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  1. Aniket_Sengupta

    Can anyone explain this to me?

    Ok, I guess it is being fixed in the upcoming versions...
  2. Aniket_Sengupta

    Can anyone explain this to me?

    How is my good old GK destroying allied aircraft? I thought friendly fire from secondaries and AA were disabled?
  3. Aniket_Sengupta

    Ranked XP

    Seriously, its completely frustrating if you are playing aggressively in ranked. Even if you secured a cap sacrificing yourself and primary reason for the team's victory or close to it, you are NOT topping the table, THAT'S just a random bloke who sat back sniping. I have even seen a DD blocking the third cap for almost the entire battle but came LAST(even below the other DD that YOLOed) just because he didn't complete the cap. The XP reward for teamplay is so minor it doesn't even seem to exist. And this is not just about this season, I have been noticing this since last season as well. Gone are the days when WG introduced the Teamplay factors and revolutionized XP and credit rewards. All that said, the meta as of today is utterly ridiculous and is only encouraging stupidity and individual gameplay. Can we please get back some sense WG? Please stop making 'Sniping BBs' the only way to Rank 1.
  4. Aniket_Sengupta

    WOWs Steam

    I tried this, was able to enter my credentials but every time while loading this gives out a critical error and the client crashes. EDIT: Never got to enter my port
  5. Aniket_Sengupta

    WOWs Steam

    Now that world of warships is available on steam, can I migrate to the steam version and play using the same account? I am not getting the general login screen but being asked to create a new account
  6. Aniket_Sengupta

    New Dispersion Guide

    One doesn't simply get immuned to RNGesus. High sigma can only restrain Him to some extent.
  7. Aniket_Sengupta

    New Dispersion Guide

    With a lot of people jumping aboard the new high tier premium BBs, I thought the following video should be helpful and hence the topic. Also applies for those torn between 406mm and 420mm in KM BBs. Definitive Guide to Dispersion by iChase Be sure to check his previous video on dispersion too.
  8. Aniket_Sengupta

    Doing well in horrible ships.

    The HE shells have less damage but 1/4 pen(less shatter), even the fire chance is decent which makes them really effective when targets aren't broadside.
  9. Aniket_Sengupta


    Win 10 more battles and see if you can get the emblem. If you get it its a bug and you have successfully exploited it.
  10. Honestly Co op should be the only battle mode for campaigns and missions. Campaigns are ridiculously affecting random and ranked battles. If WG wants to reward random and ranked players, it should be done only by factoring xp earned on single battle or top 3 in your team and the likes.
  11. Aniket_Sengupta

    German Cruisers or DD line?

    I really enjoyed the Hipper, can do literally everything with that ship, have the most battles with it, a 19 point captain and still play it to farm elite commander xp when in ranked or when I'm not playing my GK. I know Roon and hindenburg are good but that doesn't mean Hipper is bad. That said Yorck and Konigsberg might be good compared to other CA/CLs in their tiers but are detonation magnets, Nurnberg is the weakest, I prefer playing the Graf Spee at that tier. To conclude, in KM cruiser line the fun starts from tier 7.
  12. Aniket_Sengupta

    Old player planning to return to wows

    Graf Zeppelin.. oops nvm.
  13. Aniket_Sengupta

    Giving up on Ranked...

    T10 Ranked is definitely something to consider..
  14. Aniket_Sengupta

    Giving up on Ranked...

    Experience and credits are still too much focused on damage dealt, which is why people are getting away damage farming than trying to win. Coming first in your team regardless of win/loss has never been this easy for those willing to exploit it.