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  1. Why even bother to Musashi when u already have the great Yamato. Inb4somebodyclaimmymoneymybusiness Inb4WGinsertradar,hydro&sortofpremiumstuffdueherpremiumstatus/ggwp
  2. If u looking the ships for grinding credit & captain exp in Co-op & Scenario battle: Any tier 5 & above premium ships will do the trick - the best ships for credit farming I use so far will be HMS Harekaze, Atago, Atlanta, Belfast, Nelson, Leningrad, Molotov, Kutuzov, Scharnhorst, Tirpitz, Kii & Missouri (The Mighty Mo easy gain credit from 190k to 400k credit in single battle in Co-op) If u planning to grind credit on scenario battle without using premium ships - Fuso, Farragut, Cleveland, Leander, Aoba & Budyonny. If u looking the ships for grinding credit & captain exp in Random battle: Any ship will do fine, as long u not a derp in the game.
  3. Remembering Buyfast, Kutu, Perth, all Britania cruiser, smoke campers BB's & old smoke mechanics. We have a very good time with u guys, u shall be miss. :(
  4. For Tier 6 Cruiser: If u enjoy pushing or being sneaking scrub, get urself a Leander. But if u enjoy with "salt & pepper" & snipe from corner of the map, go for Russian Bias - Budyonny or Molotov (note: Molotov gun similar to DM (Tier 9 VMF cruiser) For Tier 7 Cruiser: If u dedicate on free to play, take Fiji. If u enjoy pay-to-win, get urself a Payfast. If u truly manly, burn other ship behind island & enjoy killing those loli-botes, get urself the Atlanta If u looking for versatile ships with all criteria above, get urself a Sharnhorst. Oh wait, wrong line
  5. Dear, I wish I could help by donate u some of my credit as well. I don't know what to do with my credit & free EXP (only use it for premium consumable fee; or just buy the ships & module?) BTW, I already have Missouri & Nelson in my collection as well. Before u ask, here my daily income in the game, even on defeat.
  6. Ah Atlanta... The ship that very squishy which 99% of player don't understand how to play her, despite she was receive a lots of buff on her. If u not someone who completely a derp, the Atlanta is the Goldman Sachs of WOW, creating money and crushing people dream whenever it goes. What makes the Atlanta is the best ship in her tier inside the game is, no matter how hard RNG and MM tries to ("f" word) u....... (She's very easy to get burn or loss any of her module......REALLY FREAKING AWESOME, ISN'T IT) still can make consistent amount of credits and money, even ur damage u farm just like ("s" word), but it doesn't matter anyway. Huehuehue "evil grin" .
  7. Sorry, both of them are "limited edition". Only the chosen one (not a chepskate captain) will driver this unique botes. Besides this 9 ships consider are consider as "za warudo" of WOW & always been pick by weaboos (that's include me).
  8. Ahhh.... whenever I play high tier game and met those rank 1 player, despite win or lose I always end up with a report for killing them. Yesterday already have 10 & for today already 8. But at lease I got 2 compliment today for spotting & cover my team with my DD's. Now my karma drop to 41. Yeah....
  9. If I were u, if I notice some of my team mate are completely useless or didn't know what to do (doesn't matter which class boat they use), here what I'll do: 1. Turn off chat channel or ignore it & just use quick command. 2. There are high chance I'll lose the game if one of my main player completely AFK or have no clue what to do. What I do is farm damage & credit, wreck my enemies as much as I can and tell myself to gid gud. Because I know I will gain more credit from the others despite I'll lose. 3. Once I done as much damage I make & dead in the game, just get out from the match and continue other matches, or other modes, or just simply out of the game itself and play other game. 4. If I still have a bad day, I'm simply turn off my pc and tell myself to get some fresh air outside. Anyway, win or lose just a normal thing ( to me, I didn't know the rest of u guys since win or lose are not my concern anymore). Sometimes we cant please everybody. Btw, I received 2 report when I'm playing Ryujo despite I help my team win the game 2 days ago & become top 3 in my team. But I already get use to it whenever everytime I'm play CV & DD's
  10. At lease its not as bad as gun-shape-barbie like CS:GO. Oh wait, wrong game..........
  11. Let me make it simple for u. [content removed] Profanity in image. Post edited, user warned. ~amade
  12. No wonder I can't play with my Kamikaze & Okhotnik. Who's brilliant idea that suggest this? I will miss both of u.
  13. ^ This. The mindset is the problem, not the game economy.
  14. Well everybody have their on playstyle. As for my case, I'm more on teamplay to take enemy down & kiting the enemy to my allies. Sorry I'm not good in solo on cruiser; except when I'm playing DD's or certain BB's.