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  1. Vegetablemann

    How the hell do I Sims

    Not really. It has the same guns as the Fletcher, just one less, making it very strong gun wise. It is a very strong knife fighter, but you shouldn't open fire until you are spotted unless you in a very advantageous position. When you're knife fighting in a USN DD the main thing is to get as close as possible without being detected before firing to negate the rainbow arcs. Once you are free from the DDs, move back a bit, smoke up and fire on the BBs where the arcs aren't so important. When you head to a cap, consider whether you have the support to fight if you're spotted, look at what friendly ships as well as enemy ships are in the vicinity.. If you don't wait until you do or try a different cap. When you are spotted, use the maneuverability to dodge, duck and weave. In the meantime, lay those sea mines and hope for some hits.
  2. Vegetablemann

    Extremely Unstable on Mac after 0.6.4

    Not a single crash since the full re-install. I'm happy to call it solved.
  3. Vegetablemann

    Extremely Unstable on Mac after 0.6.4

    Total re-install using the studly utility to delete all files seems to have worked. 9 games last night without a crash and 7 so far today without a problem. *Touch wood*
  4. Vegetablemann

    Can't fire main guns - LMB unresponsive

    Does it occur briefly or for the entire battle? It has happened to me on and off since I started playing around 6 months ago. I always just assumed it was lag or something.
  5. Vegetablemann

    Extremely Unstable on Mac after 0.6.4

    I am trying a complete re-install using the tool to completely remove all game files. Bit of a pain but it's worked for me before and someone else on the NA server had success with that. I'll let you know if that works for me.
  6. Vegetablemann

    Extremely Unstable on Mac after 0.6.4

    Still occurring constantly. Occasionally it will go a battle or two before it happens. Tonight so far two battles, two crashes.
  7. Vegetablemann

    Extremely Unstable on Mac after 0.6.4

    Further update, after the computer being off overnight it worked fine for three games before crashing after that as every game ended. Very frustrating as with the poor design whereby you can't see the results of old battles I can never see my post battle results.
  8. Vegetablemann

    Extremely Unstable on Mac after 0.6.4

    It crossed my mind that it could be caused by that. Given that the Mac version is available to download from the offical WOWS site I would have thought they might have considered this before ending support for XP. I don't know how the wrapper works exactly but worst case it may need to be completely rewritten?
  9. Vegetablemann

    Extremely Unstable on Mac after 0.6.4

    Here are some details: 0x7bc6ead0 DbgBreakPoint in ntdll: int $3Modules:Module Address Debug info Name (356 modules)PE 240000- 28c000 Deferred ortpPE 290000- 2c4000 Deferred ilu_x86rPE 2d0000- 2e0000 Deferred gettext_x86rPE 400000- 1fb7000 Export worldofwarshipsPE 1fc0000- 2213000 Deferred resil_x86rPE 10000000-104fc000 Deferred vivoxsdkPE 36170000-364ec000 Deferred tobii.eyex.clientPE 40001000-401b5000 Stabs libwine.1.dylibELF 406e0000-406f9000 Deferred version<elf> \-PE 406f0000-406f8000 \ versionELF 41282000-412ef000 Deferred advapi32<elf> \-PE 41290000-412e6000 \ advapi32ELF 41400000-4153e000 Deferred user32<elf> \-PE 41410000-41512000 \ user32ELF 4153e000-4165d000 Deferred gdi32<elf> \-PE 41540000-41605000 \ gdi32ELF 4165d000-4167f000 Deferred imm32<elf> \-PE 41660000-4167d000 \ imm32ELF 4167f000-416bb000 Deferred ws2_32<elf> \-PE 41680000-416b8000 \ ws2_32ELF 416bb000-41770000 Deferred winmm<elf> \-PE 416c0000-4176c000 \ winmmELF 41770000-41795000 Deferred iphlpapi<elf> \-PE 41780000-41793000 \ iphlpapiELF 41795000-417b3000 Deferred dnsapi<elf> \-PE 417a0000-417b2000 \ dnsapiELF 417b3000-417df000 Deferred netapi32<elf> \-PE 417c0000-417dd000 \ netapi32ELF 417df000-417f3000 Deferred sensapi<elf> \-PE 417e0000-417f2000 \ sensapiELF 43000000-4321e000 Deferred shell32<elf> \-PE 43010000-43217000 \ shell32ELF 4321e000-4328a000 Deferred shlwapi<elf> \-PE 43220000-43282000 \ shlwapiELF 4328a000-43399000 Deferred ole32<elf> \-PE 43290000-43389000 \ ole32ELF 43399000-4340d000 Deferred rpcrt4<elf> \-PE 433a0000-43407000 \ rpcrt4ELF 4340d000-434d6000 Deferred crypt32<elf> \-PE 43410000-434ce000 \ crypt32ELF 434d6000-43549000 Deferred wininet<elf> \-PE 434e0000-43545000 \ wininetELF 43549000-4356f000 Deferred mpr<elf> \-PE 43550000-4356d000 \ mprELF 4356f000-43585000 Deferred wtsapi32<elf> \-PE 43570000-43584000 \ wtsapi32ELF 43585000-435a6000 Deferred cabinet<elf> \-PE 43590000-435a5000 \ cabinetELF 435a6000-43693000 Deferred msi<elf> \-PE 435b0000-4368d000 \ msiELF 43693000-4371f000 Deferred urlmon<elf> \-PE 436a0000-4371a000 \ urlmonELF 4371f000-43832000 Deferred oleaut32<elf> \-PE 43720000-43807000 \ oleaut32ELF 43832000-43928000 Deferred comctl32<elf> \-PE 43840000-43924000 \ comctl32ELF 43928000-439aa000 Deferred gdiplus<elf> \-PE 43930000-439a1000 \ gdiplusELF 439aa000-439df000 Deferred d3d9<elf> \-PE 439b0000-439de000 \ d3d9ELF 439df000-43b00000 Deferred wined3d<elf> \-PE 439e0000-43af9000 \ wined3dELF 43b00000-43b52000 Deferred wldap32<elf> \-PE 43b10000-43b4d000 \ wldap32ELF 43b52000-43b68000 Deferred vcruntime140<elf> \-PE 43b60000-43b67000 \ vcruntime140ELF 43b68000-43c38000 Stabs ucrtbase<elf> \-PE 43b70000-43c23000 \ ucrtbaseELF 43c38000-43c4c000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-heap-l1-1-0<elf> \-PE 43c40000-43c4b000 \ api-ms-win-crt-heap-l1-1-0ELF 43c4c000-43c61000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0<elPE 43c50000-43c60000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0PE 43c61000-43c75000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-environment-l1-1-PE 43c70000-43c74000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-environment-l1-1-C:\windows\system32\api-ms-win-crt-environment-l1-1-0.dllELF 43c75000-43c8a000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-string-l1-1-0<elfPE 43c80000-43c89000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-string-l1-1-0ELF 43c8a000-43c9f000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-convert-l1-1-0<elPE 43c90000-43c9e000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-convert-l1-1-0ELF 43c9f000-43cb4000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-stdio-l1-1-0<elf> \-PE 43ca0000-43cb3000 \ api-ms-win-crt-stdio-l1-1-0ELF 43cb4000-43cc8000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-utility-l1-1-0<elPE 43cc0000-43cc7000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-utility-l1-1-0ELF 43cc8000-43ddd000 Deferred msvcp140<elf> \-PE 43cd0000-43d9c000 \ msvcp140PE 43ddd000-43df1000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-filesystem-l1-1-0PE 43de0000-43df0000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-filesystem-l1-1-0C:\windows\system32\api-ms-win-crt-filesystem-l1-1-0.dllELF 43df1000-43e05000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-time-l1-1-0<elf> \-PE 43e00000-43e04000 \ api-ms-win-crt-time-l1-1-0ELF 43e05000-43e1d000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-math-l1-1-0<elf> \-PE 43e10000-43e1c000 \ api-ms-win-crt-math-l1-1-0ELF 43e1d000-43e31000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-locale-l1-1-0<elfPE 43e20000-43e30000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-locale-l1-1-0ELF 43e31000-43e45000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-conio-l1-1-0<elf> \-PE 43e40000-43e44000 \ api-ms-win-crt-conio-l1-1-0ELF 43e45000-43e59000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-process-l1-1-0<elPE 43e50000-43e58000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-process-l1-1-0ELF 43e59000-43e6f000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-multibyte-l1-1-0<PE 43e60000-43e6e000 Deferred api-ms-win-crt-multibyte-l1-1-0ELF 43e6f000-43f54000 Deferred comdlg32<elf> \-PE 43e70000-43f53000 \ comdlg32ELF 43f54000-43f93000 Deferred winspool<elf> \-PE 43f60000-43f90000 \ winspoolELF 43f93000-43fa7000 Deferred psapi<elf> \-PE 43fa0000-43fa6000 \ psapiELF 43fa7000-43fcf000 Deferred msacm32<elf> \-PE 43fb0000-43fce000 \ msacm32ELF 43fcf000-43ffe000 Deferred secur32<elf> \-PE 43fd0000-43ffc000 \ secur32ELF 43ffe000-44082000 Deferred libcxfreetype.soELF 44082000-44116000 Deferred winemac<elf> \-PE 44090000-44108000 \ winemacELF 44189000-441a7000 Deferred concrt140<elf> \-PE 44190000-441a6000 \ concrt140PE 441c7000-441ea000 Deferred libcginterfaces.dylibELF 45d14000-45dd5000 Deferred msvcr120<elf> \-PE 45d20000-45dc1000 \ msvcr120ELF 45dd5000-45e35000 Deferred wineps<elf> \-PE 45de0000-45e34000 \ winepsELF 482d4000-48316000 Deferred usp10<elf> \-PE 482e0000-48315000 \ usp10PE 486ed000-486fa000 Deferred libfontregistryui.dylibELF 4945a000-49480000 Deferred dxgi<elf> \-PE 49460000-4947f000 \ dxgiPE 494aa000-494c9000 Deferred libexpat.1.dylibELF 494c9000-494fd000 Deferred wbemprox<elf> \-PE 494d0000-494fc000 \ wbemproxELF 494fd000-4951e000 Deferred mmdevapi<elf> \-PE 49500000-4951d000 \ mmdevapiPE 4951e000-49528000 Deferred applehdahalpluginPE 4998c000-49b67000 Deferred glenginePE 49b68000-49b9e000 Deferred glrendererfloatPE 49d00000-49de2000 Deferred amdradeonx4000gldriverPE 4a800000-4ae43000 Deferred atiradeonx4000sclib.dylibELF 4ae61000-4ae8c000 Deferred winecoreaudio<elf> \-PE 4ae70000-4ae8a000 \ winecoreaudioPE 4ae8c000-4aef0000 Deferred coremidiELF 53431000-53474000 Deferred rsaenh<elf> \-PE 53440000-53472000 \ rsaenhELF 5aec2000-5afd7000 Deferred msvcp110<elf> \-PE 5aed0000-5af96000 \ msvcp110ELF 5afd7000-5b092000 Deferred msvcr110<elf> \-PE 5afe0000-5b07e000 \ msvcr110ELF 7a800000-7a8c0000 Deferred opengl32<elf> \-PE 7a810000-7a8b6000 \ opengl32ELF 7b400000-7b7cc000 Stabs kernel32<elf> \-PE 7b410000-7b7bb000 \ kernel32ELF 7bc00000-7bcda000 Stabs ntdll<elf> \-PE 7bc10000-7bcb8000 \ ntdllELF 7bf00000-7bf03000 Deferred <wine-loader>PE 90028000-90388000 Deferred rawcameraPE 90f00000-90f01000 Deferred acceleratePE 90f19000-91580000 Deferred vimagePE 91580000-916cd000 Deferred libblas.dylibPE 916cd000-916e0000 Deferred libbnns.dylibPE 916e0000-91a7c000 Deferred liblapack.dylibPE 91a7c000-91a93000 Deferred liblinearalgebra.dylibPE 91a93000-91aae000 Deferred libsparseblas.dylibPE 91aae000-91bfc000 Deferred libvdsp.dylibPE 91bfc000-91cde000 Deferred libvmisc.dylibPE 91cde000-91cdf000 Deferred veclibPE 91f41000-92ca5000 Deferred appkitPE 92cb6000-92cb7000 Deferred applicationservicesPE 92cb7000-92d26000 Deferred atsPE 92dbe000-92eed000 Deferred libfontparser.dylibPE 92eed000-92f3a000 Deferred libfontregistry.dylibPE 92f3a000-92f6e000 Deferred libtruetypescaler.dylibPE 92fda000-9308b000 Deferred colorsyncPE 9308b000-930e2000 Deferred hiservicesPE 930e2000-930f2000 Deferred langanalysisPE 930f2000-9314b000 Deferred printcorePE 9314b000-931e6000 Deferred qdPE 931e6000-931f3000 Deferred speechsynthesisPE 931f3000-933e2000 Deferred audiotoolboxPE 933e2000-933e3000 Deferred audiounitPE 93544000-93900000 Deferred cfnetworkPE 93919000-9391a000 Deferred carbonPE 9391a000-93924000 Deferred carbonsoundPE 93924000-93929000 Deferred commonpanelsPE 93929000-93cc8000 Deferred hitoolboxPE 93cc8000-93d1c000 Deferred htmlrenderingPE 93d1c000-93d20000 Deferred helpPE 93d20000-93d26000 Deferred imagecapturePE 93d26000-93dc6000 Deferred inkPE 93dc6000-93e02000 Deferred navigationservicesPE 93e02000-93e1f000 Deferred openscriptingPE 93e1f000-93e25000 Deferred printPE 93e25000-93e28000 Deferred securityhiPE 93e28000-93e2f000 Deferred speechrecognitionPE 93e3d000-93ed4000 Deferred coreaudioPE 93ed4000-93ee7000 Deferred corebluetoothPE 93ee7000-941d3000 Deferred coredataPE 941da000-9467b000 Deferred corefoundationPE 9467b000-94d24000 Deferred coregraphicsPE 94d24000-94f5b000 Deferred coreimagePE 950c9000-950ca000 Deferred coreservicesPE 950ca000-9511d000 Deferred aePE 9511d000-953ff000 Deferred carboncorePE 953ff000-95433000 Deferred dictionaryservicesPE 95433000-9543b000 Deferred fseventsPE 9543b000-95560000 Deferred launchservicesPE 95560000-9560f000 Deferred metadataPE 9560f000-95670000 Deferred osservicesPE 95670000-956e2000 Deferred searchkitPE 956e2000-95728000 Deferred sharedfilelistPE 95728000-9586c000 Deferred coretextPE 9586c000-958a4000 Deferred corevideoPE 958a4000-95914000 Deferred corewlanPE 959e2000-959ec000 Deferred diskarbitrationPE 959ef000-95d5c000 Deferred foundationPE 95d5c000-95d8d000 Deferred gssPE 95d8e000-95e31000 Deferred iobluetoothPE 95e31000-95ecd000 Deferred iokitPE 95ecd000-95ed4000 Deferred iosurfacePE 95f26000-96089000 Deferred imageioPE 96089000-9608d000 Deferred libgif.dylibPE 9608d000-96186000 Deferred libjp2.dylibPE 96186000-961aa000 Deferred libjpeg.dylibPE 961aa000-961d1000 Deferred libpng.dylibPE 961d1000-961d4000 Deferred libradiance.dylibPE 961d4000-96220000 Deferred libtiff.dylibPE 96a34000-96a4d000 Deferred kerberosPE 96a4d000-96a82000 Deferred ldapPE 96ff5000-9704b000 Deferred metalPE 9704b000-97054000 Deferred netfsPE 970b7000-970c0000 Deferred libcldcpuengine.dylibPE 97293000-972e0000 Deferred openclPE 972e0000-972fa000 Deferred cfopendirectoryPE 972fa000-97306000 Deferred opendirectoryPE 97306000-97309000 Deferred libcvmspluginsupport.dylibPE 97309000-9730d000 Deferred libcorefscache.dylibPE 9730d000-97312000 Deferred libcorevmclient.dylibPE 97312000-9731c000 Deferred libgfxshared.dylibPE 9731c000-97329000 Deferred libgl.dylibPE 97329000-97367000 Deferred libglimage.dylibPE 974ec000-97671000 Deferred libglprogrammability.dylibPE 97671000-976b6000 Deferred libglu.dylibPE 98084000-98093000 Deferred openglPE 98d33000-98f35000 Deferred quartzcorePE 99201000-9951d000 Deferred securityPE 9951d000-99590000 Deferred securityfoundationPE 995b9000-995bd000 Deferred servicemanagementPE 996ed000-9975f000 Deferred systemconfigurationPE 9ba51000-9ba76000 Deferred apple80211PE 9ba76000-9ba81000 Deferred applefscompressionPE 9bb4d000-9bb8b000 Deferred applejpegPE 9bba5000-9bbaf000 Deferred applesrpPE 9bc04000-9bc88000 Deferred backupPE 9c12a000-9c134000 Deferred commonauthPE 9c55b000-9c564000 Deferred coredaemonPE 9c564000-9c576000 Deferred coreemojiPE 9c62f000-9c661000 Deferred coreservicesinternalPE 9c661000-9c6f3000 Deferred coresymbolicationPE 9c6f3000-9c823000 Deferred coreuiPE 9c823000-9c8bb000 Deferred coreutilsPE 9c908000-9c969000 Deferred corewifiPE 9c969000-9c978000 Deferred crashreportersupportPE 9c9e8000-9c9f3000 Deferred dfrfoundationPE 9ca19000-9ca89000 Deferred datadetectorscorePE 9ca89000-9caca000 Deferred debugsymbolsPE 9caca000-9cbea000 Deferred desktopservicesprivPE 9cdf1000-9d223000 Deferred facecorePE 9d59f000-9d5a0000 Deferred libmetal_timestamp.dylibPE 9d5ab000-9d5b6000 Deferred libgpusupportmercury.dylibPE 9d83a000-9d856000 Deferred generationalstoragePE 9def5000-9df6b000 Deferred heimdalPE 9e10a000-9e111000 Deferred ioacceleratorPE 9e111000-9e138000 Deferred iconservicesPE 9e179000-9e338000 Deferred languagemodelingPE 9e5ae000-9e5d8000 Deferred multitouchsupportPE 9e5d8000-9e5e3000 Deferred netauthPE 9e702000-9e740000 Deferred performanceanalysisPE 9e7c9000-9e7e3000 Deferred protocolbufferPE 9e7f3000-9e817000 Deferred remoteviewservicesPE 9e849000-9e877000 Deferred sharingPE 9e896000-9e912000 Deferred skylightPE 9e912000-9e920000 Deferred speechrecognitioncorePE 9ec11000-9ec7f000 Deferred symbolicationPE 9ecac000-9ecb3000 Deferred tccPE 9ecb3000-9eccb000 Deferred textureioPE 9eccb000-9eccd000 Deferred trustevaluationagentPE 9eccd000-9ee40000 Deferred uifoundationPE 9f2c5000-9f2c8000 Deferred loginsupportPE 9fe18000-9fe34000 Deferred libcrfsuite.dylibPE 9fe34000-9fe3e000 Deferred libchinesetokenizer.dylibPE 9fedc000-9fede000 Deferred libdiagnosticmessagesclient.dyliPE 9fede000-a0110000 Deferred libfosl_dynamic.dylibPE a0127000-a0128000 Deferred libopenscriptingutil.dylibPE a0128000-a012d000 Deferred libscreenreader.dylibPE a012d000-a012f000 Deferred libsystem.b.dylibPE a012f000-a015c000 Deferred libarchive.2.dylibPE a015c000-a02a1000 Deferred libate.dylibPE a02a4000-a02a5000 Deferred libauto.dylibPE a02a5000-a02b6000 Deferred libbsm.0.dylibPE a02b6000-a02c4000 Deferred libbz2.1.0.dylibPE a02c4000-a031b000 Deferred libc++.1.dylibPE a031b000-a033f000 Deferred libc++abi.dylibPE a033f000-a0351000 Deferred libcmph.dylibPE a0351000-a0365000 Deferred libcompression.dylibPE a0365000-a0366000 Deferred libcoretls.dylibPE a0366000-a0368000 Deferred libcoretls_cfhelpers.dylibPE a040a000-a04fa000 Deferred libcrypto.0.9.8.dylibPE a06ab000-a0701000 Deferred libcups.2.dylibPE a076f000-a0770000 Deferred libenergytrace.dylibPE a077e000-a0783000 Deferred libheimdal-asn1.dylibPE a0783000-a0874000 Deferred libiconv.2.dylibPE a0874000-a0a92000 Deferred libicucore.a.dylibPE a0a97000-a0a99000 Deferred liblangid.dylibPE a0a99000-a0ab3000 Deferred liblzma.5.dylibPE a0ab3000-a0ac9000 Deferred libmarisa.dylibPE a0ac9000-a0d7c000 Deferred libmecabra.dylibPE a0dac000-a0e26000 Deferred libnetwork.dylibPE a0e26000-a11eb000 Deferred libobjc.a.dylibPE a11ec000-a11f0000 Deferred libpam.2.dylibPE a11f0000-a1220000 Deferred libpcap.a.dylibPE a1220000-a123d000 Deferred libresolv.9.dylibPE a1275000-a1287000 Deferred libsasl2.2.dylibPE a1287000-a13d1000 Deferred libsqlite3.dylibPE a14b3000-a14c2000 Deferred libxar.1.dylibPE a14c2000-a15a7000 Deferred libxml2.2.dylibPE a15a7000-a15d0000 Deferred libxslt.1.dylibPE a15d0000-a15df000 Deferred libz.1.dylibPE a15ed000-a15f2000 Deferred libcache.dylibPE a15f2000-a15fd000 Deferred libcommoncrypto.dylibPE a15fd000-a1603000 Deferred libcompiler_rt.dylibPE a1603000-a160c000 Deferred libcopyfile.dylibPE a160c000-a1673000 Deferred libcorecrypto.dylibPE a1673000-a16a1000 Deferred libdispatch.dylibPE a16a1000-a16a7000 Deferred libdyld.dylibPE a16a7000-a16a8000 Deferred libkeymgr.dylibPE a16a8000-a16b5000 Deferred libkxld.dylibPE a16b5000-a16b6000 Deferred liblaunch.dylibPE a16b6000-a16bd000 Deferred libmacho.dylibPE a16bd000-a16c0000 Deferred libquarantine.dylibPE a16c0000-a16c2000 Deferred libremovefile.dylibPE a16c2000-a16da000 Deferred libsystem_asl.dylibPE a16da000-a16db000 Deferred libsystem_blocks.dylibPE a16db000-a176a000 Deferred libsystem_c.dylibPE a176a000-a176e000 Deferred libsystem_configuration.dylibPE a176e000-a1772000 Deferred libsystem_coreservices.dylibPE a1772000-a178b000 Deferred libsystem_coretls.dylibPE a178b000-a1792000 Deferred libsystem_dnssd.dylibPE a1792000-a17ba000 Deferred libsystem_info.dylibPE a17ba000-a17dc000 Deferred libsystem_kernel.dylibPE a17dc000-a1829000 Deferred libsystem_m.dylibPE a1829000-a1844000 Deferred libsystem_malloc.dylibPE a1844000-a189b000 Deferred libsystem_network.dylibPE a189b000-a18a5000 Deferred libsystem_networkextension.dylibPE a18a5000-a18ae000 Deferred libsystem_notify.dylibPE a18ae000-a18b5000 Deferred libsystem_platform.dylibPE a18b5000-a18bf000 Deferred libsystem_pthread.dylibPE a18bf000-a18c3000 Deferred libsystem_sandbox.dylibPE a18c3000-a18c6000 Deferred libsystem_secinit.dylibPE a18c6000-a18ce000 Deferred libsystem_symptoms.dylibPE a18ce000-a18e1000 Deferred libsystem_trace.dylibPE a18e1000-a18e8000 Deferred libunwind.dylibPE a18e8000-a190f000 Deferred libxpc.dylibThreads:process tid prio (all id:s are in hex)00000008 winewrapper.exe 00000009 00000000c services.exe 00000034 0 00000033 0 0000001f 0 00000018 0 00000012 0 0000000e 0 0000000d 000000010 winedevice.exe 0000001e 0 00000017 0 00000016 0 00000011 00000001c plugplay.exe 00000022 0 00000021 0 0000001d 000000023 explorer.exe 0000002a 0 00000029 0 00000028 0 00000025 0 00000024 000000031 rpcss.exe 000000d1 0 0000003b 0 0000003a 0 00000039 0 00000037 0 00000036 0 00000035 0 00000032 00000005b WargamingGameUpdater.exe 00000060 0 0000005c 000000115 winewrapper.exe 00000118 000000186 winedbg.exe 00000181 000000085 winewrapper.exe 00000083 000000110 (D) C:\Games\World_of_Warships\worldofwarships.exe 000000c9 0 000000c1 15 0000014a 0 00000149 0 0000014b 0 00000128 0 00000146 0 00000147 0 000000a5 0 0000013e 0 0000011b 0 0000011e 0 000000c7 0 000000a6 0 0000003d 1 000000cd 0 000000ab 0 000000cf 0 000000ce 1 000000c5 0 000000c8 0 000000c4 0 000000c6 0 000000c3 0 000000bb 0 000000bc 0 0000010d 0 00000111 1 <==System information: Wine build: wine-1.9.21-7513-gfa85bd1 Platform: i386 Version: Windows XP Host system: Darwin Host version: 16.5.0
  10. Vegetablemann

    Extremely Unstable on Mac after 0.6.4

    I am getting a crash at the end of almost every battle after the upgrade to 0.6.4, this has also been reported on the NA server forums in the Mac wrapper thread by others, multiple occurances. I would say it's happening after 80-90 percent of battles at this stage, no certain ships or maps that cause it, just happens when the battle ends or I attempt to return to port after dying. I'll attach an image of the error message next time I remember not to rage quit when it happens. Edit: Now attached.
  11. Vegetablemann

    Update 0.6.3 General Feedback

    Experiencing the same issues as described above. After returning from battles I can select only a seemingly random few ships to enter battle with. Also have gone into battle with my crosshair completely missing as well as the turret position indicators. Changing crosshair type made no difference. Edit: In addition to this what I'm typing into the chat bar doesn't show as I'm typing it. Appears once I press enter. A pretty poor patch all in all.
  12. Vegetablemann

    Bug in 6.1.0 in Mac

    Confirmed for me as well.
  13. Vegetablemann

    can't open clan portal in mac

    I am having the same problem too, thanks for the reply.
  14. Vegetablemann

    Why Danae doesn't has a smoke generator?

    Once I got used to the Danae I found her a great ship. Don't forget to use the torps and select your targets carefully. Don't go broadside to anything and if someone goes broadside to you torps away.
  15. Vegetablemann

    Is there a better Tier 5 ship than the Furutaka?

    Yup, fully agree. I find the konig can hold itself against T7. The turret layout makes it easy to shoot all three guns with a decent angle on or you can run away and still fire two thirds. The HE isn't terrible either. Good ship.