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  1. mattski92

    WTF WG

    It's run by the same company despite it being in a different department so really the least they could do just like they've done on World of Tanks give the players the full WoWs experience rather than doing a half a**ed job at it (Minus CV's cause really i doubt it'll even function properly for the console version), But the point im setting across really is that you go in a t6 ship like the New orleans which is t7 for it's PC counterpart and you end up vsing a yamato which is t10 for it's PC counterpart do you really think that's a fair matchup? I like giving things a try so that's why i gave it a go but all im really asking here of WG is do the right thing and give other players a fair go instead of being lazy about it.
  2. mattski92

    WTF WG

    Let's kick it off I've recently tried out World of Warships: Legends, And i can say im not impressed with how the game has actually been put out there to the console players, Why aren't there a full tech tree just like World of tanks for console? Minus CV's cause lets be real that can wait, But the point is why put tier 9 and 10 ships at 7? I mean you're seriously putting those ships practically at more of an advantage cause they end up going against ships that are mean't to be a tier higher or lower at a dis-advantage cause really vsing a yamato which clearly is a t10 or GK and vsing ships in a sense that are either t6 or t7 in their actual retrospect and it's actually pretty sh*t so lets be real here WG get your act together and actually start doing things right than making things alot worser than it needs to be, Thanks for reading.
  3. mattski92

    A rework of the Penalize system.

    I still play regardless of the line up, But what I'm saying there could be a better system setup to maybe detect certain aspects of the game so then you're not punished wrongfully, And to put it blank if you wanna just go downstairs or where ever you have it and waste time just to unplug you're modem just because you hate the line up of a match then really why bother playing the game in the first place.
  4. Hi there let me get into depth here in regards of the topic at hand, And hopefully there can be a fix for it, It's come to my attention that whenever a player either team kills or leaves the game gets penalized which is fine and is a good idea, However that been said what about the players who either disconnect due to loss off connection whilst in-game or their PC crashes which can be out of our control only for the game to still penalize you for it and wondering if there can be a system in place to perhaps detect that so then it won't happen, Thanks for reading.
  5. mattski92

    Feedback thread for Update 0.8.4

    Okay, I don't know if this has been posted in regards to ranked battles but allowing rental tier 10's in it, I personally think it's a mistake on WG behalf same with clan battles allowing this cause you get players (new or on the rarity that it may be a old) Is that it makes my experience quite hard to enjoy cause you get them either not watching their flanks or not angling to bounce shells ect.., To me for the newer players they need more training before they are even allowed to use the rental boats cause i don't know if they are immediately allowed to use them once they've achieved the rank that unlocks (Random Battle mode), Not trying to be a douche but i personally think this needs working on more, Thanks.
  6. mattski92

    Technical issues found.

    Be patient, No need to get all fussy over it sure that WG are diligently working on a solution to the problem.
  7. mattski92

    My Steven Seagal captain

    Well damn i liked Steven D:
  8. mattski92

    My Steven Seagal captain

    Just wondering what happened to my Steven Seagal captain for my Missouri???????? Was it removed or a client side error?
  9. mattski92 performance drop?

    inb4 client crash.
  10. mattski92

    Client crashes

    Is anyone having client crashes when starting the game or reloading the client???????? And is the issue being addressed?
  11. mattski92

    Love Secret Santa

    [content removed] xD, Got any vodka anyone . Offensive/Inappropriate language. Post edited, user warned. ~amade
  12. mattski92

    any aussies playing?

    Originally from the Sunshine Coast QLD but moved to Sydney in "07" feel free to add me in-game xD.
  13. mattski92


    Unless you have the flag that gives back 20% health so in total you get 30% HP given to your ships total health.
  14. mattski92

    Wargaming Data Center

    There's really good data centre's here in Sydney actually also .