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  1. Mate, if u still worried about those "karma" things in the game, just remember: It just a NUMBER at ur screen computer. There's no trophy for those who got the highest or the lowest karma in the game. It just a "virtual" stuff. Just be urself and everything will be fine.
  2. Fake people have image to maintain, real people doesn't care at all. Seriously, just don't take those overate mechanic seriously. The fact it doesn't effect the gameplay mechanic at all. It just a "freaking number". If people give u 2 or more report despite u carry ur team win or lose, be proud of it since u r the badss & u are superior than them. Badss always being notice. Heck everytime I blow a tier 10 ships in the game, I end up being report by certain person & I proud of it. I'm enjoy they feel salty to me.
  3. Inb4WGReleaseEpicenterInOceanMap. Now thats will ruin ur day anytime.
  4. Instead of Sharnhorst, we got Tirpitz. If its true, then, "Well done, WG. Well done". Prepare for mass braindead scrub floating around Random match.
  5. Relax mate, take ur time & cool down. Play co-op or scenario to release ur stress from the match; or just play other games / do some outdoor stuff for while. Anyway, the new scenario are pretty fun to play. Of course we still have brain dead player in scenario who doesn't know what their doing, but hey.....It's not worst compare to Random Match. I'm not focus too much on winrate. I'm enjoy grinding & become rich in the game, which my old habit in all MOBA game. People have different objective in the game. Some people care about winrate, some go for grinding, some just.... well, have their own bandwagon to go with. ....................................................................................... Long time ago, I also a player who care about winrate since I'm a hardcore gamers before. But now I don't want to do it again & just become casual gamer. It is because we have aged and we do have work commitment, too tired form work, hence the slowing down syndrome. When u grow up, u don't feel to do it again. I rather watch Twitch streamer instead of playing it myself. The reality and growing up sometimes **s word**. Got a really high spec PC setup, I always have a bad habit to custom the graphic settings before playing anything. Games now are over-hyped and recycled. Maybe they will a game to ignite my spirit back.
  6. What? 5 only..... Sorry, try beat me. Sees mine. Too be honest, there's a part that u have a bad day, but will never know tomorrow. But at lease try not make urself disappointment. If u know ur team cant carry, just do ur best at lease. Despite u lose u still can deliver a good performance & bring home with a lots of credit & exp in return. To me, I rather get more credit, exp, be useful & push myself to perform to the limit, rather than win or lose. Thinking about winning and losing really makes me annoying, its pretty stupid. Winrate stat is just overate crap. It just my POV, maybe because I'm getting older & I'm just playing the game just for fun now.
  7. Good. Now all we need is a loli ......I mean a captain on her.
  8. Congratulation, The "Foul Mouth" Destroyer happy to serve u.
  9. 1/ Play Atlanta. 2/ Put BFT, AFT, SE, AR, CE 3/ Find a good spot to snipe enemy DD & BB's at early wave. 4/ Shoot the enemy ships with ur sub-machingun. 5/ Go to repair zone & camp while wait ur enemy. 7/ Kill those pesky DD for ur team. 6/ Shoot the enemy ships again with ur sub-machingun. 7/ Defend the base while ur friendly after enemy CV. 8/ Do whatever u want after that. 9/ Profit. So far Atlanta never fail to amuse me. Love getting tons of credit & exp with it. Bare in mind, enemy loves to shoot Atlanta at the same time. So its not surprise if ur ship will got a lots of hole in the process.
  10. Do u know the best way to against RN BB (even they using "Super Heal") is by burn them with FIRE. RN BB less hp and easy to get burn. Fight Fire With Fire. They use "heal", we burn them back again. No heal can win against fire. That's the rule since the beginning......of this game of course.
  11. Hmmm.... I smell free Sharnhorst coming.... or it just a camo?
  12. USN BB's weak? I'm agree with everybody here. They got great AA & lots of buff. Not sure u are trolling or not. BTW u from NA forum right. I'm pretty sure how the meta on that server now.
  13. Play a lots of ship yesterday - Fiji, Atlanta, Belfast, ARP Myoko, Leningrad, Mahan, Shiratsuyu, Sharnhorst, Gneisenau, Nagato, Ranger & Hiryu. Result so far: 4x 3 stars, 5x 4 stars, 3x 5 stars. For me, the main point to ensure success in the scenario is: 1. To know where the enemy ships will spawn. 2. Kill enemy Atlanta at 1o'clock the map - secure allied plane as much as u can. The more the better, especially when they will help us to kill enemy ships later on. 3. Kill the enemy cruiser which has great AA & DPM as fast as u can. (especially enemy Atlanta at 1 oclock, the Pensacola, New Orleans & Cleveland). So our allied plane or our cv can assist us to kill the enemy. 4. Kill enemy Ranger A.S.A.P. Her plane pretty annoying and can outgun friendly or cv fighter plane. As somebody to scout so the other can kill it as well. U can ask friendly cv the send the plane to scout it. 5. Kill high priority target in the game (the ships with a red target circle on her) 6. Smoke pretty useful in here. 7. Intel about enemy whereabouts is a must. If u play div, this is really help a lot. Again, if u have cv in the game, ask the to send a squadron plane to scout. 8. Finally, don't afraid to damage ur ships. There is repair area so try not too far from it. Take turn who's gonna repair & who's will suppress fire.
  14. Try to use Ranger yesterday, pretty struggle due she's only have 4 squadrons and those DFAA from enemy cruiser easy to tear my plane apart. But I've no problem do deliver damage and outrun enemy ship with my Hiryu though. The key to make sure the cv useful in the game is to kill the enemy cruiser with great AA & DPM as fast as u can - especially enemy Pensacola, New Orleans, Cleveland & Atlanta. They really pretty annoying.