide AA for friendly ships.
  8. LordTyphoon

    Clan Battles for ASIA/SEA Server

    An old issue. It was worse before, this season the battles are beginning 30 mins earlier than before. Also, there wasnt prime time before. Slowly moving in the right direction, hopefully there will be more actual movement.
  9. LordTyphoon

    What is the Best Ship for every tier

    All premiums (nearly)
  10. LordTyphoon

    How to Musashi

    MUSAHI? is that kinda like Asahi? I'll take a 6-pack
  11. LordTyphoon

    Submarine Submarine SUBMARINE

    When the sub is on the surface is generates a vortex on either side of the hull which reduces speed. When sub is underwater, the hull does not generate these vortices, therefore much less drag and faster underwater.
  12. LordTyphoon

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    best idea ever! Thanks WarGaming!