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  1. [content removed] Also, [content removed] - you and your clans will not be missed by anyone for not participating. Clan battles are only for quality clans. I hope I don't see you in clan wars. Allusions of racial/national supremacy. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  2. Tier for tier: - If I am a CV, Saipan-Atlanta-Sims - if I am a BB, Hakuryu-Conqueror-Gearing - if I am a CA, Montana-Montana-Gearing - If I am a DD, Des Monies-Minotaur-Z-52
  3. Your best chance of killing a Conqueror is to hope that the internet connection of the Conqueror player inexplicably disconnects, then kill it for easy damage. Otherwise, it is unbeatable.
  4. i dont get it, what is so special about this game?
  5. Ive seen the arguments for nerfing the conqueror, and quite frankly I think they are wrong. Regarding he videos posted by CCs - of course they only show games where RNG has been very favourable to them in starting fires. Most battleships can start this many fires when they fire HE all game, the Conqueror isn't really that special. Sitting back and spamming HE is not going to win the Conqueror any games - while it does a lot of damage it does not influence the game as much as a DD or a CA. Therefore it is not effective. The Conqueror needs an armour buff - they are too easy to kill with HE and AP! Even with the super heal the a Conqueror can't take any damage. Since no all penetration damage can be healed this means that the use of the super heal is quite limited. The Conqueror is also so weak against torpedoes! How come nobody talks about this? This ship absolutely cannot be used to counter DDs. WG should have left the radar on the Conqueror so that it can actually be used in close quarters situations. Looking forward to WG improving the armour of the Conqueror and giving it radar.
  6. Nothing special, you can grind to tier 10 from the start in a few days
  7. You need a new clan and some new friends.
  8. No point...fleet carrier, light carrier, they will all be banned from clan battles because they give the team too much advantage.
  9. BB vs DD penetration damage needs some adjusting, at the moment DDs punished too heavily for their mistakes / good play from BB.
  10. Please provide evidence to support your statement 'Nagato sucs'
  11. Shark bait i love you
  12. I completed all three stages of Chain 1 yesterday, and the same set of missions have reappeared under 'combat missions' in my Port again. Is anyone else seeing this?
  13. If you dismiss this captain you will get 50 million credits.
  14. Only excited if the tier 10 is 16 x 380mm guns
  15. If you lose, you are a noob and you deserve to lose. If you win, you got lucky. Simple.