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  1. Aaditya_AJ

    Overview of 2019

    Broken ships are rushed where as delayed ship releases are balanced just enough so that good player could advantage from it while not so good one would end up not being good at it. In the end saying you're getting unbalanced ship at the same time angry about late ship releases is like (I'm having hard time to find the right word/example here so I'm leaving it to your imagination)
  2. Aaditya_AJ


    Usually I'm a huge downer and like to say sarcastic BS. but oh well Well done...
  3. Aaditya_AJ

    One reason why I prefer to stay in Asia is....

  4. Aaditya_AJ

    Research B

  5. Aaditya_AJ

    [content removed]

    Surely in your mind you didn't say lot of things while the truth is something else
  6. Aaditya_AJ

    [content removed]

    How about adopt to the situation?
  7. Aaditya_AJ

    Buff German ships' turret traverse speed

    they are not slow.
  8. Aaditya_AJ

    Rogue Wave Event

    You see. as per WG everything they put out in the patch is perfect and fine 98% of the times. And it is always the playerbase which doesn't like the changes they make.
  9. To put it simply, when it comes to Supertesters and Test servers there are very less and not very elastic to the skill levels. like Mostly STs are average, good, very good at the game and passionate about the game. So whatever they test couldn't totally work on live server so for the balancing purposes they HAVE to test them. because the data gain from ST server is different from data gained from live servers. As Live servers consist of casuals, Potatoes, Tomatoes, drunken sailors which provides more refined data as how the damage rates are how well the ship can do etc etc.. It is very important for them to test the ships on live server. Or else we'll have CV situation whenever they release new ship or a line even in that matter.
  10. Aaditya_AJ

    how to rank

    yeah give rental CVs
  11. Aaditya_AJ

    RANK/d TX[12th] (and C-vee)

    True Just Dodge Play something else? GIVE RENTAL CVs!!!!! They are balanced enough to be in game then why not give them as Rentals. I call it BIASED Towards Surface ships... No U Pray that you have worcester in a game where you use gearing good tip. REALLY HELPS kek
  12. Aaditya_AJ

    huge nerf in a WRONG way

    LOL T6 and T8 CVs have best AA what do u mean T6~T8 ship's AA are piece of trash..
  13. Aaditya_AJ

    No.2 Legendary Battleship

    ok this was amazing af....
  14. Aaditya_AJ

    WarGaming, Please remove Rental ships for Ranked

    Give CVs as Rental already... sigh
  15. Aaditya_AJ

    Post From NA (Continuous AA DPS Explained)

    Another example... Different effects depending on the menu you're in?