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  1. I was born depressed and A big black shadow looms suppressed and I Trip around it Trip around it I was born clever And I don't suffer fools I get and I Trip around it Trip around it Trip around it Trip around it Ah, ah... Born perfect Born different Born better I'm not like you, I'm a... Born lover Born living And I know, I'm I'm not like you, I was... Born clever Born knowledgeable Born better than your best I swear I'm a born killer Born thriller ------------------------------------------------------------- Okay. Back to the topic. As to cheer up u TS, just let u know that as me in the nutshell:
  2. I know how it feel mate. As for myself who has 2 new machine powered by Intel, well........... screw me. But yeah I have 2 Ryzen rig on my deck. Wasn't a guarantee. Still have the flaw on it. Just wait for major update from Intel & Microsoft on it.
  3. Or simply plug out from the internet. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On serious note : No matter how much the security u put on ur personal data / ur device; as long the Internet exist, ur data & ur personal device is already leak out since u do it on everyday routine. Bank transaction, e-mail, phone call or even the program or utilities that install in ur device can be a source of the breach. Even some were proclaim they already have way to prevent it, as long the flaw exist, it will never become ending battle. Kinda weird when we see the big tech company keep developing & release the new tech every year and yet been blow up by unexpected flaw. All we can do for now is hope for the best comes from the developers (Microsoft, Intel, AMD & ARM); either u like them or not. p/s: It's kinda funny when actually the big tech giant company already knew the flaw back in several years and yet they ......................... well "DID"do something about it, but not so much.
  4. In the end, at least the hackers computers will be slowed as well. Its happy ending to everyone.
  5. Ahhh mate, u already answer for the question that u just asking for.
  6. Ignorance are sure pitiful, but in the meantime its becomes an entertainment & jokes to the others when someone just keep trying & keep trying & keep trying to force the others to follow his/ her way.
  7. Giulio Cesare

    So, when u plan to give the other the Miso anyway.....
  8. U should point out there is the LAW to protect their client.
  9. I really love ur reply mate. Some people too paranoid about their virtual statistic which end up with frustrating and destroy their motivation on their game; or use it as a punching bag to troll the others. I'll join ur bandwagon anytime. Lead the way.
  10. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Good lord, Is that a sushi?
  11. Nelson VS Missouri

    I have both ship. And I will take Mighty Mo anytime. Get her while u can, u will never regret later..
  12. Stats - what do they mean? what do they mean to you and why? Some people care about the game statistic personal record to have FUN. Some people just happy-go-lucky and play the game just to have FUN. Some people just killing their time by play with their friend in the game to have FUN. Some people just play the game for certain goal that their want to have FUN. That's why......................... If u care about the game stat, then go for it. If u just grind and try gain ur goal at the end, then go for it. If u just want to kick somebody *** & ruin other peoples day in the game, then go for it. In the end, no one will stop u in the game as long u have FUN & stay for what u believe. But remember, there're people that don't have the same goal or opinion with us. In the end as well, the only side that have all the benefits that come is the game company itself.....
  13. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Just when I though I've enough FXP to get her but realize its wasn't enough.....
  14. Actually mate, even without flag u still get a decent credit and EXP; as long u farm high damage in the game & never snipe when using her. As for camo, Tirpitz already have premium camo, so make sure u always enable "auto-supply" when play with her. Tirpitz is excel in CQC, so use all her weapon to the max when u grind in co-op. Her torps & her secondaries are her biggest advantage. Lately I don't play co-op so much right now unless I'm grinding EXP for my new captain; already have 5 KMF captain with 19 points now - including Thea from HSF BTW here my reward when playing in co-op. As u can see, I'm using premium consumable "Damage Control Party II" and not using any flag, I'm still get nice credit & EXP in co-op, - rather using premium account or not. As for my suggestion, get urself a premium account which is really really worth to double ur credit & EXP for ur captain. If u use her to the max, u will get even better reward. Once ur captain reach 10 points skill, its become easier for u to counter ur enemy in the game - I mean in co-op.
  15. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    I really hate those rust and & fade away color on my Harekaze. That's why I rather do some "make-over" on her to make her more gorgeous. Turning her from this rusty & hideous look, To more better look, clean neat looking & with better color. No more rust. Yes..... Every gun module have their own color as well everytime u change it. UUmmmpphhhhh. ---------------------------------------------------------- I guess I'll do the same with Musashi later on.