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  1. Some wisdom from old folks to share, "You don't like it, you just stop and leave it. There's no point you continue with it because in the end, you just hurt & make a fool to yourself"
  2. What? WP is well known as "well played" and yet they mistaking by interpreted its as "Warpack". That's the most stupidest thing I've ever heard. Well, what do u expect on "square-speaking-server" BTW thanks for clarify it. I often use to spam /gg or /omg emotion in RO long time ago whenever my party go to dungeon, PK or Guild War. That time people doesn't care about it & the emotion were design in the game are pretty cute. Even got killed everybody have a good laugh. (Its been 15 years since 2002 when the game came out, ahhh.........what a good old memories, now I feel like oldfag....geez) I use to see GG FLAT or GG EZ back in Starcraft:BW, whenever we saw player doing zerg-rush and destroy opponent base. I don't know about DoTA though (sorry not DoTA fag).
  3. Wow, this is something new to me. I've been this game for long time (7000++ battles) & now I know "gg"or "ggwp" is an insult (what kind of definition of "ggwp" cause the insult anyway?) ..................................... Whenever we win the battle in random or our team manage to get 5 star in scenario battle, all of us type (including me) ggwp & press F11.
  4. Use Hindenburg, bow on and play it like a BB's. Yes its possible.
  5. **Wait for Chapa, Moskva, DM, Mino, Mighty Mo & Black popup their radar** -Dream-
  6. Just finish my game with cv. Got instant 2 report for losing battle. Heck I got clear sky achievement for saving my allied from enemy's plane. Oh well, just another day, carry on.
  7. bug report

    You have a very powerful pc. And yet u snap the screenshot with a mobile phone..
  8. Having play 3 server (SEA, NA & RS). Just like the others said, SEA known for torpedobeat origin where most of them play DD's & cruisers and not surprise the amount of CV player here quite high (despite AA power creep). Kiting (most annoying one), torpedoes & HE spam are normal in here. At the same time, most of cruiser & DD players in mid or high know what their doing - despite some potatoes in few games doing yolo and make themself become F3 spam for their enemy. Most of the game determine with the one who carry for the team. 1 mistake from any party will determine lose / win in the game. About communication, some of the player can talk English but most of the chat channel u will see □□□□□□ While in NA, I'm not surprise almost every tier in their game will have at lease half of each team will play BB's (even in low tier (1&2) battle). Most of the game determine with fire-power & the game quite slow phase. Camping? I though SEA are bad, but NA are even worst. Max range sniping are not surprising especially in high tier game. IJN DD's are really really rare in low / mid tier battle. Most of them prefer gunboat DD's such as USN & VMF DD's line (a.k.a let the gun do the talk). Communication not a problem at there, despite u will see some rage from the other (but its quite fun to watch) & if u feel lucky u will see someone using Mexican. As for RS server, most of them play like russian-style , thanks to great amount of event and reward. Everybody play farm damage and kill as much as they can to complete their reward. But god, its hard to chat with them & if they know u are outsider & u play badly, get ready to be the victims of instant -1 karma or team kill or ur team will abandon u (because u are useless).
  9. ...................................... Geez it just a game,live it and move on folks.
  10. The ships never OP. The one who make them become OP is the one who knows well the ships they use and use them to the fullest. Even u have a good ships in ur hand but play with no brain, u still end up being rekt by the others. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not having Montana (only got awesome Mighty Mo in USN line, since I'm more to KMF BB's), but one thing for sure that Yamato still can be defeated. Love to play my Akizuki despite she's slow, only tier 8 & always end up at tier 9-10 battle; almost 90% of the match I ended up at there. Still I'm enjoy burn up the Yamato (muh DPM) while giving them a very hard time.
  11. You like it, you take it. You don't like it, you just pass it. Anyway, you only got another regular captain but with "special ability" and few cosmetic as reward. Yeah,nothing genuine. Carry on to the next...............
  12. Hard mode? Play killer whale with 4 player using Anthony & with no cv in ur team. GG
  13. As Saipan onwer, here some tips I can give to you. To defeat the Saipan: Get urself a Saipan or.... always tag team with friendly ship with great AA to defend or kill Saipan's plane - learn how to lure & bait their planes (although u let ur friendly ships to kill them or strafe them when they ain't notice) Saipan only have 4 plane squadrons (3-0-1 / 2-2-0) & only 4 fighter planes in each squadron. Most Saipan player will wait for opportunities, scouting at beginning of the game to save their plane & waiting for their enemy making mistake especially those who try YOLO. Their main dish will be enemy DD's or YOLO botes. Use this weakness to launch surprise attack at beginning of the game (Bait them with 1 or ur fighter or dive bomber squadron at mid-map while the other squadron do surprise attack ). Remember to put Dogfight expert and Expert Rear Gunner when u in tier 7 CV to decrease ur chance from losing ur plane. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BTW, it's really fun to rekt enemy CV & DD with Saipan (especially when when u help them to get free "Detonation" achievement in the game . At the same time, I do hate it when enemy side have a good Saipan player while I'm using small botes or BB's. Hmmm.... quite contradiction. Heh P/s: Not really play CV anymore, since enjoy playing real botes rather than planes.
  14. Not interested on seal clubbing. Instead frequently going with tier 7-10 battle right now. Unless my comrades need my help though.... but rarely. Heh
  15. Its frustrating to see there still people using that crappy boat (especially Anthony) & end up useless to the team.