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    No need to introduce NTC if WG need more active human players

    IF WG have a useful way to control the BOTS in random game, i can accept this NTC system. but they haven't. It can be expected that most players just will have +1 ships, +2+3 is a overly havey task to normal player. if someone spend more and more time than me on WOWS, a little buff which doesn't affect balance is acceptable. but i think lots of people will use BOTS instead of hands to get this. it's UNFAIR. and I am worried about that, if we accpet this precedent, when WG want +4+5...+13 ships to increase their player activity/income, how can we refuse it? WG:we think it is cooooooooooooool, and u guys can accept +3 ships so +13 ships is absolutely apposite. i dont want that i MUST use +3 ships in RANK/CW to avoid a big disadvantage at beginning. This trend has now appeared: We MUST have a special plugin if we want use Gearing/Yamato/DM/Henri in CW/RANK/KOTS. a special plugin will spend us at least 60 battles at tier X-----and what about a +3 ship? TLNR: i want WG control BOTS NTC system MUST not available for CW/RANK/KOTS
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