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    dead_man_walking abusing his power

    So I just got a warning from a moderator under the name (dead_man_walking) well here's my thoughts you are abusing your power and I think that is not fair you gave me a warning for breaking the rules of swearing, I make sure that all my cursed language is censored I'm not that dumb what would you prefer me to say the full F word or a censored version that still gets my point across well allowing me to express my anger without offending people, cause frankly nobody gives a **** if I was to curse, but I understand its against the rules so that's why I censor it I mean the game itself does it too in the form of chat pressing F11 and it says (son of a #$*&) so yea you warning me for this kind of behavior I find is not fair and you can't pretend to be little goody two shoes either cause I'm pretty sure you've done it a couple of times yourself. You have been trusted to warn people for using full offensive language not to harass people that censor the offensive language so yea I say again what would you prefer me to use, the full F word or to censor it out e.g "[content removed]*" and you better not give me a warning for this either cause I'm just trying to express a point I'm not doing this on purpose please don't be a douche its not fair on other people that feel angry but try their best to express their anger without offending people. Honestly if I get warned for this you will regret it. Do not use profanity on the forums. If you must self censor, it must be a fully censored, no working around it by leaving one letter uncensored. Disputing Mod/GM/Admin decisions. Post edited, user warned, thread locked. ~amade

    I have changed my mind WOWS is STUPID

    So I decided to go back to what I'm calling the World of Warships Stone Age all graphics and presets low as they can go, effects low and or off, lowered the Resolution to as low as it can go, soft particles, reduced fire effect and nothing works and you guys seem to think its my hardware but I doubt that I can run games like Grand Theft Auto V on all extremely high graphics and resolution and my computer runs fine. GTA 5 on my PC never ever crashes and lets face it GTA 5 is a much more high end game than World of Warships as well as that I just had a game and instead of crashing (every ship went invisible) all the ship markers and what not all went invisible, the map was telling me that I was the only one there, I mean granted the team line ups up the top were still there but everything else was gone, I had battleships nuking me from left and right and I couldn't see a damn thing, then straight after I explode I see 5 battleships less than 4 kms away from my ship 2 destroyers and 3 cruisers, now come on this can't be my PC it runs fine with every single game even World of Tanks doesn't crash on me but World of Warships is a totally different story, it crashes up to 14 times a day so I don't know what's going on I'm at a loss what do I do? Its grown to the point where I can only go without World of Warships for so long until I start playing it again so I can't really delete it, guys I'm getting really upset because its not my PC I had my friend come over who has done multiple computing courses and he says my PC is all good nothing wrong with it, so who do I believe my friend or the World of Warships Community who doesn't know me from a bar of soap. I'm sorry WarGaming if your staff members are reading this I give up I have lost all hope in World of Warships, it was a good run but in the end its just made me upset so no I quit instead of boiling myself down to the point where I swing a sledge hammer right through my PC I'm just gonna leave it at this and go. I'm done I'm through with it I thought I was gonna have fun and have many good times on World of Warships but at this rate I'm gonna end up being one of those people that gets so fed up with the game that I end up suing them and I don't want to do that at all WarGaming is still a good company they just need to work on World of Warships a little more so that it can suit PC's of all varieties.

    I have changed my mind WOWS is STUPID

    Omg xD I got the whole WarGaming Army on me RUN!!!

    I have changed my mind WOWS is STUPID

    I'm only stating what it says on the packaging I don't know if its the real specs or anything. PS yes I was over exaggerating about the PC price its real price was $14,850.90 NZD

    I have changed my mind WOWS is STUPID

    Chassis: MAINGEAR RUSH Chassis with Tempered Glass Sides Exterior Finish: Brushed Black Aluminum Motherboard: ASUS Z170-A Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 6500 3.2GHz/3.6GHz Turbo QUAD Core CPU 6MB L3 Cache Processor Cooling: EK Supremacy - Nickel Heat Exchanger Array: Premium Copper Core Radiators- 240 (2x120mm) + 360 (3x120mm) copper core solderless radiator with high airflow fans BiTurbo Pump Array: BiTurbo Dual Laing DDC Vario Pumps Reservoir: Dual Reservoir- 400mL Bitspower Oversized Reservoir and Redundent Backup Reservoir Tubing: SUPERSTOCK Crystal Hardline Tubing - Hand Crafted Hard PETG Acrylic Tubing With Chrome Fittings Coolant: [CLEAR] EKoolant extra pure, distilled, and deionized water MAINGEAR Redline Overclocking Service: Intel® Turbo Boost Advanced Automatic Overclocking Memory: 8GB HyperX® FURY™ DDR4- 2666 (2x4GB) [Dual Channel] Graphics Card: AMD Radeon RX 480 6TB with FreeSync [TUNED FOR VR ] GPU Liquid Cooling: Single Card EK Supremacy - Nickel Power Supply: 1200 Watt Corsair® Professional Digital Series AX1200i 80+ Platinum Certified Modular Power Supply ROHS Operating System Drive: [sSD] 250GB Samsung® 850 EVO [520MB/s Sequential Reads] [FREE OS DRIVE UPGRADE ONLY!] Optical Drive One: 8X Asus® DVD Burner External USB 2.0 Audio: On Board High Definition 8-Channel Audio Ethernet Adapter: On-board Gigabit Ethernet Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit Security Software: Avira AntivirusSo this is what I found on the packaging that my PC came in re-typed word for word.And I do have other games on here that I rarely play and during tests for upcoming updates I run an over-loader that pushes my PC to just near the limit of its capabilities in order to see how the game runs under stress it simulates the effects of several downloads multiple high end games running at the same time and multiple tabs and videos playing on the internet browser.

    I have changed my mind WOWS is STUPID

    War Gaming realize this I am quitting World of Warships because even for a $15,000 Rush Z170 gaming computer the game is too much it crashes and crashes and crashes and crashes and I never hear the end of it, I made a post earlier on asking for help they said reinstall the game I did that and well guess what now my game is crashing even MORE it crashes up to 14 times a day, I am not running my over-loader which I use for testing purposes, I have the game on low as [content removed] graphics to see if that would help it didn't so now I have decided because World of Warships is too much for a $15,000 computer I have decided to delete it for good also no I don't have any mods installed so that cannot be the issue please if anyone out there has any idea what is going on I will be happy to listen to your suggestions on how to fix this because I AM SICK TO DEATH OF IT!!!!!!!! Profanity. Post edited. User warned. ~dead_man_walking

    34 Crashes in 2 days why?!?!?

    Like I said I've already reinstalled my game I did it using the uninstall client provided by WG installed it again it was the NA server so I thought heck why not check on my NA account did that finally got the Asia server reinstalled now it crashes 2 times per battle.

    The Yamoto seems misplaced at T10

    Well if you want a good looking ship definitely if you want on par firepower with the likes of Iowa for a tier 10 ship well lets be honest thats just not that good.

    Purchasing gifts can anybody help me?

    Thats what I wanted to find out I mean the NA server has a lot more premium ships than the Asia server and having just one of them would make my friends jealous cause they can't buy them xD.
  10. You know I have always been wondering what if Japan had sided with America against the Germans during World War 2? If the two Navy's used their capital ships Yamato, Musashi, Iowa, New Jersey, Missouri and Wisconsin against the Germans what would that be like I think it would be fascinating to see how the battles would have played out and whether or not it would have saved the Yamato and Musashi to this day.

    34 Crashes in 2 days why?!?!?

    So I re-installed the game and now its crashing even MORE often so I don't know whats up before re-installing I was getting quite pissed at the fact that it had crashed 34 times in 2 days well now its crashing 2 times every battle and normally I average about 8 to 10 battles per day so you can see how this is really annoying me.

    Purchasing gifts can anybody help me?

    I have joined the NA server and opened a new account that's where I found out about all of these ships but because I haven't played more than 10 battles on that particular server I couldn't post on the forum for assistance with purchasing ships for my real account on this server.

    Purchasing gifts can anybody help me?

    Really... damn it
  14. Hey guys I have a question I noticed a lot of premium ships that are rare to find on the Asia server in the North American server how would I go about purchasing one of these ships from the NA server for another account on the Asia server, is it possible and if so how do I do it? I would really like to know as I have my eyes set on the Konig Albert. and a few other ships I've never even heard of.

    34 Crashes in 2 days why?!?!?

    That is absolutely right I'm having that exact problem however I'm thinking its something to do with my processor although my processor is an i7 6700k 4.0GHz/4.2GHz Turbo QUAD Core CPU w/ Hyperthreading 8MB L3 Cache so yea I'm not entirely sure I'll figure it out though.