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  1. ArchKongou


    Make the POI great again!!!!
  2. ArchKongou

    I love the feeling of carry 1 team(and some advice for Ranked)

    Rank season already started? Hold on weekend, I'm still preparing my karma & salt for stock later on. Muahahaha....... Sorry, still on Christmas holiday mood right now. So weekend, I'll see u soon.....
  3. ArchKongou

    Steel Monsters

    What do I think? It's pure bs. For that kind of money, treat yourself with better spending in real life. Ain't worth for spending that amount of cash for stupid expensive virtual items. You know WG has a "good history" for ruin players with the last Christmas over the year.
  4. ArchKongou

    NA Worst Server of the Year (Salty CV Rework)

    Can somebody post the WG interview about they will not implement submarines in the game. Oh wait, they already had........ ==================================================== The CV tweak are not properly fix as the tester try to play them, yet they wanna hurry to release it. Bug and glitch still happen in the game & yet it took them a year to notice them. On the other side, I began to hate where this game heading on in the future. They keep & keep making new contain, more stupid premium, stupid gimmicks (what next - nuclear bomb??) rather to fix the game properly. I can tell in the future WG wanna head to "fast-profit" rather than "long-term-profit", which end up backfire to them, just look what happen to major game publisher this year.
  5. ArchKongou

    Op of the Week - Cherry Blossom

    This mission actually are to train you how to aim properly, using WASD to sail properly with a cruiser & not to be brain-dead. I like how the enemies engage and retreat in the battle while trolling with torpedoes soup & lots of planes. Good luck with that. The only flaw with this mission is the limited ship class to play this mission. I mean, screw those historical accuracy.
  6. ArchKongou

    Didn't even say a thing...

    My karma never go above 10. ..... But it still good rather than zero..... & ofc its better than get chat banned.
  7. ArchKongou

    That sense of pride and accomplishment you get when...

    Good, now go clubbing at tier 7 now with your glorious gun. Just careful with the birds from above.
  8. ArchKongou

    So I guess I should get Kronshtadt now?

    Hopefully they will go for FXP. But 1m FXP milestone really high. I guess WG really want to make our wallet cry. But still better compare to grind coal. I just worry if somehow WG change their mind to put her exchange via coal. Just a rumor I've heard in NA & EU, and if they do., WG really (f-word) up.
  9. ArchKongou

    What do you want from santa's boxes?

    Wow, this thread is going to nowhere. This gonna be gud. Just when I park for few days at NA forum, looking for more drama.
  10. ArchKongou

    Newport Op - I give up.

    This operation looks fine for me. Run almost 10 match today; with 6 of them with 5 stars & 4 with 4 stars. Run with Ryujo, Farragut, Leander & Mutsu. Most of them with major contribution damage & top of the leaderboard from my the team. Most important part, learn to position well when facing the upcoming enemies. For the 1st to 3rd wave learn to survive & know when to be aggressive or when to defense. There also the part you not afraid to take damage & use WASD hack when engaging enemy DDs or cruiser. For me, only the 3rd wave just a bit harder since you need to kill your enemy as fast as you can, but it still can be done. So far, I don't have problem become aggressive and engage to my enemy for my team even with Mutsu (but most of the part I willing to be a spotter & torpedo boat for my team with my Farragut). P/s: This operation can still consider easy, compare to ultimate failure frontier & raptor rescue.
  11. ArchKongou

    Open/Close Wallet? 2018 HOHOHO

    I'm impress to WG strategy marketing to encourage the player to gamble with lootbox for "get those rare & free ships". Poor peasant that couldn't hold themself to fall to the bait.
  12. ArchKongou

    i will regret this

    Press "F" for .... Oh wait.
  13. All my Nvidia GPU that powered my rigs right now (GTX 980M, GTX980, GTX 1080Ti) using Nvidia 399.24 driver update. Still rock on like a charm. No major issues or fps drop in any AAA title games I play.
  14. OK. I stop there. Seriously, learn to to kill any ships that stay inside the smoke. Spotter is ur best friend. Most importantly, learn to kite them.
  15. ArchKongou

    WV Captain Dusty Rodes

    It just another regular captain, but some "gimmicks". That's all.