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  1. This doesn't work like that abymore. If you put the files into "content" folder they are applied to all ships. If they are in "PnFMods" they are applied only to one ship. Since I didn't want to break everything I decided to recompile Fletcher as a standalone ship - now when you install it via modpack the files are applied only to Fletcher - in that way you can install other skins without caring about object skin sharing. Also if you delete something from PnFMods/<mod_name> the mod stops orking - it needs to be whole and solid. You can't remove files from it anymore. Also "PnFMods" has higher priority over "content" folder - so if you have a model in "content" and in "PnFMods" only the second one will be applied
  2. just install it via modpack. I applied it's turrets only to him. Benson has now its own design of turrets too
  3. Ah thank you I just forgot to include it into the table... Fixed
  4. What main page you mean? This one on RU forum? I didn't stop anything - but the forum has restictions to the number of pictures in post that's why I post links to imgur albums and not screenshots directly. Also you should rememeber that I didn't release any skins recenlty - as I remember my last one was Yamato as Midway Princess - after that I was busy only with modpack and skin updates - new instruments gave me possibility to upgrade almost all my skins.
  5. You can try this tool to get what you want
  6. I want to get rid of Glow Pack - it's too big and not very comfortable - I always have to update it to include new textures that appear with every patch. New method allows me and other modders to apply glowing to each module separatedly without affecting everything else) It's very difficult to create skins for ships that share modules with others (for example, Missouri, Montana and Iowa share same model of main guns). New method creates each skin alone so it doesn't affect anything else. It makes skins bigger (for example "old" Missouri was about 6mb and now it's more than 24) I don't change skins (mostly because I'm not the author of all of them) but I update their file structure so they use different mechanics to appear in game. Unfortunately it takes VERY much time (in the beginning it took me about 30-40 minutes to update one skin - now it takes only 10-15). I also update some small bugs and errors that can be seen on ships (it concerns only my skins) - they are mostly invisible but I see them and I want to remove them So it's a big update and bugfix. I will publish new modpack in time (thursday evening to be precise - when I return home from work and update the client - so I will be able to compile new modpack version and test it)
  7. As I see from 0.6.0 test the skins won't be broken
  8. Yes sure. It's ModAPI It's not released to public yet but some ships can already be modified by using it. Here is the post in Russian forum where it is explained. And here is a brief instruction how I use it to make ship skins: Now we can get rid of Glow Pack and create custom skins without looking at other ships that can be affected by our mods I hope that was quite understandable... I was planning to publish this instruction when I'm finished with my modpack but since the questions are already here... Download ModsSDK (as I said it's not released yet so the developers lend this archive to the modders personally) and extract it to res_mods\x.x.x.x\PnFMods in order to get this folder - res_mods\x.x.x.x\PnFMods\ModsSDK Create an empty file res_mods\x.x.x.x\PnFModsLoader.py (please notice that letter size matters! is you create pnfmodsloader.py it won't work) in PnFMods create a folder with your desired mod - for example GSC9_RED_KNIGHT_Roon_Rory In this folder you should create a file Main.py that contains this text: The symbol # means that the line is "commented" and does not affect the code. The modname is the name of the folder that you've created in p.3, the ship name must be taken from the ModsSDK folder. Launch the game (better laucnh it without any other mods) and wait a little - the client will follow the python command an extract Roon's files according to ModsSDK Close the client when you see the login window (it won't launch anyway) Comment the line with extract and uncomment the register line in Main.py Look at the folder GSC9_RED_KNIGHT_Roon_Rory - there appeared a new folder GSC109_Roon that contains all dds, visuals and mfm files for most of objects that correspond to this ship - hulls, guns (secondaries and AAs too), radars and so on. Since it's nly pre-release we don't see boats, searchlights and other things but even what we have is awesome Now you can replace original files that are extracted from the client with modified ones. They will affect only this ship (so Missouri's main guns won't be applied to Iowa and Montana). Also you get access to the mfm files where you can modify the shades used by this object (no need to keep modified shader folder in res_mods - you can easily point your object to the original ones): Spoiler <GSC016_Roon_1945.mfm> <materialKind> 0 </materialKind> <collisionFlags> 0 </collisionFlags> <fx> shaders/std_effects/PBS_ship_emissive.fx </fx> <property> metallicGlossMap <Texture> PnFMods/GSC9_RED_KNIGHT_Roon_Rory/GSC109_Roon/ship/GSC016_Roon_1945_mg.tga </Texture> </property> <property> normalMap <Texture> PnFMods/GSC9_RED_KNIGHT_Roon_Rory/GSC109_Roon/ship/GSC016_Roon_1945_n.tga </Texture> </property> <property> diffuseMap <Texture> PnFMods/GSC9_RED_KNIGHT_Roon_Rory/GSC109_Roon/ship/GSC016_Roon_1945_a.tga </Texture> </property> <property> ambientOcclusionMap <Texture> PnFMods/GSC9_RED_KNIGHT_Roon_Rory/GSC109_Roon/ship/GSC016_Roon_1945_ao.tga </Texture> </property></GSC016_Roon_1945.mfm> Here is an example how I reworked Roon's skin. The content folder is renamed because I want to keep in case of errors but I don't want it to affect anything
  9. Yes you should I have now a tool that gives me the means to apply these turrets only to Fletcher. But right now I'm updating the whole modpack. I have to rework almost all skins that are present there so it takes tons of time. I'm not even sure that I will succeed to update everything till next patch. So please be patient It took 3 hours for to update 7 skins. 42 others are waiting in queue...
  10. Heh lucky you We didn't get a thing
  11. I've seen only one super container in my life. So I even don't know what are you tAlki g about
  12. Sure you can. Open the original camouflages.xml and remove all entries that correspond to the ship that needs camo removed - the others will stay camouflaged. Sounds easy but takes too much time that's why no modder will take this job (sure not me)
  13. since it's a us ship and all us ships are black (or close to black) I just use imagemagick scripts to paint all misc content to black that's not fair but it works rather good. Sometimes wg adds new objects so I have to redo the operation. All these misc modules are included in the modpack and get updates. In several days these bombs will be repainted.