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  1. Aaditya_AJ

    What's your Warships music?

    This song on loop
  2. Aaditya_AJ

    Finally, the unicum secret is revealed!

    Lol this is some next level shiptoasting
  3. Aaditya_AJ

    In dire need of veterans to teach me to improve and etc.

    well Idk I never thought of getting 150s.. anyway when I play Z I mostly go to cap don't get in I'd rather wait it out till it starts being capped then I get in using my hydro (remember most of the time you can't really rush with the hydro not at the start of the game) so stay at the edge and never get into position where you'd get stuck while trying to run.. most of the time you get out spotted by the DDs of your tier.. after that your choice if you want to chase the DD or not I won't recommend chasing.. your torps load faster than most of the competition so better try to be spotting scaring the ships who are pushing up... If you're up tiered then go help a DD that doesn't have hydro maybe gearing or something else so that he doesn't derp and eat random torps... that's how I play tho.. I don't mind my avg damage but I'd rather win with 0 damage than lose with 100k damage..
  4. Aaditya_AJ

    My Current personal Target in WoWs

    yeah I miss him as well man....
  5. and my point being... I don't really care.. lol
  6. Aaditya_AJ

    In dire need of veterans to teach me to improve and etc.

    Before anything.. are you frustrated with losses and MM or are you frustrated because Z-23 giving you hard time?
  7. Well yeah when it comes to belfast it is OP and WG stopped selling it.. You are right there.. the BB's super heal that's because WG needed something to make the new line standout differently than other BB line so adds HE and super heal to T9 and T10 but iirc they wanted to give these BBs radar which were tested live and called out to be hilariously OP.. but yeah WG needs to stop with their Gimmicks.. Flamu is just some NA player who knows NA meta.. which is different from SEA meta.. so basically whatever it says is more towards NA rather than SEA.. Don't know about SirFoch but lets be honest he was cursing WG rather than giving feedback.. and got what was coming to him.. but playerbase now-a-days is like if we follow someone that person is always right and whatever he says are angelic words.. same goes with OP here flamu said it is OP so it is OP it doesn't matter if I don't know about the ship it frustrates me to face the ship..
  8. Aaditya_AJ

    My Current personal Target in WoWs

    Got Gearing lul... >didn't touch Japanese DD line Got Hindenberg, DM, Yamato, Montana, Worcester, GK,Moskva, Mino(rusting) Removed green (WoWs.today broke) not gonna care about stats anymore... Now Gonna work towards getting all the ships for which I got permanent camo from WG and fill in those 70 free port slots... Yes Long Term Personal Target....
  9. Aaditya_AJ

    Monaghan vs Sims as a Trainer

    As a trainer Sims.. but yeah needs some learning to gain most out of it...
  10. Unicums or Flamu? I see 2 different categories here unicums know what they talk about.. where as flamu most of the time thinks he is talking right (hence names himself shipjesus) there's a difference.. What Bots giving you trouble? then don't rush into the bots they'll shoot the closest ships to them...And it feels funny when me with my 586 battles explaining how bots work to player who has 3k co-op battles.. (but flamu doesn't tell you this does he?) In the end play this game or stop playing.. Get your own opinions., you got your own brain, WoWs account, get the ship you think(flamu thinks) is OP, Play it get an opinion(YOUR OPINION) then come down to forum and argue about it... Until then stop doing this nonsense....
  11. Aaditya_AJ


    now as per OP... Bought BB to train DD captain... so basically skills on his texas are PT>LS>SI>SE>TAE>CE *Giggles* anyway other than that... texas is an okay ship(until build for AA) then u can see them low tier CVs lose planes quick
  12. He is saying in general whole RN line is OP here so I mentioned the Conq and mino which are the bottom end of the Tree of each class and asked to master them.. putting it aside he doesn't even have British Cruisers over Caledon but still generalizes that British ships are OP.. He doesn't even have T9 ship(and only ship he has in T8 is bismarck) to begin with let alone having experience of high tier battle and hasn't even crossed 200 PvP battles.. I'd say his opinions are irrelevant until he gets good enough knowledge about PvP upto T8.. And Yes I'm Judging him by his stats...
  13. Aaditya_AJ

    tooo god damn players

    28Hrs and this thread is still going.... Where are Mods?
  14. Aaditya_AJ

    Brits. dd spoils of war

    Equip Signals :- Zulu(+20%), Wyvern(+50%), Scylla(+25%), Basilisk(+30%), Leviathan(+20%) (equip all if possible) Equip camo :- Revolutionary(+30%) or Ocean Soul (+20%) or Gamescom (+50%) or whatever camo gives you credits.. one game and ez 250k+ (but if you die in first min then your loss on the flags) Remember to put Juliet Charlie inb4 DETONATION
  15. Well @icy_phoenix and @drakon233 lets be Generous to the kid here... and Say British ships are OP But I seriously have a question for the kid.. If you have the opinion of British Ships are OP then why haven't you grinded them yet? I'll make you a deal... Get both Minotaur and Conqueror play them yourself and be the best in both of them or atleast be on the leaderboard for both ships then argue both ships are OP... But remember Co-op battles don't count.. Do it and show us the proofs Then we'll agree that British Ships are OP... Now can you do that? or Do you want to keep arguing about ships you didn't even play yet?