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  1. RAW_beef_OWLER

    4 Goal Haul

    Ok. No worries secret. Thanks for the reply by the way. ALL the best for you.....except when you have me in your sights and I am low on health!!...LOL
  2. RAW_beef_OWLER

    4 Goal Haul

    AH WELL. SecretIdentity. THAT was the question or didn't you read? "Has this stopped...." No need to be rude. Maybe a more precise answer would be to rearrange your words...4 Goal Haul has been removed. It's in the patch notes. ALL the best. SEE it's soooo easy! Not everyone knows everything like you!
  3. RAW_beef_OWLER

    4 Goal Haul

    Hi. Today, 22nd Nov 2018, I had 4 kills but no "4 Goal Haul" medal was given. Has this stopped or is this a bug?
  4. RAW_beef_OWLER

    Some cometic suggestions

  5. RAW_beef_OWLER

    Some cometic suggestions

    I just want to make some suggestions to maybe make the game better (By .0001% ) 1. When people are on the border it is harder to shoot them, can it be that when the numb noise starts the firing clock on shooting weapons pauses till they get off the border, then resume? 2.Change colour of the "Leave queue" button to a warning colour of orange or red to be different to "Start" button. 3.The camera in port stays where you left it. (It goes back to default position in time.) 4. Can the results stay a little bit longer at the end of game? 5. There is no incentive to buy Premium if base xp is at non Premium level. Thank you, ALL the best.
  6. RAW_beef_OWLER


    Same advantage of afking in ranked But I can't see Any advantage. You sit there and your team is down by one player, all things being equal this means that you come out with a win ratio of much less than 50%. 1 less -player in ranked could make the win ratio as low as 25% as these matches are so close normally, that even a live player can lose it for you. I am not arguing, I just want to know what the advantage is that everyone is saying you have by AFKing. Also if the game crashes mid battle, do your guns stay where they are or return to starting position?
  7. RAW_beef_OWLER


    I can't see why anyone would go AFK on purpose. Can somebody explain, cause everyone seems to be getting angry. The game used to crash a lot for me, normally close to the start, and I would spend minutes getting back into the game. So to everyone else I was AFK, but really the game had crashed. I noticed a few versions ago of Public Test as the round finished it would crash as the Victory /Defeat was just about to come up, meaning I couldn't get the stats for that round when I relogged in, and this happened maybe close to ten times. ( In three days for PT that is a lot.) I think a lot of the crashes were due to an old graphics card. I have a new computer and all seems good, my point is I wasn't doing it on purpose and I don't know what advantage anyone gets from being AFK.
  8. RAW_beef_OWLER

    Missing Flags after update.

    I have only just noticed but I am sure i am missing flags. My Zulu Hotel flags were at about the same amount as my other "Economic" flags of around 200 give or take 20 or so. Now i have none. Is there any way W.G. can check this?
  9. RAW_beef_OWLER

    Language on Update 18.05.2017

    OK FIXED!! Well almost. I had to go out when i came back saw advice then changed language to Japanese and back...didn't work. CHANGED BATTLE TYPE from co-op to Random...fixed. Changed back to co-op russian back again. So problem fixed thanks everybody for all your help. Vincent
  10. RAW_beef_OWLER

    Language on Update 18.05.2017

    Above is the best i can do at the moment
  11. RAW_beef_OWLER

    Language on Update 18.05.2017

  12. RAW_beef_OWLER

    Language on Update 18.05.2017

    Ok. I shut it down and restarted, still in Russian. How do you take screen shot? The ways i normally take shots doesn't work.
  13. RAW_beef_OWLER

    Language on Update 18.05.2017

    No mods just straight. I am a noob so i will shut it down and start again, see what happens.
  14. RAW_beef_OWLER

    Language on Update 18.05.2017

    I posted on general Discussions "Update on 18.05.2017 W.O.W.s Asia Language" and i am told i should have posted here. On the Campaigns page the three "In progress" task buttons are now written in Russian, instead of English as normal.
  15. RAW_beef_OWLER

    Update on 18.05.2017 W.O.W.s Asia Language