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  1. CV Queue Times

    Why play CV in the first place?

    um... I almost have same setup(1050 ti) and didn't notice any change...
  3. you must be playing with all upgraded modules then
  4. this game is literally unplayable

    Dropped to 30... And here I am happy with 25fps
  5. CV-get rid of them already.

    why would I want to get them banned.. I was just talking about my experience as I get banned because of one comment and next day there is another person who says same thing and he doesn't get banned because Bias... and I'm sure I'll get banned because of this(or even my post getting edited) Going back to topic Having any kind of CV in the same battle either it be a bad player or a good player it is still frustrating.. If it is a good player then he'll just damage all the ships, In Domination he'll look after caps so that enemy DD won't be able to cap(game ending soon), will probably steal kills, Rage at own team for not bringing DFAA(cuz enemy team gets all DFAA by miracle or that's what he love to think).. Now for bad player 11 players will be mad at him cuz he ain't doing his job..(probably good thing is enemy cv will compliment him cuz he made enemy CV's life extremely easy)
  6. CV-get rid of them already.

    We'd get banned not them... Cuz all of the rules apply to us than to everyone on the forum
  7. Get free goodies from Twitch prime

    WHAT THE HELL!!! what should I do now??? =_=
  8. Stolen kills

    I don't bother with K/D as for me it only matters how much average damage and WR I have compared to an average player playing WoWs.. So if you think other players stealing kills is making your xp gain low, it doesn't.. you have to do the damage in order to make any influence upon the xp gain..
  9. this game is literally unplayable

    Every time they update this game it breaks even more..
  10. ATAGO inigma

    Kek no matter what in good hands Atago is just amazing... So OP just try not to show broadside to people and you are totally fine with the atago..And the HE alpha it provides is incredible you can make 7k volleys easily if you can hit 7 shells of 10 fired.. The heal and maneuverability compensates for it's lack of armor but you need to be active to make any impact on the game If you are getting devastriked then it is your fault for not being active(for help you can use incoming fire alert) and the concealment of the ship is very good for it's tier and it can invisitorp if you are good enough.. I see some people complain about AA but I feel AA is okay too (not great to shoot down planes like Kutuzov but enough to make planes do panic drop which means you can dodge torpedoes with your maneuverability... And It's AP is good too it is just that it needs some getting used to if you are not familiar with ships like Mogami or Ibuki even.. I hope this helps And good luck with Atago in the future because it is best ship second to Kutuzov..
  11. what I was trying to say.. but hey people have dreams xD Funnily enough I stripped all the captains off the DDs and re-distributed the points to put the captain on cruisers or battleships xD Uniscum :kappa: Whole discussion is about the stats and to include them into MM right? so lul we can't leave player stat out of the topic xD "Always check stats before talking to them." -Harpoon01
  12. Those are fake stats to make people listen to me (as forumers tend to listen to people with good stats) And these are my Real stats Coming to topic WG has never implemented Skill based MM and never will as there are less amount of unicums not to mention they mostly division with unicums.. so in the end players will have to wait in order to get into battles as MM is trying hard to match the skill of 2 teams...(talking about one of the examples about skill based MM there are a lot more to consider than just that) And in the end there will be another post from you saying What is wrong with matchmaking (Long Queue Times) So leaving it at that is better solution than changing it and making it worse
  13. Bad players? Am I one of them
  14. disable death cam badges

    I like it.. because it says how dishonorable it is to die without seeing the battle through to victory...
  15. what's the best way to drive CVs to extinction STOP PLAYING THEM