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  1. Are you high? When has there been a Yamashiro in the game?
  2. Potatus_Maximus

    let's share what you got from Santa box!

    20 mega from wallet 20 mega and 20 big from existing resources
  3. Potatus_Maximus

    me again

    Has literally thousand plus det flags, doesn't use them, Goes 'REEEEEEE' after he gets detonated.
  4. Thank you very much good sir. @RalphTheTheatreCat
  5. Yaaaaaaar me Hearties. I'm going to plunder your treasure.
  6. Potatus_Maximus

    New premium ship spotted?

    Charleston is a log in reward for new players. It was the final reward in the daily log in chain.
  7. Potatus_Maximus


    Dunno. I think Yamato is ok as is. But that's just me.
  8. Potatus_Maximus

    So why is everyone choosing sharks?

    Bcos Sharks camo looks cooler.
  9. You have to play a battle to trigger the mission, then play a battle again to get your crate.
  10. Potatus_Maximus

    Azur Lane collab?

    Guess you didn't read the patch notes nor watch the patch summary video. The URL literally says azur lane. https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/common/american-cruisers/#azur-lane
  11. Potatus_Maximus

    high caliber is broken

    What's the team lineup?
  12. Potatus_Maximus

    birthday giveaway

    Give it to me, thank you very much.