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    Simply a new comer enjoy playing in the Cleveland & Pensacola at the moment.
  1. I love smoke, as a BB player. Only campers will hate smoke when nobody spot for them. Most of the time I am at front line, even ahead friendly CAs, this is how the BB designed and its purpose. Only to tank smart, find the balance of aggressive but not over-aggressive, WSAD the way and don't show broadside. I always sail toward enemy's smoke to eat DDs, this way they always escape out of their smoke like rats seeing cat. WSAD hack out their torps (I use US BB, Turning Circle Radius not that large, torp reduce % ok, eat 1 or 2 torps close won't hurt). Also increasingly seeing friendly DD smoke the front line BB like me, love those DD players. Smoke is great.
  2. HammondUke

    events bring out the brainless players

    We cannot control others, only to do our best. I am not a good player, maybe not even an average player. Still, I came to a 0% WR and still got a blue stats on WTR. 'Win rate' is not the only important number to look at. Forget the win rate thing, enjoy the game, do your best, and relax. Img for ref. only
  3. HammondUke

    Bayern- Glorious.

    In my Arizona, I never fear Bayern, eat them most the time.
  4. HammondUke

    What a memorable day in WoWs

    Sorry for you, your story is sad, interesting though
  5. HammondUke

    What a memorable day in WoWs

    I always put anti-RNG flag on my pepsi and cleve, well arizona is doing fine with RNG god.
  6. HammondUke

    Sell the Cleveland? Yay or Nay?

    As a new comer with only 400 games, and my that low wr says it all guys.
  7. HammondUke

    Sell the Cleveland? Yay or Nay?

    Maybe I am bad. Yes I am not good at all. I am absolutely a noob.
  8. HammondUke

    Sell the Cleveland? Yay or Nay?

    Nay nay nay I love my Cleveland. It can dodge, it can tank, it kills planes, it burns ships. My 250+ games in the Cleveland was just the beginning, still far from unleashing its potential.
  9. HammondUke

    Cleveland captains share

    Thanks everyone for the great advice. I guess I will continue in Cleveland, until I play well enough and move on to the pepsi. I really like the AA guns on this one. Just pity can't do bloody ballet on water..
  10. HammondUke

    Cleveland captains share

    You are encouraging me to get on Pepsicola, aren't you? Bloody ballet on water sounds tasty..
  11. HammondUke

    You have #$##@ the game

    I thought only in human games we intent to concentrate and kill DDs as quickly as possible. Seems the AIs are adopting this strategy?
  12. I will try to play lower tier ships, usually my best performed ship in lower tier, to build up my confident. I had experienced 3 bottom tier games in a row, the MM system works properly to take me to one top tier game, then I had another 3 bottom tier games in a row... the cycle kept going like 15 games or so. This was the worst situation I have had so far. The most important is I didn't give up or depressed, this helped me through.
  13. HammondUke

    Cleveland captains share

    The armor on Pepsicola looks thin for the class.. It has big guns though.
  14. HammondUke

    Cleveland captains share

    Yeah it is easily to be set on fire. Feel too hot there. Great info, thanks. I like this ship, agree on the deadly AA & easily ricochet shells when I angle it right. My weak point is I sometimes push too much when I try to angle, make myself as the primary target at the front line. I am working on it.
  15. HammondUke

    Cleveland captains share

    Who is at the moment enjoying this cumbersome ship as I am? I am a newcomer. I may not continue to the next US Cruiser the Pepsicola. If so I will stay longer on this ship and want to hear and share with other Cleveland captains (or other US Cruisers captains). In record I did much better in Phoenix. However, I am making progress on adapting the Cleveland's characteristic. How do you handle this ship? - Feels good watching crazy AA fireworks overhead. - Its somewhat cumbersome to handle.