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  1. SE is a must have skill on BBs

  2. Well there definitely has been a spike in DD population and a plunge in CA/CL population recently
  4. Asashio's torpedoes aren't very accurate at long ranges. It definitely needs a buff. I think WG needs to put in some sort of homing system on the Asashio's torpedoes that activate after the torpedoes have run more than 15km without hitting anything, and then automatically track and kill the biggest target within the area. Otherwise, Asashio is kinda underpowered.
  5. How to improve solo win rate?

    thanks for the replies guys. I think its best if I go into solo battles with zero expectation to win, since I guess it is supposed to be quite hard. I tried to practice my Des Moines in solo earlier today - moral of this story, never try to play Des Moines solo, your DDs will try to hide behind you :|, resulting in the following screenshot:
  6. How to improve solo win rate?

    After 6000 solo games, I am disappointed that my solo win rate is a pathetic 53%. While it doesn't sound too bad, it means that I only influence the result of the game positively 3 times for each 100 games player. Hardly anything to brag about. I can see that there many players with solo win rates between 60% and 70%. How do you do it? How do you exert so much influence in the game by yourself when there are 23 other players who are also trying to make a difference? Any advice would be helpful.
  7. To be honest, the potato isnt that bad. We were all inexperienced at some point or another. It is frustrating to have a potato, but at the end of the day they tried their best. Teammates that can be worse than potatoes are: 1. Team killers 2. Players who deliberately sail to the back of the map from the start of the battle to make the team lose 3. Players who let the enemy know of our positions in all chat 4. Players who blatantly refuse to work as a team and make a useless suicidal charge at the enemy from the beginning 5. DDs who YOLO-torp enemy battleships, fail to kill the enemy battleship, and then say 'worth it', i got 2 torp hits 6. Battleships who friendly fire DDs for not spotting I've already encountered all these for this season, unfortunately, and we are only 2 days in.
  8. Grozovoi - who enjoys it?

    Hey everyone, I've unlocked most tier 10 ships of the game, but in playing high tier matches, it becomes so clear that one particular Tier 10 ship is very rarely played - the Grozovoi. I've played just over twenty games in the Grozovoi, and it is the most awkward ship to play: - Its got great guns and high HP, and it can wreck enemy destroyers very quickly. However, the ship is ridiculously massive, and if firing in the open, it will eat battleship shells repeatedly. - It has got a comfortable stealth-fire range for its torpedoes at 10km, but the torpedoes are slow and do the least damage, and the torpedo reload speed is terrible - It is very fast, has a decent rudder shift, and is difficult to hit by most ships at longer distances, but again it is massive and once an enemy is shooting well, it will take a lot of damage - It has fantastic AA so that it can take capture points in the presence of enemy aircraft, although CVs are not present in most games, and the Grozovoi needs to give up speed boost to strengthen its AA/DFAA. Also, most high tier cv players have enough skill to know not to send any aircraft torward the Grozovoi untill absolutely necessary. - It is a 'support DD', but has a very short-duration smokescreen. My point is that the Grozovoi does not appear to have a true strength, and its place among the ranks of Tier 10 destroyers is often decided by matchmaking adding aircraft carriers into the match. I think the Grozovoi needs some changes to increase its popularity among the Tier 10 destoyers and to make the destroyer more competitive. Please share your thoughts.
  9. Lets debate: Stats matter

    Forums are getting a bit quiet. Let start a debate shall we. Do you agree with iChase's comments here?

    Play destroyers. If you cant trust the Weekend Potato to not suicide in 2 mins, do the dirty work yourself.
  11. Does Icy pheonix post too much?

    Isnt icy phoenix a community contributor?
  12. Play ranked this weekend to escape