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  1. NO NO NO SH1T

    2 years ago, they said this as well. Oh well, it's WG. Its the game full with "DREAMS AND HOPES". But then again, this is the game where "SONAR AND RADAR GO THROUGH ISLAND". GGWP INB4MYPOSTWILLDELETEDDUETOFAKENEWS.
  2. But...but...but, My ARP Kongo using SE. And its works like a charm (Blast brain-dead cruiser got cough showing broadside to me)
  3. Right Click Report Options

    Ahhh, another karma thread. Just like gold old days.....
  4. Banzai bonsai to 4th year

    Same. All my SC comes with those stupid camos and flags...... Again......... I don't really care with those stupid exchange credit, FXP, camos & flags. My credit, flags and camo's become too much until it became a pile of junk in my port (because I don't know what to do with it). All I want is recourse material such as coal and steel. The more I'm hoping for it, the more I got those "piece of junk" stuff I'm not hoping for. Damn it.
  5. Lets go - post your best ranked memes

    Quick WoW's Guide 101 for Rank Battle Season for Dummies: No 1. Summary of WoW's pub player on rank... ================================================== No2. Summary for WoW's Teamplay in Rank battle: \ ================================================== No.3 Summary for situation when ur team led the game early of the match but throw the match at the end: ================================================== No. 4 Summary for the best role if u wanna start pick the ships in the battle. ================================================== No. 5 Summary for when ur ships got focus by enemies ships. ==================================================================================== To sum all of it, here the simple way to win the rank battle:
  6. Most DD players are bad

    Somebody fall to the bait.........
  7. About the number of dd in operations

    More DD not suited in the game? My last match today for this week Operation, we have 3 DD's in the game with no cv & no BB's. We still manage to get 5 Stars. I play variants of DD's for tier 6 operation. I dare to say most of them I become 1st and 2nd on the leaderboard. But my favorite will be Farragut & Fushun, which I always grind with both of them. Most of the time I got full Russian. This is some of the gameplay with Farragut. U can even farm many ribbons and citadels with it. It feel so good u being top of the lead despite u just a small boat.
  8. 100 Sierra Mike. Nice, more turbo for my DD's. Muahahahaha.
  9. Tactics and Strats for SEA Server

    As for myself as a DD player, mind u that almost 99% of my game in Random doing by solo. The only time I go div are when clan war or doing operation. The first thing I will look at is what kind of my enemy ships are using. Knowing ur opponent ships very crucial since u need know what their consumable, concealment, strength & weakness. I know whenever I play DD, things such as radar abuse, hydro & spotter will be my "true enemies", so adapting play style to handle it is very important. Position urself where u can escape or cover from ur enemy shells. I always keep my mind how long and range do my enemy radar or hydro have once they pop-up. DO not return fire when u see enemy have the upper-hand, conceal urself from enemy sight & return when everything is cooldown Secondly is learn when u need to go deeper & when to not. Some of DD's just go "zerg rush" cap without watching the minimap and what their up to later. Some of them also just only thing to get farm damage fast, but end up die alone. If u know that u can't handle the enemy that u cant handle with, learn to scout and kite them, so ur team can kill it for u. U don't need to farm damage quickly. Provide vision for ur team so they can help u to defeat ur opponent. Take advantages when u see the good opportunities comes. Here's my confession, most of the kill I got is from KS (killing steal), yeah, I'm a (b-word - name it what u want). Third, learn to properly understand ur ships. Try each module that can giving u advantages in the map. There's a lot of guide and replay u can get to build ur ships. Last but not lease, don't afraid to lose. Yes, there a part its hard to accept that u done well but ur team still lose due some certain factor, but yeah it's a game. There will be a winning and losing side. Ur misfortune is somebody fortune, u never know what coming up later. There's a part I'm telling myself I prefer be useful and perform very well despite losing; rather than winning but lack performance due to my mistake & my team have to carry for me. As my tough on BB and Cruiser gameplay, I'm may hand down since despite I'm play them, I'm still not good at it due to fact I hate being stationary &snipe like a scrub (despite I'm a BB's player before). I'm more to aggressive & enjoy myself being a lurker, scout or flanking role in the game.
  10. WG failed to clamp down on BOT

    Wow, same mate. Just met him twice yesterday. Sail straight to the mid cap. Bad for my opponent team. With logic who on earth, who play a cv and sail straight to ur enemy. I feel sympathy for them, of course after the cv dead, our opponent become passive and the game ruin just like that. Even I also frustrated if he/she in my team. I don't mean to shame the player, but I have to agree with everyone here, the bot seems very actively. It's a shame those bot ruin everyone day.
  11. Question about Alaska

    Because it's America & America cannot lose. Last but not lease, it's for money.....
  12. So I'm still in confusion

    Not sure u just being stupid, or just a plain idiot. It's like asking, "Why Patrick not the main character, since he's a Star".
  13. T8 - Just go for Loyang. Oppssss. Anyway Akizuki quite fun but really u have to endure her sluggish rudder and speed. Kiev quite fun as well but her concealment ain't that great. T9 - There a lots of DD's u can pick as ur choice. Most of the were excellent even u play in Tier 10 match Fletcher- Superb manuver and great torps. U can use DFAA option in exchange to Speed Boost, which is useful to kill the scout plane or run urself from CV. Or just get black instead. Cheng Mu- Similar with Flecher but with Deep Water torps and radar (but u have to give up ur smoke consumable in exchange. (or just get urself Black if u want both of them in one package) Kitakaze quite fun as well if u go for gunboat DD. T 10 - Russian DD top of the pack. Don't ask why............because it's WG Others u can pick Shima or Gearing if u go for torp DD's build. __________________________________________________________________________________________ p/s: Friendly reminder, high tier full with pedophile that want to hunt u by abusing all the loli's with Radar. So keep in ur mind the radar range & their CD of the specific Radar ships.