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  1. First time got pink? No worries, some of us here got more than once or twice....or more than that. Well at lease u tell ur teamate the torps head to them, but 4 km distant is quite short.
  2. Stop abusing DD's

    Sometimes u need to be selfish to the others. U can ignore them while farm damage for ur own. Yeah, u cant always get a good teammate everytime in the game. If they abandon u while try contest cap or snipe from behind at corner of the map, u can ignore them as well. Ask them cap and spot for themself, u cant please everybody. I know sounds kind a ..... well maybe piss somebody, but just make ur self happy in the game. Most importantly, do what u want. Just be urself. If u still ain't satisfy with the game, go do something else.
  3. what a ripoff

    Well what do you know. Container = "loot box" in "DoubleYuGee" terms. Remember, loot box is a gamble. Its like u spend all ur money in slot machine casino and the chance to win is nearly below 1%, which it will strip everything u got from it till u get nothing left. It will turn to serious gambling addict until u get what u wanted. Right now lootbox (a.k.a container for DoubleYuGee term) is a disaster in any triple A games right now.
  4. Azur Lane Captain Voice Demo

    The price to get them all quite ridiculous, u can buy a 30 days premium acc with that. Oh well since I'm a poorfag & can't afford to buy Azur Comander Pack, I'm just extract the voice from the game and put it on voice mod file. For those who poorfag like me & want to get the Azur Lane commander voices, here some cookies for u. Just put "banks" folder in the latest res_mod folder. (res_mod/0.7.x.x). I don't know if anybody already make this voice mod. Link -> Azure Lane commander voice
  5. I love when enemy German BB's come in the game in 3rd wave deliver a salvo and deal mass damage or kill u instantly like nobody business. Muahahaha
  6. Should I get Moskva or Kronshtadt?

    Why not both? Its a win-win for u.
  7. World of cleverland 🍀

    Don't forget Miso and Iowa.
  8. Ultimate Frontier getting a rework

    I feel u. I don't know whats come in their brain and rush to them like nobody business.
  9. Winrate is Meaningless

    ^This. Stop thinking about winrate. It just a freaking number. More importantly, don't let it ruin ur game. Just have fun and blow stuff away. P/s:I dont know how much this tread been make and reply the same thing.
  10. Crashes? Try this fix

    I got crash in the game today. Never happen before. When I check the crash backlog , the report shows "due to low memory". Really? Here's my settings in the game.
  11. For god sake, please don't suggest to WG that kind of idea. Later the game will turn to something like this & everyone just play DD's later on.
  12. When BB's too many roaming in the game, players complain about "balance". When DD's too many roaming in the game, players complain about "balance". When CL and CA too many roaming in the game, player complain about "balance". When CV plane roaming the sky and help to scout enemy's movement, players complain about "balance". Geez... Its hard to please everyone. Back to the story, whenever I saw Asashio's at my enemy side's in the game, my DD's very please to met them.
  13. How to improve solo win rate?

    I'm agree somehow I will blame my own "mistake and skill" if I under-performance. I don't mind to win, but somehow there's a part I want to be useful in my team. I know it's sound weird but seeing myself in the top on leaderboard rather I'm lose or win makes me satisfying. I hate when I'm see myself under performance although my team win the match.
  14. Even win the game for the team, somehow I still got report for some unknown reason. Got 7 win -2 lose with 12 report just for today in Rank Battle. Oh well, just as usual day. I just feel free to decrease my "karma" anyway.
  15. How to improve solo win rate?

    If it's come to that then, may "RNG MM" favor with ur side.