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  1. As for me playing a Colorado means you always have to plan ahead of every move you make(basically saying not ramming into islands being in the open knowing where enemy DDs are)... Angling is very important.. you can basically do lot more if you are in 10-14kms range AP all the way... always keep moving(not an easy target for DD's torps) Guns are accurate enough but depends upon your aiming... KGV is what you can say BB concentrated more on HE damage than AP(you need to shoot HE more than AP) Hence more fun to play... basically saying you play on the basis of enemy players being bad at their damage control usage... but I felt HE is more accurate than AP (the sigma is same tho) don't get me wrong but it is what I felt playing that ship.. In the end.. conclusion being what'd you want? Colorado a BB which makes you think where you need to be.. thinking ahead... a typical BB gameplay KGV the BB with HE fun... (burn them all) You also need to think about the end of the tree.. Montana or Conqueror which is new topic but know about these 2 ships then grind the whole line because after all that hard work you might or might not like the ships..
  2. Daily Containers

    Going straight to the point when I want flags I'd choose more signals and camouflages... same goes for each category of containers.. now when you say more resources I'd think of coal ofc... coal!!! I don't want anything else instead of coal... I'd be happy if you give me 1 steal because it is also a resource but why do you give me flags in resources???? Why? now I'm okay with free xp but why flags? there is separate category for flags!!! if I want flags I'd choose it... (nvm the campaign duplicate we get it in every container regardless of what we choose) I'd call Coal, Steel, Free xp, Commander xp, Credits(it has its own category of container) but please give me more coal instead of flags I got tons of flags.. I don't need more I can play thousands of games and still not run out of flags... I want coal instead of flags... End of rant...
  3. Server down or me only?

    okay please give me my premium time back... I cannot join the server
  4. Yeah I mean I knew it.. but there was this guy who said it was banned and put me in confusion.. Anyway thanks dude :)
  5. Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    I forget to post it here.. these are from last 2 months.. 6 of them are from missions, 1 is from collection other 4 are from daily containers... I want to conclude that I've tried getting SCs without premium time... and tried with premium time in the end I've got more containers with premium time than without... so I guess WG somehow made it that way... *just my caliculation inb4 you say I'm blaming for WG something... I've researched this and these are my results*
  6. Do you remember......?

    basically I remember this change other than anything else.......
  7. Juliet Charlie Signal

    Perhaps you need to read the whole thing before saying something? Talking about me being helpful or not, you made 2 posts and still no use to the main topic... maybe you need to think about your choices of time spending...
  8. Juliet Charlie Signal

    Is it too hard to read or is it Greek and Latin for you? Clearly says Eliminates the risk of your SHIP'S magazine detonation... Juliet Charlie is like the most common flag among DD mains and cruiser mains apparently you don't know how it works even after getting to shima... and you feel bullied?? just tell me is it the first time that happened? or did you just some how magically got to shima without having to grind lower tier DDs? Oh wait you used it for example... then what is your point exactly? If you don't remember what you said let me quote you again... I put in a picture to show that the signal is on & a picture to show that it Detonated. What exactly you mean by this? If You used the signal picture as an example? And I say this again nothing detonated in whatever screenshot you've posted.. It was incapacitated...
  9. Juliet Charlie Signal

    He should have got that question way before he had got shimakaze.. so stop trying to backing him up where he doesn't need and help him where he needs it.. why concentrate on my post instead? hypocrite.. And if you can't see what I actually said I'll quote it again and make it bold for you to read So you didn't see this part.. huh?
  10. Juliet Charlie Signal

    No no no no....... Let me actually digest it in.... HE ACTUALLY SAYS TORPS DETONATED!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA... LIKE HE ACTUALLY SAYS TORPS DETO!! It is Torpedo tubes.... and they are not detonated.... they are incapacitated which obviously can be repaired BUT!!!!!! STILL HE ACTUALLY MADE A POST ABOUT JULIET CHARLIE AND HIS TUBES BEING INCAPACITATED!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA FUNNY SH....... FUNNY SHOW.... um... please tell me this is troll post.... or I'll die laughing...
  11. I can't enter the clan tab.

    You know, your name makes it harder for the game to operate to it's full potential...
  12. Chat banned again

    >chat banned>sent a ticket>ban lifted>still waiting for reply.....
  13. What's wrong with this clan?