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  1. In most of the matches, there weren't many in queue and most of my team comprised of bots, which resulted in me getting penalized as one botmate ate my torp trying to ram my target(lol). But then again no carriers despite all bots.
  2. Played 10 Co-Ops in a cruiser, not a single CV. Shouldn't Co-Ops be giving us a complete WOWS experience in the easiest difficulty level?
  3. So this is the reason its named LAN
  4. The ping usually stays much lower, don't know what's happening today..
  5. Read it again, like THAT has been the lowest lag for me today, its breaching 500 often.
  6. Am I the only one noticing very high lags today? The lag counter is hitting anywhere upwards of 175 ms while it usually stays around 40 for me..
  7. Fortunately for me, I mostly get detonated at low health, don't know why. Flags ! coz you were finished anyway - RNGesus
  8. Seriously? have you played german DDs? After this change the smoke will only be around for 12 seconds or something. I do wish this happens though. Currently many are getting away firing far from cap points using concealment builds.
  9. I've seen BBs trying to use a DD's smoke for cover and in doing so ramming the DD out of the smoke. Cruisers ramming each other amid intense exchange of fires, gets stuck and deleted. Ya I meant it for friendly ships.
  10. Also you can buy a premium ship which suits your play(of same country as the captain), switch captain to that ship, train him till he's 15/19, switch him back to original ship and complete the retraining. If you have credits use them, doubloons are even better. Premium ships are gold mines for training commanders. You can also use the Mikasa the if its a Japanese captain.
  11. Try not to ram smaller ships or of similar sizes who are trying to dodge shells - they get deleted along with you and you lose. Don't think about YOLOing if you/your ship isn't capable of bringing down a couple of enemy ships with you. Don't try to cap solo in the beginning of the battle. Make use of your consumables to spot enemies and incoming torps for the team. Move in groups and provide/share AA support. Pay attention to chat and try to understand your team's tactics. ~Two cents from a student of Gittingud University.
  12. 5000 games? And then there are casual potatoes like me always ensuring you get the keks..
  13. What 'bout the Kingdom of Italy flag?
  14. I had a similar battle couple of weeks ago where 3 of my team members were detonated but none in the opponent team. Didn't check who detonated whom though. Its all RNG... Dunkerque, farragut and belfast RIP
  15. The only way to prevent getting battered in the bismarck is to frequently adjust the speed while angled so as to trick your opponent's aiming and lead. That said it is meant to be used for its secondaries, though it can fair decent in other areas too just what you would expect from a commerce raiding king(only that it didn't live long to demonstrate it). Hence if you own a bismarck, secondaries are the way to go. If I had a 19 point captain I would choose the following skills: T1: PM T2: EM, HA T3: SI, BFT T4: MS, AFT