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  1. ArchKongou

    Whats your favourite camouflage?

    I got 50 camouflages to choose, so..... Why not all. But still, kongou is love......
  2. ArchKongou


    Neh. It's not WG told us the "fake news". But then again, this is the game where "hopes, dream & money" come first. Go figure. P/s: Im agree with the others. Just get urself a Musashi.
  3. ArchKongou

    IJN CA/DD buff... for reals?

    Finally, WG show some love to IJN DD. Oh wait, no love to Aki. Why????? (Despite she & her sister a AA support DD's).
  4. I'll skip it. Prefer Sushi over Fart. Already have Tier 9 BB Miso which already granted me superb credit grinding. Save my coal for Salem & FXP for Alaska.
  5. ArchKongou

    Graphics Card temps in port

    So I'm running the stress test between just staying at the port & when entering the battle; to find it out. Since the OP using GTX 1080, I swap my current GPU I'm using and put my GTX 1080 (Gigabyte Extreme Gaming 6GB GDDRX5). Since I'm too free & my GTX1080 just sitting in my shelf after I jump to RTX2080Ti, so just want to do the stress test to see the result by myself. 1/ As for GPU config: For the stress and performance stress, the driver software version I'm using is 399.24. On OC setting, I just set it to stock config (no boost), while in Advance OC, I set it up with Gaming Mode. As for game setting , I set everything to high. 2/ Additional setting, I run my G-Sync monitor with 100Hz fresh rate & run the game with 3440x1440p. I adjust the "manage 3D settings" by changing the power management to Maximum Performance -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Result so far: 1/ While I'm running the game, enter the port & stay about 5 mins, GPU temp shows 69ºC-70ºC with GPU core load read at 88% & the GPU power run at 78%. The game framerate run at 73-75 fps. The GPU fan speed run at 1757 RPM 2/ As I'm in battle, surprisingly the GPU temp decrease to 65ºC - 67ºC with GPU core load read at 67% & the GPU power run at 70%. The game framerate run at 61-75 fps. The GPU fan speed decrease to 1657 RPM. 3/ After the match, I just stay at port again for 5 mins. My GPU temp shows 70ºC-73ºC with GPU core load read at 85% & the GPU power run at 72%. The game framerate run at 73-75 fps. The GPU fan speed increase to 1960 RPM. To warp it up, the GPU seems running high at port due to: 1/ The game settings (the resolution & graphic config). 2/ The GPU have to run the rendering & animation, including the micro model in the port. Unlike the battle map most of the model were static & less menu tab to jump different game layers. 3/ Since I'm also learn with CAD program & not to mention that seems the game run similar like AutoCAD for rendering, the game have to run lots... I mean a LOTS of LAYERS in background especially when you try or look different ships, camo, ships modules, flags,port & the animation. As for why GPU less stress in battle, u should know that the max ships to render in the game were 12 , the ships is already set by every player& the settings & the game maps are already "LOCK" by the game engine itself when entering the Battle Mode, which u cant change anything after that. Unlike when u in port, where u have a lots layers and models to run, lets say that if u have 30 unlock ships with different hull, 30 different of camo's, 30 different flags, 30 different captian skin, so everytime u changing ur ships or skin, the game have to swap from a thousand layers until the game gets whats appearance ships (layers) u wanted. Not to mention the port animation that I mention before & more tabs menu to access different layers to generate. So that's why u see when u changing the ships u will get a "little lag" to process the rendering. A lot of task to be done.
  6. ArchKongou

    Graphics Card temps in port

    Do u running test to check the temperature and performance run when running the game?
  7. ArchKongou

    Concealment Expert

    Legendary upgrade is WG most biggest mistake. Shouldn't come in 1st place. Oh wait...its a "good moneymaking" marketing.
  8. ArchKongou

    Concealment Expert

    Finally I can save more points on AA build or Secondaries Build.
  9. ArchKongou

    Ranked-Kamikaze edition.

    My Nicholas say "Hi" to kamikaze. Since I'm more to gunboat, so.......
  10. ArchKongou

    New Ranked Season

    Good idea, but reward is meh... I mean flags? Geez.....cheapskate.
  11. ArchKongou

    IJN BB line is kinda boring right now -_-

    I rather WG focus on IJN DD's rather than IJN BB's.
  12. ArchKongou

    jus wth is wrong these 3 days

    Your misfortune, is somebody's luck for now. You will get your turn, but not for now. Release yourself and do other stuff. Play other mode, or just off from the game and do other stuff.
  13. ArchKongou

    New Mexico for current Op?

    Real man play small botes, act as a carry for ur team and role the sea like a boss. Lucky for me today that I have 3 DD's in my team and most of my team die early before reach the final wave. No matter, if u know how to carry for ur team u will doing fine anyway. At the same time u can spam as many ribbons and damage as much as u can; till all ur enemy gone and ur team secure the win with full stars.
  14. I know making a game coding to against those exploiter or botter may take time but it will help a lot. If WG have "balls" to handling this matters like the other game company does such as in Guild Wars 2 or Monster Hunter World that would be great. In the end it's up to the game developers themselves to decide when it comes to their community messing with the game. Although it lead to the developer making changes that benefit everyone for long term profit or deliver the damage and being "dead server" for not reacting quickly enough due to wanna fast profit . As for WG, here's one thing I want to tell u. One thing is for sure, staying quiet on these matters is never a good sign and as the creators of the game, you as the game developer must render a verdict on these matters. While you will piss off some of your community, you are still responsible for your content and playing dumb is never a wise choice as one bad response can come back to haunt you if there are future situations to deal with. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Since people comes drag with EULA, here the thing u need to know: 1/ The EULA or Terms of Service is a "CONTRACT" of agreement with the developer/publisher of the game and is not a LAW. You cannot be persecuted for breaking this contract, but your service can be canceled. It just a freaking contract...like a job u know. This is a piece of misinformation that a lot of people are throwing around out there. 2/ There is no actual “International Law”. These statements will apply to EU and NA and are very likely to apply to most developed countries with a free market and some kind of democratic features. However, if u breaking the Terms of Service of the game and therefore you may lose the right to play the game you bought. With other words: The worst case is that you get banned from the game. The terms of service of a game are not law, but part of the buying contract that you have with a game provider. That's also mean that they can change or update something in the game as long they keep the update to the game communities & if u don't like it the only u can do is just leave the game. Sound a bit unfair but that the reality. 3/ To make it simple, if the game developer try to sue you with their "EULA", mind u keep your lawyers close or relocate into the far East, Asia or Russia (ehem....If u get cough by cheating or selling hacks to other players). Same goes when u try to sue them, it wont work to them as well, since the EULA is merely just a contract. Both parties can break it. Unless ur country government step up & try making their to interfere with it. So far EU has the strict regulation on gaming right now....and those gamers from EU should thanks to EA for this.